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Mike Himelstein

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Tue May 26 11:00am
Dinosaur TrainHave You Heard About the Herd?; Jess Hesperornis PBS

Buddy, Tiny and Mom travel to the Cretaceous Picnic Grounds, where they meet Ernie Einiosaurus; the Pteranodons head to the Big Pond to learn whether dinosaurs can live in the water.

Tue May 26 11:30am
Dinosaur TrainThe Old Bird; Diamond Don PBS

Buddy, Tiny, Mom and Petey Peteinosaurus meet Arlene Archeopteryx, who is both a bird and a dinosaur; Shiny and Don have an adventure in a local cave.

Wed May 27 11:00am
Dinosaur TrainHurricane at Pteronadon Terrace; Rafting the Cretaceous PBS

The family ride out a hurricane in a cave; two refugees from across the Western Interior Sea arrive on a raft.