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Bachelor in Paradise Travel Guide: Mexico
03:36 — Hola, Mexico! From stunning palm trees, to wondrous beaches, to delicious food, Mexico is the perfect place to fall in love -- just ask the contestant (more…)
Joe and Samantha Get Their Stories Straight
02:48 — The two seem to be working together.
Mikey Comes Back to Save Juelia
03:05 — In a shocking twist, Chris Harrison changes the rules.
JJ Is Not Threatened by Joshua
02:25 — The question is, should he be?
Samantha Breaks Up with Joe
02:52 — At his own birthday party, no less.
Kirk & Carly Break Up, Part 2
03:46 — The heartbreaking conclusion of their relationship in Paradise.
Joe's Last Words for Samantha
03:06 — From pleas to attacks.
Joe Vows Revenge On Samantha
02:27 — He's ready to show the group the incriminating texts she sent him.
Ashley I. Snags Jared from Jaclyn
02:34 — Who's it going to be?
Nick Breaks up With Ashley S.
02:29 — He's rude.
Chris Bukowski Parties Hard
02:36 — Perhaps too hard to even use his date card.
Jared Breaks up With Ashley I... Again
02:23 — After Jared and Ashley went on an overnight date, Jared's not sure their connection is where it needs to be. Ashley is sad, once again, to lose the ma (more…)
Nick On Why Shawn Hates Him
01:32 — Chris Harrison puts the question to him bluntly.
Jared Breaks Up with Ashley I.
03:24 — Ashley calls Kaitlyn Bristowe and says that he's "obsessed" with her.
Ashley S. Talks to the Birds
01:15 — And the birds tell her to do naughty things to new arrival Nick Peterson.
Ashley I. Gives Joe Love Advice
02:51 — Pretend like you've never met her.
Kirk & Carly Break up: Part 1
04:53 — Kirk tells Carly he's not feeling the same feelings she is.
Dan Tells Amber to Explore Relationships
02:09 — Amber thinks she blew it.
Tenley and Michael's Mariachi Serenade
01:57 — The two are serenaded by a live band.
Ashley S. Goes Off On Samantha
01:07 — It's as weird as you are imagining it is.
Jared Asks Clare On Date, Paradise Explodes
02:52 — Mikey's mad at Jared, Clare's mad at Mikey, Ashley I. is sad.
Lauren Iaconetti Is a Mistress?
02:26 — And she might leave the show over it.
Tenley Breaks up With Joshua
02:36 — Will she regret her decision?
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