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Mika: Clinton Needs to Hammer Home Her Career
08:23 — Top Talkers: As Hillary Clinton prepares to return to her campaign, the Morning Joe panel suggests the Democratic candidate should hammer home her acc (more…)
Mika: Some May Call Parkinson's Claim Deplorable
02:11 — Daniel Tamburello, a Veterans for Trump co-chair, has suggested that Hillary Clinton is hiding the fact she has Parkinson's Disease. Is this suggestio (more…)
Mika: Trump's Sex Assault Remarks Creepy
06:36 — The Morning Joe panel discusses this week in the 2016 campaign, including Trump's comments following an altercation at a rally and Hillary Clinton's w (more…)
What Have We Learned Today?
02:22 — Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough and the rest of the Morning Joe panel explain what they learned from the news cycle today.
Mika: Trump Having Fun, Still Doing His Reality Show
07:10 — The Morning Joe panel assesses Donald Trump's campaign strategies, his relationship with Vladimir Putin and the candidate's remarks, concluding he is (more…)
Mika: the Republican Candidate Is a Danger
02:17 — Donald Trump yet again praised Russian President Vladimir Putin during Wednesday's presidential forum, prompting Mika Brzezinski to say Trump is a dan (more…)
Mka's Mother Has New Art Show in Virginia
00:52 — Mika recaps the opening reception at the George Mason University School of Art for her mother's new show.
Mika: Time to Ask a Mental Health Professional
06:01 — Top Talkers: Maybe it is time to have a mental health professional weigh in on the stability of one of the 2016 presidential nominees. The Morning Joe (more…)
Meet the Grow Your Value Finalists
03:30 — Hundreds of women have submitted a video showing why they deserve to win the Grow Your Value bonus competition. Mika Brzezinski highlights the finalis (more…)
Mika Brzezinski to Women: Know Your Brand, Quit Apologizing
01:57 — The MSNBC “Morning Joe” host joins TODAY to talk about her book, “Grow Your Value,” and advises women to stop trying to please others.
Mika: Warren Not As Extreme As Graham
05:11 — Top Talkers: On Monday, a joint venture by Move On and Democracy for America say they will deliver over 350K petitions asking Elizabeth Warren to run. (more…)
Joe: the Supreme Court Has Finished This Debate
11:16 — Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski share their thoughts on the Supreme Court's marriage ruling, and they also look at the president's evolution on th (more…)
Mika: Why Are We Smiling About Trump?
16:17 — Top Talkers: Donald Trump is leading the latest ABC/Washington Post poll with a 57 percent favorability among Republicans. The Morning Joe panel looks (more…)
'Women Everywhere Need to Hear This Message'
06:37 — Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski introduces the Grow Your Value finalists and shares details of the competition - part of the Know Your Value natio (more…)
Joe: Kim Davis Is Overstepping Her Bounds
05:07 — Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski discuss Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, who is due in court Thursday over her refusal to grant marriage licenses, and th (more…)
Mika Shares Her 'Know Your Value' Moment
06:09 — Citi’s Mei Lin Kwan-Gett, Sheri Salata, Joe Scarborough and Nicolle Wallace join Mika Brzezinski to share their 'Know Your Value' moments at Chicago's (more…)
Charles Koch: We Haven't Backed a Candidate Yet
04:19 — Charles Koch sits down with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski to discuss opposing George W. Bush, what motivates him politically, the 2016 GOP field (more…)
Mika to Kerry: People Think You Should Run Again
00:49 — Joe and Mika say Secretary of State John Kerry's name continues to pop up as someone who should run on the Democratic side in 2016. Secy. Kerry respon (more…)
Redbook Editor-in-chief Shares Interview Tips
10:25 — Redbook Editor-in-Chief Meredith Rollins, former White House Communications Director Nicolle Wallace and Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski share tip (more…)
Is Email Saga 'Classic Clinton?'
02:30 — Mika Brzezinski comments on the PR efforts led by the Clinton campaign to downplay the email controversy, saying "this is a strategy basically depende (more…)
Peter King to Mika: You Are 1000 Percent Wrong
06:02 — Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., joins Morning Joe to discuss his concerns over Syrian refugees in the U.S.. Rep. King says there is no proper vetting of refu (more…)
Mika Brzezinski Joins 'The View' Hot Topics to Discuss New Book 'Grow Your Value'
05:22 — Mika Brzezinski talks about Hillary Clinton avoiding press, Chris Christie being fat-shamed for concession spending story and her new book "Grow your (more…)
Mika: My Daughter and I Saw 'Trainwreck,' and...
05:33 — The Morning Joe panel discusses the new Amy Schumer film 'Trainwreck' and its message for young women.
Mika: Why Are We Allowed to Have These Weapons?
16:26 — Top Talkers: Hillary Clinton went right after Republicans on gun control during a town hall Sunday in New Hampshire.
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