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Be Our Guest
02:03 — Disney week kicks off with a little magic.
Jersey Shore Season 1
Young adults move into a summer share to indulge in everything Seaside Heights, New Jersey has to offer. Jersey Shore uncovers sometimes surprising, o (more…)
Tips from The Situation and Snooki
07:00 — The Situation and Snooki discuss 'Looking for Love', 'The Art of the Poof', 'Seeing Your Own Situation', and 'Hook-Up Tips'.
Nicknames + Q&A
02:00 — How did The Situation and Snooki get their nicknames? Does Snooki have a Nookie playlist? The cast answers these questions and more.
Jersey Shore Confessionals
08:00 — Catch these deleted scenes inside the confessional booth, from last season in Seaside.
GTL: Miami
05:00 — Mike, Pauly, Vinny, and Ronnie take us on a tour of the best GTL spots in Miami.
Seaside Scenes That You Didn't See on TV
10:00 — Check out these extended scenes from last season, in Seaside.
Jersey Shore S3 Sneak Peek
04:00 — Check out at preview of what's to come when the housemates return to the Jersey Shore.
Jersey Shore Hook Ups
06:00 — Get a taste of all the Season 3 hook ups that you didn't see on TV!
Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot
04:00 — Go behind the scenes at the photo shoot for the new season of Jersey Shore.
Sammi Sweatheart
01:06 — Vinny impersonates his roommate, Sammi.
Ep. 11 Highlight: I'm Sorry
03:47 — The Situation swallows his pride and apologizes to Snooki.
00:40 — Snooki describes how being pregnant has changed her sex life.
Last Hurrah
01:39 — The roommates want to do as much as they can before they leave their Shore House for good.
Baby Kick
01:01 — Snooki's back starts to ache when she feels Lorenzo kick in her stomach.
I'm Trying
00:59 — Sammi and Ronnie are trying to figure out why Deena brought her Meatballs back home.
I Don't Care
01:52 — The Situation, Vinny and Pauly D chat about Jionni and Angelina.
Ep. 11 Highlight: The Note
03:24 — Paula gives The Situation a note asking for a second chance.
Happy Birthday
00:23 — Pauly D wishes himself a happy birthday.
Im Sorry
00:49 — Ronnie apologizes for not going to Snooki's sonogram.
Young Jock
01:23 — Sammi and Snooki talk about Lorenzo's athletic future.
Love You
01:11 — Deena and Snooki promise to stay in touch even though they are no longer roommates.
Killed It
00:22 — Pauly D admits that The Situation killed his stripping performance.
Ep. 11 Highlight: The Talk
01:26 — Vinny takes Jionni aside at the Show Shower to clear the air between them.
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