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VIDEO: Megastorm Aftermath

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Megastorm Aftermath
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Length: 18:53:32
Aired: 10/9/2013

From PBS - In October 2012, Superstorm Sandy cut a path of devastation across the Caribbean and the East Coast of the United States, killing hundreds and causing tens of billions of dollars in damage. One year after Sandy’s deadly strike, NOVA investigates the critical question raised by this historic storm: What can we do to prepare ourselves for the next Sandy? watch

VIDEO: Mind of a Rampage Killer

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Mind of a Rampage Killer
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Length: 18:34:37
Aired: 2/20/2013

What makes a person walk into a theater or a church or a classroom full of students and open fire? What combination of circumstances compels a human being to commit the most inhuman of crimes? Can science in any way help us understand these horrific events and provide clues as to how to prevent them in the future? watch

VIDEO: Dollars and Dentists

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Dollars and Dentists
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Length: 23:48:49
Aired: 6/26/2012

Dental care can be a matter of life and death. Yet millions of Americans can't afford a visit to the dentist. An investigation by FRONTLINE and the Center for Public Integrity reveals the shocking consequences of a broken safety net. Poor children, entitled by law to dental care, often cannot find a dentist willing to see them. Others kids receive excessive care billed to Medicaid, or major surgery for preventable tooth infections. For adults with dental disease, the situation can be as dire - and bankrupting. While millions of Americans use emergency rooms for dental care, at a cost of more than half a billion dollars, corporate dental chains are filling the gaps in care, in some cases allegedly overcharging patients or loading them with high priced credit card debt. Correspondent Miles O'Brien investigates the flaws in our dental system and nascent proposals to fix them. watch


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2013 Nanomedicine TV Show Series, Moderator
2012 Georgia Tech InVenture Awards TV Show Series, Host
2010 Innovation Nation TV Show Series, Reporter
2009 Blueprint America TV Show Series, Host
2005 CNN Presents: Melting Point: Tracking the Global Warming Threat Episode, Reporter

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