Sat Aug 8 9:08am
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air72 Hours(Season 1, Episode 23) BET

On a bet with Will, Carlton tries to survive in Jazz's rough neighborhood by parading as a financial consultant. Slick: Miguel Nunez. Jazz: Jeff Townes. Tiny: "Tiny" Lister Jr. Chuck: J'vonne Pearson. Will: Will Smith.

Sun Aug 9 6:40am
Scooby-Doo HBO

The cowardly canine and his crimefighting pals investigate a spooky theme park in this live-action update of the cartoon series. Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar. Shaggy: Matthew Lillard. Velma: Linda Cardellini. Mondavarious: Rowan Atkinson.

Tue Aug 18 5:00am
Jumpin' Jack Flash HBOSGe

A computer operator accidentally interfaces with a British espionage agent.