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How Morley Safer got his start at 60 Minutes
03:23 — 60 Minutes' longest-serving correspondent, who retired this week, talks about his early days at the broadcast and his famous rivalry with Mike Wallace
Backstairs At The White House: Episode 1 Trailer
00:54 — Part 1 William Howard Taft 1909-1913 Woodrow Wilson 1913-1921 Maggie Rogers (Olivia Cole) becomes a maid at the White House and is quickly consum (more…)
Mike Wallace and Ben Watson are fantasy backups with the Ravens
Eric Karabell isn't expecting a rise in fantasy value from new Ravens wide receiver Mike Wallace and tight end Ben Watson.
Ravens sign Mike Wallace
00:47 — Adam Schein discusses the Ravens signing former Vikings wide receiver Mike Wallace.
Schein: Ravens sign Mike Wallace
00:47 — Adam Schein discusses the Ravens signing former Vikings wide receiver Mike Wallace.
Vikings release Mike Wallace
01:28 — The Minnesota Vikings have released wide receiver Mike Wallace. Dave Richard joins Ryan Bass to talk about what's next for Wallace and the Vikings.
Mike Wallace
Stephen proves to Mike Wallace that it doesn't take an hour to nail somebody.
Sign Off - Remembering Mike Wallace
Stephen remembers the master of nailing an interview subject, Mike Wallace.
ESPN's Mike Wallace Calls Lebron Not Playing Against Miami 'Ultimate Troll Job'
08:23 — ESPN's Mike Wallace stops by the couch to talk Lebron sitting out against the Heat, Heat playoff expectations and Steph Curry with Chris Perkins.
Seedless Watermelon Coming To Grips With Fact It’ll Never Be Able To Have Kids
UMass Dartmouth is beginning to regret offering a course in Applied Domestic Terrorism, a social media rockstar makes $28,000 a year, and Miami Dolphi (more…)
Charles Lewis: Mike Wallace Was So 'Demanding' His Producers Needed Therapy
Journalist Charles Lewis joins HuffPost Live to share his thoughts on Mike Wallace.
Sunday Mash-Up: 4/15
Reince Preibus won't call Romney nominee just yet; Huckabee thinks Rubio should be VP pick; Chris Wallace memorializes his father, Mike Wallace.
Today in History for May 9th
Highlights of this day in history: The FDA approves the first birth control pill; FCC chief Newton Minow condemns TV programming; Richard Byrd and Flo (more…)
AP Top Stories
Here's the latest news for Sunday, April 8th: 2 arrested in Tulsa shootings; Mike Wallace dead at 93; North Korea puts long-range rocket into position (more…)
CBS News reports on the Beatles in 1963
02:50 — A report by CBS News' London correspondent Alexander Kendrick helped introduce the band to Americans when it aired Nov. 22, 1963 on "CBS Morning News (more…)
Mike Wallace remembered
08:23 — Morley Safer pays tribute to Mike Wallace, one of the founding correspondents of "60 Minutes," who has died at age 93. Over his storied 65-year career (more…)
Mike Wallace's favorite stories
03:39 — "60 Minutes" correspondents Scott Pelley, Morley Safer, Steve Kroft, and Lesley Stahl reflect on Mike Wallace's favorite pieces.
From the archives: Bobby Fischer in 1972
09:18 — Before he became a mad recluse, chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer gave an unforgettable interview to Mike Wallace in 1972
A look back at Mike Wallace's tough interviews
04:04 — "60 Minutes" correspondent Mike Wallace has died at age 93. He was best known for his investigative reporting and thorough questioning of his intervie (more…)
Meet the real Mel Weinberg
13:57 — The swindler played by American Hustle's Oscar-nominated Christian Bale appeared on 60 Minutes in an unforgettable interview with Mike Wallace.
Mike Wallace's style
03:47 — Mike Wallace will always be known for his contribution in creating the most successful television broadcasts of any kind. Scott Pelley looks back at h (more…)
2005: Canseco admits steroid use to Mike Wallace
01:37 — Jose Canseco tells 60 Minutes that he was "a living steroid experiment," but says that doping mostly gave him a psychological edge
2008: Clemens "swears" he never used steroids
01:22 — Roger Clemens complains to Mike Wallace about accusations that he doped: "You think I'd get an inch of respect-- an inch."
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  • Birth Name: Myron Leon Wallace
  • Birth Place: Brookline, MA
  • Birthday: May 9, 1918, Taurus
  • Died: April 7, 2012
  • Profession: Broadcast journalist