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Ben Folds on music and politics
04:42 — Singer-songwriter Ben Folds, the first artistic adviser for the National Symphony Orchestra, sits down with Kasie Hunt on Kasie DC to talk about music (more…)
Sharpton: Trump has done the opposite of growing
09:07 — While historians disagree, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is comparing Donald Trump to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The panel discuss (more…)
Joe: Huckabee's Language Is Just Offensive
08:51 — Top Talkers: Mike Huckabee is standing behind his comments on the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal and Donald Trump is also sticking up for Huckabee. The Mornin (more…)
Huckabee Is in the GOP 'Clown Car'
08:05 — Mike Huckabee is riding around in the clown car this week after comparing the Iranian nuclear deal to the Holocaust – and then tripling down on his co (more…)
Huckabee, GOP Attack Iran Deal
08:27 — Mike Huckabee and the Republicans are using over-the-top rhetoric to attack the Iran deal. But the question is: What is their alternative? Chris Matth (more…)
Huckabee: Campaigns Have Become a TV Show
05:42 — 2016 GOP candidate Mike Huckabee joins Morning Joe to discuss Wednesday night's debate in Boulder, Colorado.
Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Joins "The View" Hot Topics
05:02 — Mike Huckabee reviews the latest GOP Debate with the co-hosts.
Anti-gay Pastor Event Hosts 3 GOP Candidates
18:51 — Rachel Maddow shows that while Democrats were participating in a candidates forum, Republicans Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal and Ted Cruz were guests at (more…)
Morning Joe Mix: Wednesday, December 2
03:45 — Morning Joe Mix: A recap of the day's big news and interviews with Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, New York Post contributor Fred Sie (more…)
Rattner to Huckabee: We'll Take Syrian Refugees
01:30 — Morning Joe economic analyst Steve Rattner tells GOP candidate Mike Huckabee that he is happy to have Syrivan refugees visit Martha's Vineyard. In a p (more…)
Huckabee: Here's Why I Went to Trump's Event
06:00 — Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee joins Morning Joe to discuss the undercard GOP debate and attending Donald Trump's Iowa event.
What’s Keeping Huckabee in the Race?
05:55 — Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee talks to Alex Witt about the latest polls and explains why he chooses to (more…)
Huckabee: Trump's Abortion Answer Was Terrible
08:02 — Former 2016 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says that Donald Trump wasn't prepared for the question about abortion which Chris Matthews posed dur (more…)
Mike Huckabee to Join Presidential Race
00:18 — The former Arkansas governor plans to announce his candidacy Tuesday in his hometown of Hope, Arkansas. He’d join five previously announced Republican (more…)
Clown Car Tuesday: Trump, Carson & Huckabee
03:20 — It's time for Clown Car Tuesday and this week Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee are doing the driving. The Hardball Roundtable has more.
More Governors Oppose Syrian Refugees
06:17 — At least 31 governors are attempting to keep Syrian refugees from settling in their states in the wake of the Paris Attacks. GOP presidential hopeful (more…)
Huckabee: Voters Angry Over Spending Bill
05:13 — GOP 2016 candidate Mike Huckabee joins Morning Joe to discuss the GOP in Congress and the recent spending bill and why the U.S. Military is underfunde (more…)
Huckabee to Hold 150 Events in Iowa
06:09 — 2016 GOP candidate Mike Huckabee joins Morning Joe ahead of the Iowa caucuses to discuss his plans to hold 150 events in the state.
Huckabee: Confederate Flag 'Not an Issue' for Presidential Candidates
03:04 — GOP Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee explains why he believes the Confederate flag should not be an issue for those running for president.
Is Trump’s Effect Rubbing Off On Huckabee?
12:41 — Pres. Obama is calling for “The Trump Effect” on the 2016 race to end. Right now, Mike Huckabee is taking a page from the Trump playbook by saying som (more…)
Huckabee: I Don't Think Hillary Gets Away With This
02:18 — Former Arkansas Governor and current 2016 GOP candidate, Mike Huckabee, joins Morning Joe to discuss Hillary Clinton and her email controversy.
Huckabee: Davis Lived Life of Sin, Has Been Saved
02:20 — 2016 GOP candidate Mike Huckabee joins Morning Joe to discuss Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, who was release from jail this week after being found i (more…)
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