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  • Birth Place: Washington, DC
  • Date of Birth / Zodiac Sign: 11/16/1951, Scorpio
  • Profession: Actor
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Medium's Final Message

Medium has taken its fans on some intensely crazy rides over the course of seven seasons. Why should the finale be different? The CBS fright series — the victim of low ratings — will end its run tonight with the episode "Me Without You," which starts with psychic Allison Dubois and her family in the present day and follows them 48 years into the future.

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Drowned World

What a show The Medium season finale opened with Joe throwing the 2200 cashmere robe at Meghan and then asking for his idea back and then he shot her Unfortunately he woke up Too bad that conniving bottom-feeder deserved thatWhen he actually did see Meghan aka your favorite neighborhood she-devil he was understandably ticked off at her He told her he had shown the robe to Allison and she was none too happy about it Its a robe Its cashmere Its a luxury item Meghan offered to call Al and straighten everything out But Joe wouldnt let her He said he intended to dissolve the business Meghan reminded him she owned him He responded by packing his things and walking out of the office Meghan came after him asking where he thought he was going Im taking my morals and Im going homeIt looked like Joe was out of an idea and a job and the potential of an awful lot of money However Megread more

Lady Killer

The answer to the Allison question is Allison herselfThe Arquette siblings have been out in full force for this season of Medium Brother David directed an earlier episode and sister Rosanna starred in this episode as a woman of a certain age who seduces young men for a night of fun in the sack that never ends The theme song for this broadcast was Take a Walk on the Wild Side and a more suiting song there never was The lovely narrator tells us 40 is the new 30 and lets hope thats true I feel ten years younger already The opening sequence with the narrator Michelle luring us into her web with her white jacket and sexy toss of her head was fun playful and well done Rosanna could sell a ten-gallon hat to the headless horsemanThe first dream involved the narrator a grieving young man and a large knife Allison awoke from that dream and told Joe I dont know what she was behaving like Then after thinking about itread more


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Year Title Description
2014 Bad Judge TV Show Series, Actor - Judge Connors
2008 Bottle Shock Movie, Actor - Mr. Garcia
2007 Tortilla Heaven Movie, Actor - Gil Garcia
2005 Medium TV Show Series, Actor - DA Manuel Devalos
2005 Nine Lives Movie, Actor - Ron

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Burn Baby Burn II

Theres only one thing worse than the sound of nails on a blackboard - the dentist drill That has got to be one of the worse sounds in the entire universe And we were all lucky enough to hear it in the opening sequence of MediumFor the second half of a two-part arch this was a rather lackluster Medium and a let down from the excitement of last weeks episode I knew last week that Graham hadnt killed his wife So why drag it out here Besides arent most crimes all about the Benjamins Once you knew there was a large insurance policy and really how much is the monthly payment on 7 million you had to know that it went farther than the husbandNow your mouth is ready for anything the dentist quipped before pummeling poor Sally in her newly designed mouth Tell me something is this show getting more violent Or has it always been this way and I just never noticed It also seems that it is terribly violent towards women I mean read more


OK that is a totally gross title for this weeks totally gross Medium But it is exactly what Allison had when she awoke after the first dream about the Senator and his cannibalistic tendencies Did you catch her She raised her hand to her mouth You could almost taste it with her And it was totally gross Finally the return of Devalos Lets hope that soldier-eating Senator can get Manny back in the DA driving seat Its been long overdue Speaking of which did Manny look a little heavier than when he left last year Perhaps all that time off from the job he got a little lazy I kept thinking the Senator might find him dinner-worthy Not only was Devalos back but he was directed by none other than his alter ego Miguel Sandoval Thats right Sandoval directed this weeks show so to the reader who was panicked worry not Hes baccckGregory Itzin made a fantastic return to primetime since his days on 24 as the Senator with a secret Unfortun read more

May 16, 2007: “Everything Will Come to a Head”

Season finales make me wistful The third part of a trilogy bringing Neve Campbell and Jason Priestley to the Dubois roost wrapped the season up nicely I love when everything comes together and there are no loose ends This show while not quite as fantastic as last weeks still held its own especially when you consider Allisons special talents and the risks she had to take to solve the murder of her friendenemy PD MacColl Everyone got a spot in this show Manny Scanlon and Lynn Scanlon finally got some good scenes as well and he and Lynn are back together Those two are very on again off again Perhaps next season they might even have a subplot of their ownJoe had another decent story line losing his job because of Allisons newly exposed abilities yet still loving his wife at the end of the day What a guy Clone him please Manuel lost his job as well but since Allison had his back Im sure it was only temporary Best Line PDDebra read more

May 9, 2007: "Heads Will Roll"

Thanks for cutting me some slack getting the Medium blog up Now without further ado I give youOne of the best openings Ive seen on this show One of the best shows this season I still have goosebumpsOne creepily believable performance from Neve Campbell as sneaky underhanded reporter PD MacCollOther great titles for this show would have been Life Needs Your Attention or Stop the Murderer Stop the Murder Where have I heard something like that before Any Heroes fans out there Save the Cheerleader Save the World ring any bellsSo this being May sweeps the folks over at Medium really tried to pack a lot in There was more humor than normal a film noir short and Howie Mandel himself Plus by putting Phoenixs great DA Manuel Devalos on the auction block weve got the perfect setting for a real cliffhanger with next weeks showTo start Joes meeting with his father was hysterical The entire conversati read more

May 2, 2007: “Head Games”

Show of hands who thought this was another fantastic Medium Yeah me too 90210s Luke Perry nay Jason Priestley my bad showed up as a nasty lying gambler But when his wife Natalie vindictively turned off the game right before a Big 3 pointer I found myself saying Id kill her Those two have a really special marriageI find that its never good when someone whos been threatened is in the shower Psycho Eek eek eek Joe said You always grab your neck when youre dreaming of Natalie Paxton Then we find out the killer has chopped off her head like in The Hills Have Eyes or something Another gruesome image Remember when Allison dreamed inside her dream that she saw Natalies head in the cupboard I swear the writers good as they are are totally into horror movies and this is how they get all the gore out of their systems Very realistic scene with the sisters at the kitchen table Ariel having jinxed Bridgette read more

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