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Matt's Weekend Picks: February 11-13

The Defenders

The Defenders (Friday, 8/7c, CBS)
Now here's some stunt casting to get your nostalgic juices flowing. The guest judge in this week's episode of the breezy Vegas courtroom drama is Dan Aykroyd, who clashes with Jim Belushi's Nick Morelli during a court hearing. (Aykroyd's first blast of fame came while playing alongside Jim's legendary brother John in the original Saturday Night Live cast — and later as Blues Brothers.) Even better news: ... read more

Mick Jagger to Make First Appearance on Grammys Stage

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger will make his first-ever live appearance on the Grammys stage, CBS announced Thursday.

The rock legend will perform as part of the telecast's "In Memorium" tribute, which pays homage to those in the music world who have died in the past year. Jagger will be joined on stage by his band and Grammy winner Raphael Saadiq.

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"Let's Kill Mick Jagger," the Hells Angels Plotted

Mick Jagger by Jun Sato/WireImage.com

In The FBI at 100, a BBC documentary premiering Monday, a former fed reveals that the Hells Angels plotted to snuff Mick Jagger after the Rolling Stones frontman dissed the biker group's handling of security at the 1969 Altamont Speedway concert, where a fan was stabbed.When Jagger declared the Angels would never work a Stones gig again, "[They] were so angered... that they decided to kill him," says doc host Tom Mangold. "A group of them took a boat and were all tooled up... to attack [Jagger's Hamptons vacation home] from the sea." The would-be killers would get no satisfaction, however, as a storm swept them overboard, and the plot was foiled. Jagger has not yet commented on the documentary. read more

April 6, 2007: The Final Bell

As most of you know by now, Wedding Bells was given the axe this past week. Which means yesterday's episode was the last and from what I've heard, the actors didn't even complete filming the season finale. So, more likely than not, this show will never make it to DVD. Which is a shame, considering how many loose ends we were left with last night. For starters, we'll never know if that kiss between Annie and David would have amounted to anything more or if it was just a result of them getting too caught-up in the moment. I'd like to think they would have given their romance a second chance, as their chemistry was undeniable. If they had though, I’m sure it would have been a rocky road for them. Which could have translated to a lot of fun drama for us...but we'll never know.We'll also never know if Russell would have been able to successfully start a franchise for the Wedding Palace in Vegas. Although, with all of that money Amanda was helping them rake in last night, the... read more

February 28, 2007: Hypnotized by Hoochie Magoo

Somewhere in the television universe George Costanza is still yelping about how he always wanted to be an architect. Well, Art Vandelay, meet Oswald Montecristo. For me to equate anything with Seinfeld should be taken as a sign of the highest respect. And no, Mr. Montecristo, I am not just kissing your butt.How amazing was that video? Just the fact that they used “Mr. Roboto” to seem cutting edge was evidence of how far off the mark they were, and the “Directed by Peter Jackson” at the end was the icing on the cake. How much you want to bet Louis added that part in? He strikes me as the only one of that bunch who would have seen Lord of the Rings.Oh, Louis “I am their bitch! They are physically superior to me!” Plunk, what a sad, sad intern you are. If you hate dogs (hi, Dad!) that scene was your worst nightmare. If you love dogs, that scene was possibly the greatest thing since Best in Show. Of course, Louis received two conflicting pieces of advice: ... read more

January 23, 2007: "It's a Big Bag of Weird in There"

Yep, that sentence can explain both Lorelai’s head and much of this episode. We waited seven weeks, seven long weeks for our Girls to return. So where were the Lorelai and Chris struggles, the Luke and Anna tension, the Rory and Logan misunderstanding? They must’ve disappeared in rerun land and were replaced by seven Christmas trees, Chris' hugely garish stockings and Gigi and Rory’s strings of cranberries and popcorn. OK, so Lorelai put Christmas on hold until Rory got back from London. She even did a dance with a coconut bra to make sure it didn’t snow. (And for real, it didn’t, not here in the Northeast. Maybe the bra worked.) Sure, that’s sweet. But this whole scenario would have been so much more charming, I don’t know, maybe two weeks after the holiday? But not an entire month later! It wasn’t Stars-Hollow quirky, it was Stars-Hollow bizarre. And so was Lorelai as she tried to write Luke’s character-witness letter. “Bicycle, un... read more

Donal Logue: Do the Knights Have a Plan to Steal Idol Fans?

Donal Logue, The Knights of Prosperity

Career janitor Eugene Gerkin and his pals have a plan: Let's rob Mick Jagger! That'd make for a nifty sitcom title, you say. And it did... for a minute. Now named after Eugene's "criminal organization," ABC's The Knights of Prosperity (airing Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET) must "steal itself" for the return of Idol. Do the crafty Knights have a countermeasure in place? TVGuide.com asked ringleader Donal Logue for an overview of what's ahead. TVGuide.com: You must feel like you've been doing press for Knights of Prosperity forever.Donal Logue: Yeah. [Laughs] There's been a lot of it! TVGuide.com: I have to say, you got me with the tag in the pilot, where we see that beyond the keyhole in Mick Jagger's door is fortress-like, multilayered security. read more

January 3, 2007: Not Conventionally Handsome, or Educated... or Sober

"Dear God, we humbly ask that one of these keys be 18A, so that we may more easily rob Mick Jagger. Thanks for your time." And with that, I can say that I have an actual crush on a television show. I have the butterflies of anticipation, and the immediate laugh to every joke, no matter how infantile. In short, I’m in love. With five guys and a girl. And Mick Jagger. I have problems. But enough about me. I want to show this to everyone out there who says that the sitcom is dead, because who wouldn’t laugh at the image of a flower deliveryman repeatedly hitting himself over the head with his hand and the subsequent exchange of, "What's the matter with you?" "Bird flu."As we are all now aware, the premise of the show is that the Knights of Prosperity ("Issue 1, the name sucks," as Squatch so delicately put it) are attempting to rob Mick Jagger. Who among us cannot in some way identify with Eugene Gurkin, a man who sits in his tub, drinking and watching E! marathons? Or Squatc... read more

Musical Notes: Rock Hall of Fame Names New Nominees

This year's nominees for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are Van Halen, R.E.M., Chic, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Patti Smith, the Dave Clark Five, the Ronettes, Joe Tex, and the Stooges. The annual ceremony will be held March 12 in NYC.... On Monday night, for at least the third time during her 20-city tour, Barbra Streisand was targeted — this time in the form of a thrown drink — by a heckler unhappy with a skit in which she pokes fun at President Bush.... The Rolling Stones have pushed back four more concert dates and canceled one (in Honolulu), due to Mick Jagger's throat troubles. read more

Without a doubt, last year’s ...

Question: Without a doubt, last year’s My Name Is Earl was the breakthrough comedy of the season. But what about this year? I heard positive things about The Class, but it does remind me too much of Friends, primarily because of the ridiculously waspy cast. Then I saw a preview for ABC’s Help Me Help You. At first, the name sounded terrible to me, and it didn't help that I don't care for Ted Danson (I hated Becker). But the supporting characters, like the promiscuous Asian woman and the guy who refuses to accept he’s gay, seem to make this show really funny. What do you think? Should I bother with this one, or are the previews misleading? Answer: Too soon to tell. The patients are the funniest thing about Help Me Help You, though Danson’s scenes with his character's ex-wife (Jane Kaczmarek, a recurring guest star) show promise. But is it a breakthrough/breakout hit, even on the modest scale of Earl (my fave new comedy of last season)? Not likely. The Class seems to me a terrific fit for ... read more

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