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Sun Jul 31 6:00am
Sid the Science KidClean Air(Season 2, Episode 11) PBS

Sid investigates why his father wears a mask while painting. As a result, he learns about dirty fumes, clean air and pollution, as well as the important role of trees in keeping air clean.

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Sun Jul 31 6:30am
Dinosaur TrainPteranadon Family World Tour; Gilbert the Junior Conductor PBS

The Pteranodons embark on a world tour; the Pteranodons meet Gilbert, the train conductor's nephew.

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Mon Aug 1 11:00am
Dinosaur TrainIggy Iguanodon; Shiny Can't Sleep PBS

On their world tour, the Pteranodons meet a four-legged chap who has an unusual walk; Shiny gets homesick.

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Mon Aug 1 11:30am
Dinosaur TrainKenny Kentrosaurus; Don and the Troodons PBS

In Africa, the Pteranodons meet a stegosaur named Kenny Kentrosaurus; the Pteranodons have to hurry to make a guided walk after they oversleep.

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Tue Aug 2 11:00am
Dinosaur TrainNew Neighbors; Don's Collection PBS

Hadrosaurs move in next door, which doesn't sit well with Mr. Pteranodon; Don and a new neighbor stay at Pteranodon Terrace while the other kids go to the Big Pond.

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Tue Aug 2 11:30am
Dinosaur TrainLong Claws; Tank's Sleep Over PBS

Buddy learns about the Therizinosaurus family's colossal claws; Tank doesn't want to go to sleep when he stays the night with the Pteranodons.

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Wed Aug 3 11:00am
Dinosaur TrainThe Wing Kings; The Big Mud Pit PBS

The Pteranodon family visit Quetzalcoatlus Canyon, where Mr. Pteranodon flew when he was younger; Larry Lambeosaurus and Dad get stuck in a mud pit at the Big Pond.

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Wed Aug 3 11:30am
Dinosaur TrainBuck-Tooth Bucky; Tiny's Tiny Friend PBS

Don finds an odd tooth in Dad's old tooth collection, spurring Dad to take the kids on an investigation to learn where the tooth came from. Later, a miniature mammal named Cindy Cimolestes moves into a tree near Tiny's family nest.

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Thu Aug 4 11:00am
Dinosaur TrainAn Armored Tail Tale; Pterasaur Flying Club PBS

Hank Ankylosaurus visits the Big Pond to scout a Dinoball talent named Eugene Euoplocephalus; Tiny and Shiny practice for their playdate with fellow Pterosaurs Petey Peteinosaurus and Quincy Quetzalcoatlus.

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Thu Aug 4 11:30am
Dinosaur TrainGreat Big Stomping Dinosaur Feet!; Diamond Anniversary PBS

Tiny asks Dad and Buddy for help after she loses Shiny's favorite shiny shell; Buddy, Tiny and Shiny help Dad find a sparkling mineral to give to Mom for an anniversary present.

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Fri Aug 5 11:00am
Dinosaur TrainThe Good Mom; Hornucopia! PBS

Mrs. Pteranodon and another mom compare their mothering methods during a play date at the Big Pond; everyone attends Stacie Styracosaurus's "Hornucopia" celebration, where she reveals her new horns and performs a moonlit shadow show with her family.

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Fri Aug 5 11:30am
Dinosaur TrainElmer Elasmosaurus; Dinosaur Block Party PBS

The Pteranodons travel to an underwater train station in order to return Elmer Elasmosaurus to his ocean home; the Pteranodons throw a party to introduce their new neighbors, the Lambeosaurus family, to the other neighborhood creatures.

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Sun Aug 7 6:00am
Sid the Science KidReused Robot(Season 2, Episode 12) PBS

Sid learns how to recycle and reuse things after his mom stops him from throwing away his broken toy robot.

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Sun Aug 7 6:30am
Dinosaur TrainThe Good Mom; Hornucopia! PBS

Mrs. Pteranodon and another mom compare their mothering methods during a play date at the Big Pond; everyone attends Stacie Styracosaurus's "Hornucopia" celebration, where she reveals her new horns and performs a moonlit shadow show with her family.

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Mon Aug 8 11:00am
Dinosaur TrainCarla Cretoxyrhina: Train Trouble PBS

The Pteranodons meet a shark who's much nicer than her reputation would suggest; speedy dinosaur brothers Oren and Ollie join the gang on a train trip, and when engine trouble occurs, they sprint to the roundhouse to retrieve another engine.

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Mon Aug 8 11:30am
Dinosaur TrainThe Amazing Michelinoceras Brothers; Dad's Day Out PBS

The Pteranodons enjoy a synchronized-swimming show while on an underwater trip to see brothers Max and Mitch Michelinoceras; a day with Dad at Big Pond is interrupted by rain, sending everyone scurrying into a cave.

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Tue Aug 9 11:00am
Dinosaur TrainPaulie Pliosaurus; Elmer Visits the Desert PBS

The Pteranodon family meet a marine reptile called Paulie Pliosaurus during a special underwater trip; the Pteranodons take ocean pal Elmer Elasmosaurus to the desert.

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Tue Aug 9 11:30am
Dinosaur TrainTrains, Submarines and Zeppelins PBS

In the Season 4 premiere, Mr. Pteranodon and Larry miss the last train home while they're collecting red platanoids at the Big Pond.

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Wed Aug 10 11:00am
Dinosaur TrainJunior Conductor Jamboree; Troodon Train Day PBS

The kids ride the train through the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic periods; Buddy and Tiny help calm a jittery King Cryolophosaurus, a legendary dino-rocker, before his first show in years.

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Wed Aug 10 11:30am
Dinosaur TrainJunior Conductors Academy: Part One; Junior Conductors Academy: Part Two PBS

The kids study to become junior conductors at the Junior Conductor's Academy; and one of Buddy's classmates, Dennis, knows more about dinosaurs than he does. Later, Buddy, Dennis and the other kids have to work together to pass a series of tests.

Thu Aug 11 11:00am
Dinosaur TrainNest Swap; The Herd Is the Word PBS

The Pteranodon family swaps nests with Larry's friends, pterosaurs that are much smaller than them; and Tank wants to show off his favorite picnic spot to Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, and Don, but it's overrun with a herd of triceratops.

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Thu Aug 11 11:30am
Dinosaur TrainStop and Smell the Flowers; Moms' Campout PBS

Mom takes Tiny, Buddy and Don to Qianzhousaurus Pond, where they meet a tyrannosaur that has a nose covered in tiny horns; and Mrs. Pteranodon organizes a campout for moms and kids.

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Fri Aug 12 11:00am
Dinosaur TrainWhere Have All the Lizards Gone?; Conductor's Sleepover PBS

The Pteranodons discover that there are few lizards left on Lizard Island; and the family invites Mr. Conductor to stay with them during a hurricane.

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Fri Aug 12 11:30am
Dinosaur TrainRollin' on the Riverboat: Part One; Rollin' on the Riverboat: Part Two PBS

The Pteranodon family takes a riverboat trip. Buddy and Don vow to spend every minute together, but don't agree on how they should spend their time. Later, Grandpa Pteranodon tells Buddy about a legendary mosasaur that supposedly lives on the river.

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