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Mika Gets a Special Birthday Phone Call
02:33 — Mika Brzezinski gets a special call and birthday cake on her birthday.
Morning Joe Mix: Monday, April 25
05:08 — Morning Joe Mix: A recap of the day's big news with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.
Mika: People Will Get Trump's Pivot Wrong
06:04 — Donald Trump is seemingly making a pivot and adopting more traditional campaign tactics as he moves closer to the general election. Will it work and w (more…)
Mika: Clinton Couldn't Get Bernie-sized Crowd
04:24 — Despite lagging in the New York primary polls against Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders drew 28,000 to a Sunday rally in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. The M (more…)
Mika: Trump WSJ Op-ed a Pivot to Presidential
06:56 — Must-Read Op-Eds: The New York Post editorial board has endorsed Donald Trump for president, and Trump also pens a new op-ed in the WSJ. The Morning J (more…)
Domestic Oil's Boom and Bust in One Texas Town
03:51 — Mika Brzezinski looks up close at the boom and bust of domestic oil as it plays out in one Texas town.
Mika: Like Nails On a Chalkboard When Cruz Speaks
10:45 — Donald Trump's favorable rating stands at just 26 percent compared to his 69 percent unfavorable rating, according to a new AP/GFK poll. But other can (more…)
Mika: Has the Media Been Easy On Sanders?
10:24 — Top Talkers: It's been a big week for the Sanders campaign following a New York Daily News editorial board interview and a back and forth with Hillary (more…)
Mika: Ted Cruz Is Pandering
01:34 — Mika Brzezinski shares her real thoughts on Ted Cruz and why going to a matzo in Brooklyn is pandering.
Anime Fan Tom - Official Trailer
02:32 — Anime Fan Tom sees himself as a hero in his fantasies, but in the real world he is a dorky geek. Tom meets a Japanese girl, Mika, who loves anime on t (more…)
Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Official Trailer
00:37 — Harmless fluff about a group of girls trying to get on a television dance show. Early screen appearances by young starlets!
The Girl King
02:19 — THE GIRL KING is the captivating new feature by Finland-born filmmaker Mika Kaurismäki (MAMA AFRICA, ROAD NORTH), one of world cinema’s most versatile (more…)
Sanders Addresses Crowd of 18,500 in Bronx
02:46 — Mika Brezinski, Joe Scarborough and a Morning Joe panel react to the large crowd at the Bernie Sanders rally Thursday night in the Bronx.
Chicago Off to a Deadly Start in 2016
02:04 — Rev. Al Sharpton joins Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough to discuss the increase in homicides and shootings in the the city. Sharpton says there's a (more…)
Mika: Cruz On a Performance Level Is Just Painful
07:12 — When it comes down to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump merely as performers and orators on the campaign trail, who is winning when it comes to authenticity? (more…)
John McCain: Trump Remark ‘offensive to Most of Our Veterans’
06:01 — Speaking to Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on “Morning Joe,” Arizona Sen. John McCain responded to Donald Trump’s comment that he is “not a war h (more…)
Mika: Why Is Establishment Getting Behind Cruz?
11:33 — The Week in GOP: Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are running a tight race in Wisconsin, but Gov. Scott Walker is indicating he won't endorse Trump. Also, Mi (more…)
Mika to Cruz, Trump: Move On from Wife Feud
05:36 — The wives of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are now being dragged into the 2016 campaign in unfortunate ways, and the Morning Joe panel tries to make sense (more…)
Mika: I Invite Mike Lee to Come On the Show
01:33 — Mika Brzezinski reads on air from an email sent to her from Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow about the Flint water crisis and Sen. Mike Lee is blockin (more…)
Mika: Will Warren Be up for Clinton's VP?
06:11 — Top Talkers: Sen. Elizabeth Warren didn't directly address questions about Hillary Clinton's Wall Street speeches.
Poll: Clinton Leads Sanders in Five States
03:29 — MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski and panel talk about the latest from Public Policy Polling. Although Clinton is winning in five states, Mark Halperin predicts (more…)
Trump: GOP Gaining Millions Because of Me
03:15 — Donald Trump tells Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski he is bringing in millions of new voters to the Republican Party.
Morning Joe Trump Coverage Then and Now
03:25 — What were Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski saying about Donald Trump since he decided to join the 2016 race? Take a look.
Clinton On Emails, Women Voters and GOP
09:38 — Hillary Clinton continues her conversation with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski by discussing her emails while Secretary of State, younger women v (more…)
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