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Mexico Earthquake: Search for Survivors Continues As Death Toll Rises
03:13 — Three days after the devastating earthquake, workers have been pulled out alive from a collapsed factory in Mexico City. But with time running out, is (more…)
Miguel Performs 'Come Through And Chill'
04:18 — For his second song on The Late Show, Miguel chose to perform this track off his new album 'War And Leisure.'
Miguel Performs 'Skywalker'
04:07 — The Grammy-winning R&B artist serenades the Ed Sullivan Theater from his new album 'War And Leisure.'
Twin Peaks: Agent Albert Rosenfield's Best Insults & Musings
11:56 — Special Agent Albert, played by the irreplaceable Miguel Ferrer (1955-2017), is one of the best characters in all of Twin Peaks. Here are Greg & Ryan' (more…)
Meet the Park Ranger Bringing Latinos to National Parks
01:54 — Park Ranger Miguel Marquez realized the Latino community did not visit the Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas. Marquez started a Latino Conservativ (more…)
Mexico's 43 Missing Students
02:57 — Estanislao Mendoza was one of dozens of Mexicans to go on a hunger strike. His son, Miguel Angel Mendoza Zacarias, was one of 43 students abducted on (more…)
Facebook Enabled Advertisers to Reach People With Anti-Semitic Views
02:11 — After a report Thursday showed that Facebook allowed advertisers to specifically seek out anti-Semitic audiences, the social network is making changes (more…)
Miguel Gets a Little Too Comfortable At The Amusement Park from "Secret Billionaire"
01:50 — Jessica & Miguel have a rollercoaster date with plenty of ups and one unfortunate down.
Coco - Trailer
02:33 — Despite his family’s baffling generations-old ban on music, Miguel (voice of newcomer Anthony Gonzalez) dreams of becoming an accomplished musician li (more…)
Destiny 2 - Hunter Class Guide
06:15 — If you're looking to save the solar system with the nimble prowess of the Hunter, Miguel has some tips for getting the most out of the crafty and agil (more…)
Miguel Gets a Little Too Comfortable At The Amusement Park
01:45 — Jessica & Miguel have a rollercoaster date with plenty of ups and one unfortunate down.
Hurricane Harvey death toll rises as resources in Texas stretched thin
02:43 — The death toll from Hurricane Harvey continues to rise as the nonstop recovery efforts in southeast Texas are beginning to stretch resources thin on t (more…)
Some Hurricane Harvey victims are returning to their homes
02:04 — Many residents of Port Arthur, Texas, are returning to their homes for the first time since Hurricane Harvey. NBC News correspondent Miguel Almaguer r (more…)
Hurricane Harvey Rains Cause Major Flooding in Tennessee
03:26 — Torrential rains are causing major flooding in Tennessee while in Texas, parts of Houston are still flooded and rescuers find themselves in need of he (more…)
Watch Family Airlifted From Harvey Floodwaters
03:42 — NBC News’ Miguel Almaguer witnessed the harrowing moments of a Harvey rescue operation on Wednesday, when he joined the U.S. Navy as they airlifted fa (more…)
Harvey: Navy Helicopters Set for Search and Rescue Operations
01:07 — An untold number of people are still trapped in their homes across Texas, and U.S. Navy helicopters are joining search and rescue operations. NBC’s Mi (more…)
How Hurricane Harvey May Affect Your Gas Prices
02:04 — Hurricane Harvey is devastating a region that’s home to some of the nation’s largest oil refineries, and drivers across the country are going to feel (more…)
Yanks-Tigers brawl in Motown
00:55 — The Yankees and Tigers got into a fight on Thursday, with Miguel Cabrera going after Austin Romine and then the benches clearing.
MLB issues suspensions for Tigers-Yankees fight
01:03 — Tigers Miguel Cabrera and Alex Wilson were suspended as well as Austin Romine and Gary Sanchez of the Yankees.
Why smart cities will drive many of the biggest IT projects in the years ahead
01:32 — "We have to work together," says New York City CTO Miguel Gamino. "We have to put our very best foot forward at every step."
Why government is either first or last in new technology
03:11 — New York City CTO Miguel Gamino explains how improving the relationship between industries and local governments will also aid the development of tech (more…)
How 'smart cities' is enabling governments to embrace digital transformation
03:08 — People need to understand that "digital isn't just a thing, it's everything," according to New York City CTO Miguel Gamino. Tech leaders must help the (more…)
NY CTO: Universal broadband is the 'fundamental path forward for civilization'
02:46 — New York City CTO Miguel Gamino explains why all citizens must have access to connectivity for a smart city to reach its full potential.
Uncharted 4 Swearing Supercut
05:18 — In anticipation for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Miguel decided to capture every curse and swear he could through a playthrough of Uncharted 4. Here is (more…)
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