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"The View" Co-hosts Share Their Favorite Things for the Holidays
05:08 — The co-hosts share their favorites holiday gifts under 50 dollars.
DJ Earworm Presents a Special Mashup of "The View"
01:41 — DJ Earworm presents a special mashup of The View.
'The View’ Co-host Michelle Collins Makes Her Broadway Debut in ‘Wicked’
05:12 — Michelle Collin's Broadway debut in Wicked!
Katie Linendoll Shares the Hottest Gadgets On 'The View'
05:02 — If there’s a techie in your life, check out these gadgets.
Hot Topic On ‘The View’: Did Jennifer Lawrence Start Feud With Lindsay Lohan?
03:37 — Hot Topic: Jennifer Lawrence takes jab at Lindsay Lohan.
Raven-Symone Makes Her Five Minute Faves On 'The View'
04:33 — Raven-Symone shows off tasty meals that take only five minutes to make.
Barbara Walters Shares a Preview of 'The 10 Most Fascinating People' On 'The View'
04:59 — Barbara Walters shares a preview of The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2015.
Couple Who Were Preschool Sweethearts Get Married After Meeting Online
01:30 — The Florida couple who met online only to discover they were once preschool sweethearts have tied the knot. The courtship of Justin Pounders and Amy G (more…)
The Perfect Ricotta Cheese
03:28 — Food 52 Cofounders Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs were nearly stumped when asked for their example of perfect food for this video. Then they realize (more…)
The Perfect: Risotto
03:21 — Food blogger Pim Techamuanvivit is a longtime fan of Michael Tusk's risotto. Here she describes what makes it perfect. Tusk's restaurant, Quince, is l (more…)
The Perfect: Pasta Dish
03:32 — San Francisco’s Tablehopper, Marcia Gagliardi, must eat out every night to be able to write such up-to-date information for her newsletter. Nothing is (more…)
The Perfect: Tortilla
03:16 — Evan Kleiman, host of the KCRW radio program Good Food, describes the moment when she came across the perfect tortilla, made by Rivera Restaurant's Ch (more…)
The Perfect: Prawns
03:25 — When asked for his perfect dish, LA Times food writer Russ Parsons knew his answer immediately: the salt-roasted spot prawns at Providence restaurant. (more…)
The Perfect Beer
03:37 — Lessley Anderson gets into the yeasty details of Russian River Brewing Company's Supplication Ale.
Chris Powell
05:08 — Chris Powell gives an update on the mother and son he chose a year ago on "The View" to be featured on "Extreme Weight Loss."
Hot Topic: "Frozen" & Mayim Bialik
02:44 — Mayim Bialik shares why she hates the movie "Frozen."
Billy Crystal Pays Tribute to Robin Williams
03:13 — Whoopi and Billy Crystal talk about "Comic Relief" and pay tribute to Robin
Hot Topic: Mom in England Comfortable Nude in Front of Son
03:08 — Mom in England comfortable being nude in front of teenage son.
Hot Topic: A Glass of Wine Equal to a Workout
02:27 — Study claims a glass of wine is equal to a workout.
Hot Topic: NFL Penalizes Muslim Player for Prayer On Field
02:42 — Muslim NFL player Husain Abdullah was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct after praying on the field, the co-hosts think the NFL's reaction seems bi (more…)
Melissa Etheridge
04:51 — Melissa Etheridge talks about her new marriage new song "Monster."
Hot Topic: Jimmy Carter Slams President Obama
02:38 — Former President, Jimmy Carter, is the latest critic of the President, stating President Obama waited to long to take on ISIS.
Cristela Alonzo
05:04 — Cristela Alonzo the writer, producer and star of ABC's "Cristela."
Hot Topic: Vatican's Views Evolve
03:26 — Initial report from Bishops calls for church to accept gay people.
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