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NFL Broadcasting Legend Pat Summerall Dies at 82

Pat Summerall

Longtime NFL broadcaster Pat Summerall died Tuesday, the Dallas Morning News reports. He was 82.

Summerall died in his hospital room at Texas' Zale Lipshy Hospital where he was recovering from... read more

Detroit Tigers' Miguel Cabrera Wins First Triple Crown Since 1967

Miguel Cabrera

Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera made history Wednesday, becoming the first baseball player since 1967 to win the triple crown, The New York Times reports. read more

Curb Your Enthusiasm OK, serious...

Curb Your Enthusiasm OK, serious matter here. Richard Lewis raises a good point when he talks about how he'll never get a kidney, yet Mickey Mantle managed to top the list when he needed a new liver. Couldn't agree more. I never understood how anyone believed those who claimed the Mick got it fair and square. Did anyone buy that? Anyway, nurse Lisa telling Larry that Jeff came up a little "short"? Guy's worst nightmare. And only a little lower down the list is having a woman tell you that about your friend. Of course, Jeff's retort about Lisa's oversize you-know-what wasn't any more comfortable a situation for me, since I once had a friend tell me that about another friend, too. And after years of not seeing said friend, I spotted her being interviewed on Toda read more

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