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Gilmore Girls rebel Milo Ventimiglia has been cast as Rocky Balboa Jr. in the upcoming sixth Rocky film, per the Hollywood Reporter. He assumes the role from Sylvester Stallone's real-life son, Sage, who played the part in Rocky V. read more

Is Milo Ventimiglia (Jess) ...

Question: Is Milo Ventimiglia (Jess) going to return to Gilmore Girls any time soon?

Answer: Let's ask Amy Sherman-Palladino: "I hope so. Milo is taking over the world. He's his own little conglomerate. He has more meetings than I ever had in my whole life. The boy does nothing but take meetings. So, we're just playing it by ear. The door has always been open to Milo and always will be because we just love him to death." I think a lot of it hinges on the success of his WB mid-season drama The Bedford Diaries, which I must get around to watching. THIS JUST IN: Milo has been cast as Sylvester Stallone's grown son in the upcoming sixth Rocky film. For more, click here.

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Jess Mariano, all is (almost)...

Jess Mariano, all is (almost) forgiven.

My least favorite character in all of Gilmore Girls history, the smugly sullen hipster bad boy who for a time won Rory's fancy, returned this week for a heavily promoted sweeps guest stunt. And while I still rarely believe a word that comes from Milo Ventimiglia's mouth (I wasn't crazy about him playing a '60s version of basically the same phony character on the much-missed American Dreams, either), Jess served such a valuable service in this episode that I hereby declare the character of Jess off-limits for future snarkiness.

What did Jess do to bring about this radical attitude adjustment? He grew up, wrote a short novel that was actually published by a dinky independent press and proudly presented it to Rory ("I couldn't have done it without you"), only to be horrified (like the rest of us) a read more

So now that Matt Czuchry is a ...

Question: So now that Matt Czuchry is a Gilmore regular, does this mean Rory will settle down with Logan?
Answer: I hope not. Once she gets this current misadventure and flirtation out of her system, even if it lasts all season, let's hope Rory will come to her senses and return to the real world. Jared Padelecki and Milo Ventimiglia were regulars before this, and they're history, which is only fitting given the long and twisting arc of Rory finding herself. I also hope she and Lorelai patch things up soon. I'm all for dramatic conflict, but this is getting to be a drag.

[Editor's Note: If you missed Friday's column, you'll find it here.]

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Will Jared Padelecki ever ...

Question: Will Jared Padelecki ever return to Gilmore Girls as Dean? I know that he has his new show, Supernatural, but on Gilmore Girls he and Rory were destined for each other.
Answer: Once upon a time I might have agreed with you, but Rory has clearly moved on, and so, in a different way, has Dean. The new series will keep Padelecki off Gilmore Girls for the foreseeable future. If it flops, though, you never know. After all, Jess is coming back for at least one episode, and I thought/hoped he'd moved on as well. (Don't look for Milo Ventimiglia to set up shop with the Gilmores for long. He, too, has a new mid-season show, also on WB. ... read more

Girl Talk with Alexis Bledel

Every time we think Gilmore Girls can't possibly surprise us again, the beloved WB dramedy (Tuesdays at 8 pm/ET) goes and does just that. And so, for that matter, does its cast. Take, for instance, Alexis Bledel. This year, the 22-year-old ingenue took her character, virginal brainiac Rory, from all-night cramming sessions to one-night stands, got herself cast against type as a Sin City hooker and, in this interview, gave up a rare insight into her real-life romance with her former leading man, American Dreams heartthrob Milo Ventimiglia. What will she possibly do for an encore? Read on and find out! What do you think of the new, sexual Rory?Alexis Bledel: It's been different. I hope that it's more about relationships than it is about just her being slutty. TVG: Since you have such great chemistry with Matt Czuchry (Logan), I'd say that's read more

Gilmore Girls Turns 100

Millions may be too engrossed in American Idol's Hollywood auditions to notice Gilmore Girls marking its 100th episode tonight (8 pm/ET, WB). And that's a damn shame because Emily and Richard Gilmore's wedding — well, technically, renewal of vows — will be a major blowout event. In honor of this milestone occasion, TV Guide Online's Daniel R. Coleridge rang up GG's sassy creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, for the exclusive prenuptial scoop on the Gilmore family f&#234te, Lorelai's love triangle, Rory's revolving-door of BFs and much more!Mother-daughter clashExpect testosterone-driven drama to erupt tonight between Lorelai's current beau, Luke, and her ex, Christopher, whom Emily specifically invites to the wedding to derail her daughter's romance. Just when we thought Emily had turned semi-nice! "In life, you never solve your family issues," Sherman-Palladino says. "You take a fe read more

Gilmore Girls Seeks Top of the Pops

Make room for Daddy! Now that the WB has decided to give Gilmore Girls hottie Milo Ventimiglia his own spinoff, the search is on for a mature looker to play the estranged father of his character, rebellious teen toughie Jess. While the network's taste in baby-faced heartthrobs is unimpeachable — the frog channel has introduced us to a host of prime-time princes, from James Van Der Beek and Scott Speedman to Jason Behr and Chad Michael Murray — when it comes to fathers, we think we kno read more

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