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Michael Moore: '100 Days of Resistance' to Trump Starts Now
04:41 — Filmmaker Michael Moore is urging Trump's critics to spend Trump's first 100 days resisting his policies. Moore talks about the protest he's organizin (more…)
Walk the Light
14:13 — Working inside a walk/don't-walk traffic light isn't as easy as it looks. When you learn more about the lives of Lester (Michael Richards) and James ( (more…)
Michael Buble Reportedly Drops Out of Hosting Brit Awards to Care for His Son
01:45 — The singer's 3-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer last year.
Amber Says What?: BBC Cancels Show About Michael Jackson
01:40 — Late Night writer Amber Ruffin recaps what's happening in pop culture news.
Michael Peña and Dax Shepard On Claims Erik Estrada Trashed 'CHiPs' Remake
01:28 — Erik Estrada tweeted directly to both Michael Pena and Dax Shepard about the 'CHiPs' reboot.
Paris Jackson Proves She's Runway Ready
00:43 — Michael Jackson's 18-year-old daughter poses for a photo shoot and is totally comfortable in her new modeling gig.
Learn How to Make Chicken a La King Over Texas Toast
03:56 — Learn how to make Chicken A La King over Texas Toast. This recipe is a great option for your leftover chicken. Watch as Michael Symon makes this recip (more…)
G-Eazy Gets A Special Introduction
00:55 — Nathan Kress of "Into The Storm," Molly Tarlov from "Awkward." and Michael J. Willet of "Faking It" get the crowd turnt up for a performance from Cali (more…)
EXCLUSIVE: Michael Weatherly Calls Out the Truth in a Student-Teacher Romance on 'Bull'
01:39 — The freshman drama airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.
Entertainment Attorney Weighs In On Woman’s Claim That She Deserves Royalty Rights To Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’
02:03 — Annie claims the Michael Jackson song “Smooth Criminal” was written about her life and she deserves the royalties. Entertainment attorney Chris Chatha (more…)
Why Woman Says She’s Convinced Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ Was Written About Her
01:11 — Annie shares numerous reasons that she says prove to her that Michael Jackson’s hit song “Smooth Criminal” was written about her.
The Talk - Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox Put New 'CHiPs' Movie On Blast
02:54 — Michael Yo from 'The Insider' joins 'The Talk' to discuss actor Erik Estrada and Larry Wilson, who are upset about the new 'CHiPs' film. The two actor (more…)
‘I Believe I Am Annie From Michael Jackson’s Song ‘Smooth Criminal’’
03:03 — Annie says she’s certain that Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” is based on her life – and she wants the royalty rights to the song.
EXCLUSIVE: Michael Vartan Would 'Absolutely' Do an 'Alias' Reboot: 'They Better Hurry Up'
01:20 — Vartan will next star 'The Arrangement,' which premieres Sunday, Mar. 5 on E!
Do Democrats have a problem with religious voters?
06:51 — In the 2016 election, Democrats lost 81 percent of white evangelical voters to Donald Trump, creating the appearance that the party has a problem with (more…)
Woman Says Mom Is Convinced Michael Jackson Wrote ‘Smooth Criminal’ About Her
04:19 — A woman says her mother insists Michael Jackson’s song “Smooth Criminal” was written about her. She also describes what she calls her mother’s other “ (more…)
Fantasy Baseball Player Outlook: Michael Fulmer
00:39 — Jorge Andres and Heath Cummings take a look at the upcoming Fantasy Baseball impact for Michael Fulmer
Michael Jackson’s Former Sound/Audio Engineer Reveals Who ‘Annie’ Is From The Song ‘Smooth Criminal’
02:57 — Michael Jackson’s former sound and audio engineer, who worked on the pop star’s record-breaking album Bad, reveals who the real “Annie” is in the hit (more…)
iPad exclusive: Michael Scott interrogation
02:49 — Michael Scott was interrogated for hours by the Austin Police Department in September 1999, before confessing to his role in the murders of four teena (more…)
Michael Keaton's Stand-Up Career Didn't Pan Out
02:45 — Michael Keaton chats with Jimmy about his early stand-up career and why bombing was way worse when he used props.
Michael Keaton Doesn't Sugarcoat Ray Kroc in the Founder
04:27 — Michael Keaton talks about playing Ray Kroc in The Founder, a film based on the true story of the controversial salesman who built the McDonald's dyna (more…)
Rhyme-versation With Michael Keaton
04:36 — Michael Keaton and Jimmy attempt to have a natural conversation while trying to rhyme the last word of their sentences with a random one, like "kale" (more…)
Michael Vartan Would 'Absolutely' Do an 'Alias' Reboot: 'They Better Hurry up'
01:20 — Vartan will next star 'The Arrangement,' which premieres Sunday, Mar. 5 on E!
Film Explores How Obama Years Led to Trump
04:07 — Filmmaker Michael Kirk discusses his documentary, "Divided States of America," which explores how Obama’s presidency led to Trump’s election.
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