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Fri Sep 4 9:00am
Dirty JobsSled Dog Breeder(Season 5, Episode 10) ANIMAL

Mike visits Big Lake, Alaska, to learn how to breed and train sled dogs.

Fri Sep 4 10:00am
Dirty JobsMattress Recycler(Season 5, Episode 11) ANIMAL

Mike crushes abandoned boats in Miami and recycles used mattresses in San Francisco.

Fri Sep 4 11:00am
Dirty JobsCamel Rancher(Season 5, Episode 14) ANIMAL

Mike visits Ramona, Cal., where he learns how to milk, breed and care for dromedary camels.

Fri Sep 4 12:00pm
Dirty JobsLeech Trapper(Season 4, Episode 22) ANIMAL

A bait-store visit has the host catching leeches; a trip to a factory that makes raw food for dogs is featured.

Fri Sep 4 1:00pm
Fri Sep 4 2:00pm
Dirty JobsBologna Maker(Season 5, Episode 1) ANIMAL

Bologna-making in Pennsylvania. Also: the host repairs a special toilet in Alaska.

Sat Sep 5 3:00am
Dirty JobsAlligator FarmerNew(Season 2, Episode 5) SCI

Mike labors at a sugar mill, works with firefighters and visits an alligator farm.

Sat Sep 5 4:00am
Dirty JobsBell MakerNew(Season 2, Episode 25) SCI

Mike teams with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Stamford, Conn., where he helps them wash sediment and marine life from a sea barrier. Also: casting bells at McShane's using molds made of horse manure and mud.

Sat Sep 5 5:00am
Dirty JobsMardi Gras Bladder BangerNew(Season 6, Episode 22) SCI

Mike assembles cow bladders to drive away evil spirits at the Mardi Gras parade in Mobile, Ala.

Sat Sep 5 6:00am
Dirty JobsBug BreederNew(Season 3, Episode 1) SCI

Host Mike Rowe tries to revive fainting goats; helps to breed exotic insects; and removes tree stumps.

Sat Sep 5 7:00am
Dirty JobsMonkey CaretakerNew(Season 2, Episode 21) SCI

Mike gets in touch with his inner ape when he travels to South Africa to train monkeys to return to life in the wild.

Sat Sep 5 8:00am
Dirty JobsMushroom FarmerNew(Season 2, Episode 7) SCI

Odious employment includes mushroom farming and clearing Los Angeles storm sewers. Also: casting metal parts in Erie, Pa.

Sat Sep 5 9:00am
Dirty JobsAlpaca ShearerNew(Season 2, Episode 20) SCI

Mike joins a family of alpaca farmers and helps them shear the flock. Later, he works at a shellfish farm; and digs taro out of the ground in the tropics.

Sat Sep 5 10:00am
Dirty JobsGreenland Shark QuestNew(Season 4, Episode 18) SCI

Mike looks for the Greenland shark in the Arctic Circle off Baffin Island and investigates ecological changes in that part of the world.

Sat Sep 5 11:00am
Dirty JobsFuel Tank CleanerNew(Season 2, Episode 15) SCI

At the McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, host Mike Rowe cleans KC-135 Stratotanker fuel tanks.

Sat Sep 5 12:00pm
Dirty JobsHair FairyNew(Season 6, Episode 12) SCI

Mike helps install a metal power pole in Wyoming and learns about hair lice removal in San Francisco.

Sat Sep 5 1:00pm
Dirty JobsVexcon(Season 1, Episode 8) SCI

Mike Rowe teams with exterminators to clear a home infested with thousands of cockroaches. Also: shelling crabs on Chesapeake Bay; making horseshoes.

Sat Sep 5 2:00pm
Dirty JobsChinatown Garbage CollectorNew(Season 1, Episode 4) SCI

Mike Rowe goes garbage collecting in San Francisco's Chinatown and finds the task more difficult than he imagined. He follows the refuse to a recycling center, where it is processed and shipped to California vineyards to be used as fertilizer.

Sat Sep 5 3:00pm
Dirty JobsBio-Diesel Man(Season 1, Episode 14) SCI

Mike Rowe does construction work, removes a swarm of bees from a church, recovers grease at a restaurant and converts cooking oil into a gasoline alternative.

Sat Sep 5 4:00pm
Dirty JobsChimney SweeperNew(Season 1, Episode 16) SCI

Mike makes a clean sweep at the Chimney Safety Institute of America; dives for reclaimed old-growth timber in Canadian waters, destined to become extremely exclusive furniture; and signs on at a scrap-metal recycling plant to sort cans.

Sat Sep 5 5:00pm
Dirty JobsCasino Food RecyclerNew(Season 2, Episode 10) SCI

Mike Rowe cleans up after the Lance Burton Magic Show that features geese, ducks and pigeons. Also: a Las Vegas pig farmer who recycles leftovers from the resort city's buffet meals.

Sat Sep 5 6:00pm
Dirty JobsPinsetter MechanicNew(Season 6, Episode 3) SCI

Mike visits a bowling center in Fremont, Cal., and, at the request of a fan, the host turns the spotlight on his cameraman.

Sat Sep 5 7:00pm
Dirty JobsLightning Rod InstallerNew(Season 6, Episode 1) SCI

Mike learns how to install a lightning rod on a home in Lucedale, Miss.

Sat Sep 5 8:00pm
Dirty JobsAvian Vomitologist(Season 2, Episode 3) SCI

Mike cracks rocks at a Colorado marble quarry; collects owl vomit; wrangles cattle and palpitates a cow to check for pregnancy.

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  • Birth Name: Michael Gregory Rowe
  • Birth Place: Baltimore, MD
  • Birthday: March 18, 1962, Pisces
  • Profession: Actor, TV host
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