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Last Bites: Michael's Celebrity Crush
02:42 — Michael's Celebrity Crush.
"The Office" Star Rainn Wilson On How He Got the Role of Dwight Schrute
01:02 — Rainn Wilson, star of NBC's hit "The Office", shares how he got his role as Dwight Schrute and why he didn't get the role of Michael Scott.
Actor Jason Bateman Reveals "Arrested Development" Details and Confirms Plans for the Movie
01:32 — Actor Jason Bateman tells Larry About How "Arrested Development" will be aired, Michael Cera's writing involvement and the definite plans for a movie.
Michael's Beef Stew, Part 2
03:02 — Beef Stew
Michael's 5 in 5 Chicken Francaise
05:43 — Chicken Francaise
Michael's Beef and Beer Stew, Part 2
01:44 — Beef and Beer Stew
Michael and Jewel Get Cooking, Part 2
03:31 — Cheddar Jalapeno Brisket Biscuit Sliders.
Michael's 5 in 5 Strip Steak
05:57 — 5 in 5 Strip Steak
Fettuccine Alfredo Two Ways, Part 1
04:41 — Michael's creamy, heavy alfredo, and Daphne's lighter option.
Michael's Steak and Panzanella, Part 1
04:33 — Skirt Steak and Panzanella Salad
Michael's Guacamole Bar, Part 2
04:53 — Michael shows three different ways to liven up his basic guacamole.
Michael's Love of Cookie Dough
04:01 — The co-hosts discuss their guilty pleasures.
Patricia Heaton Gets Cooking, Part 2
04:57 — After putting the finishing touches on Michael's dessert, Clinton challenges Patricia Heaton to a rousing round of "Heaton it Up."
Michael's Moon Over Cleveland
05:59 — Moon Over Cleveland
Michael's 5 in 5 Stovetop Pasticcio
05:59 — Stovetop Pasticcio
Michael's Chicken Scallopini, Part 2
03:58 — Chicken Scallopini and Mozzarella Salad
Michael's Carrot Bread, Part 2
02:10 — Carrot Bread
Nobody Takes a Soda from Sarah Palin
00:48 — Sarah Palin takes a swipe at Michael Bloomberg.
Michael's PLT Sandwiches, Part 2
03:54 — A spin on the classic BLT sandwich!
Michael's Dressed-Up Comfort Food, Part 2
03:16 — Michael puts together this delicious meal.
Chiklis On the Changing TV Landscape
01:04 — Actor Michael Chiklis chats with Larry King about how TV viewing habits have changed over the years.
Niecy Nash Gets Cooking, Part 1
05:55 — Michael teaches Niecy Nash how to make this delicious dish!
Michael's Fact or Fiction Chicken, Part 1
04:44 — Mario and Michael settle an old bet.
Michael's Fact or Fiction Chicken, Part 2
04:55 — A tasty, trashy, bacon-wrapped finger food!
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