The Bachelorette Episode Recap: Week 4

On this week's episode of The Bachelorette, Emily and the gang are headed to Bermuda for fun in the sun and some manly competition. But before the group date, we get a one-on-one date, which goes to Doug. Immediately, the single dad gets nervous and the guys waste no time before playing up his insecurity and pushing his buttons.

The two head off to shop around the island town and Doug also tells Emily about a charity he started.  Emily is more and more impressed, but equally nervous that he can't possibly be that perfect. So at dinner she calls him out on it and even asks him what his ex would say was her biggest complaint about him. Doug responds that he spends too much time with her son, and again she wonders if he's just saying the "right thing." But when Doug asks Emily about her flaws she realizes maybe it was a tougher question than she thought. So with that, she hands him the rose, but he doesn't give her a thank you kiss.

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The Bachelorette Episode Recap: Week 3

We begin with Emily chatting with her mom while the men are meeting Chris in the courtyard to get the first date card of the week, which goes to Chris. Before we know it, they're walking through downtown Charlotte, hand-in-hand, until they reach a building — that they'll have to climb up. The ropes fall from the top and the harnesses come out and the two are getting ready to scale the wall. As they're climbing, the wind picks up and lighting flashes, so Emily starts to freak out. And it doesn't help there's now a crowd below. They soon reach the top, but rather than kissing her, Chris gives Emily a high-five. How, um, romantic?

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The Bachelorette Episode Recap: Week 2

It's Week 2 of The Bachelorette and for the first time, we see a local news report about the filming of the show. Apparently this is a big deal for Charlotte, N.C.

Emily gets together with some girlfriends to tell them about her first night. Must be nice to be allowed to chat with friends, rather than have the usual solitary confinement our Bachelors and Bachelorettes experience. At the house, Chris announces the first one-on-one date, which goes to Ryan. But rather than the glamorous or adventurous dates viewers are used to, Emily takes Ryan home to bake cookies for her daughter's soccer team. Ryan seems right at home with the apron on and the two seem to be effortless together. Once the cookies are done, they're off to the soccer field where Ryan waits in the car as Emily brings the kids the goodies. Ryan seems in awe of watching Em in her element.

But the date isn't all comfy clothes and baking cookies. At night, the pair gets dolled up. (Love Ryan's silvery suit!) The Charlotte fandom is even waiting outside the restaurant for their arrival. Once inside, Emily doesn't waste much time before asking Ryan about his exes. He's had two serious relationships, he says. They then delve deep into how to pursue someone and how Emily's new man will eventually fit into Ricki's life. Ryan lays it on by telling Emily how attractive she was making cookies and that he likes her already. Clearly, he gets the rose. Dinner is capped off with dancing to a live performance from Emily's favorite band, Gloriana. But no kisses just yet!

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I was such a die-hard fan of ...

Question: I was such a die-hard fan of Project Runway until the episode when they kicked off Alison instead of Vincent. To make decisions based on drama (Vincent and Angela) and not on talent (Alison and Michael) just turned me off. I find Tim Gunn's explanation of kicking Keith off for having pattern books a joke now. There is no integrity on that show when they send away someone who has far more talent than that boy. I can already foresee kooky Vincent making it to the final three because they need another Wendy Pepper or Santino Rice to become the talentless underdog who causes drama every week. Answer: I agree that Vincent should have been booted instead of Alison — and even worse in my mind was robbing Jeffrey of the win that week, favoring Michael's blander design. But I don't see Vincent as anywhere near as dynamic a love-to-hate character as Santino or Wendy. He is bizarre, and maybe the judges are just fascinated by him for some reason. Still, I don't feel nearly as manipulated ... read more

Big Brother: All-Stars Preview!

Big Brother 7: All-Stars host Julie Chen

Voyeur alert! CBS' Big Brother — that wildly addictive, Orwellian peep show — will launch its seventh season tonight at 8 pm/ET with Big Brother 7: All-Stars, featuring 12 of the show's most popular houseguests. During the kickoff, host Julie Chen will introduce the 20 semifinalists, then unveil which six were picked by fan votes and which six were chosen by executive producers Allison Grodner and Arnold Shapiro. The winner collects half a million bucks — but not bef read more

Last Ladies Check Out of Apprentice

Allie Jablon and Roxanne Wilson, The Apprentice

It was girls' night out — literally — on NBC's The Apprentice last week when Synergy's dressing of Embassy Suites staffers drew a sour reception from employees, leading the Donald to dispatch Allie Jablon and Roxanne Wilson, Season 5's remaining ladies. Did their culottes campaign get short shrift? Which of the guys has their votes to win this thing? And what was up with that lingering hug? TVGuide.com chatted up the runners-up.

TVGuide.com: Allie, were you sad to see your single-handed effort to resurrect culottes get thwarted?
Allie Jablon:
I thought they were really cute! This is the thing: We really took a lot of time to interview about 30 different housekeepers, and it w read more

The Apprentice Not long ago, the...

The ApprenticeNot long ago, the Onion ran a hilarious piece titled "F--- Everything, We're Doing Five Blades," mocking the inanity of razor marketing. Well, meet the Gillette Fusion "shaving system" featuring — wait for it — five blades. Is there an expression for when real life can't keep up with satire? The 17 remaining Donald wannabes (Donnabes?) are tasked with creating a text-message marketing campaign for the Fusion. But first, Trump takes a quick break from product placement to engage in corporate America's other favorite pastime: nepotism. Donald's daughter, Ivanka, will be playing the role of Carolyn in tonight's episode, while old-school Apprentice Bill Rancic fills in for George. Team S read more


Wilson Pickett, the soul pioneer defined by his raspy voice and passionate delivery and best known for the hits "Mustang Sally" and "In the Midnight Hour," died on Thursday of a heart attack. He was 64. "I loved him and I'm sure he was well loved," the singer's son, Michael, told Washington's WRC-TV. "I just hope that he is given his props." read more

The Office Well, I'm ashamed...

The Office Well, I'm ashamed to admit this, but Michael Scott behaves pretty much exactly like I do when I've suffered any kind of mild injury. If there's pain involved, my melodrama knows no bounds. And while I've never managed to burn my own foot on a George Foreman Grill, I do have some vague memories of trying to fall asleep with my thumb in a glass of ice water after a bad experience with a frozen pizza. (Yes, yes, I know now that you're not supposed to use ice on a burn. You're not supposed to put butter on it, either, Michael. Even if it is Country Crock.) Oh, and speaking of Michael's change of heart in the buttering-his-foot debate, how hilarious is it that at first he said there was no need for it, since he burned himself on a nonstick grill? That slayed me. Almost as much as read more

How The Book of Daniel Came to Be

The Book of Daniel's Susannah Thompson, Aidan Quinn and Alison Pill

I'm pretty sure I'm still dreaming. As far as I can tell, this dream started a year and a half ago, so it's actually still June 2004, it's 3:30 in the morning, and I "wake up" with the first scene vividly playing out in my head: His daughter's been arrested. This guy (I hadn't even come up with names yet) has to go pick up his teenage daughter at a police station, way down in Riverdale, in the middle of the night. What the heck was she doing in Riverdale?! He's worried to death. He's angry. He's scared. But more than anything... he's uncomfortable. He is a WASP, after all — they don't go to police stations. And certainly not in the middle of the night! By the time he gets her and his wife home, it's dawn; they have to get ready for church. As he sits alone in his car, he reaches for the biggest obstacle in his life right now — his Vicodin. Then... Smash Cut to: the Pulpit. He's a priest! That's it. That's my way in. I finally found my way into a world that's bee read more


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