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NCIS: New Orleans - The Disturbing Phone Call
01:26 — Nick's fiancee hears some disturbing sounds from his phone and then she witnesses something incredible in downtown New Orleans.
NCIS: New Orleans - The Mother Of All Blackouts
01:09 — The NCIS: New Orleans team searches a suspect's house and finds some surprising evidence.
NCIS: New Orleans - The Gargoyle Club
02:02 — Agent Christopher LaSalle and agent Sonja Percy follow a lead to a blackout party at the Gargoyle Club.
The Good Wife - The Good Wife's Daniel Lawson's Top Five Looks
03:35 — Go behind the scenes with Dan Lawson as he shares his top five favorite looks of The Good Wife. The Good Wife airs Sundays 9/8c.
The Good Wife - The New Characters of The Good Wife
04:29 — Daniel Lawson takes you behind the scenes with the new characters of The Good Wife. The Good Wife airs Sundays, 9/8c.
The Good Wife - Mama's Homespun Cooking
02:37 — Despite the tension between Alicia and her mother, the two agree to go on a cooking show.
The Good Wife - Take It
01:40 — While Peter sits down with Ruth to discuss Eli, Alicia works on hiring a new investigator.
The Good Wife - An Uninvited Guest
01:06 — Cary sets Howard up for embarrassment after a dispute between the two of them regarding the firm.
The Good Wife - Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joins the Cast
02:44 — Jeffrey Dean Morgan joins the cast of The Good Wife.
The Good Wife - Campaign Contention
02:36 — Peter breaks some unpleasant news to Eli.
The Good Wife - Political Operatives
03:11 — Alicia meets Ruth and learns that Peter has replaced Eli with her.
The Good Wife - What Are You Doing?
01:31 — Ruth confronts Eli after finding out that Alicia wants to keep him on her campaign.
Charmain Howls Like a Wolf
Wanting to be the best cop she can be, Charmain takes it to the edge.
Manson's Case of Mistaken Identity
Hoping for revenge, Manson goes after Hodiak... but gets Cutler instead.
Production Designer Carlos Barbosa Interview
Carlos discusses the re-creation of 1967 Los Angeles for Aquarius, Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.
Emma's Trip Home
Ken finds his daughter just as she embarks on her first acid trip.
Grey Damon Is Detective Brian Shafe
Grey talks about getting into his character, a young cop full of contradictions in 1967 Los Angeles, on Aquarius, Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.
Two Unpleasant Family Reunions
Hodiak gets a visit from his pot-smoking father and Charlie is not at all pleased to see his long-lost alcoholic mother.
Gethin Anthony Talks Aquarius
Gethin talks about his approach to playing the role of Charles Manson on Aquarius, Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.
David Duchovny Talks Aquarius
David talks about the setting of 1967 Los Angeles and what it means for his character, Detective Sam Hodiak, on Aquarius, Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.
The Wheels of Justice Roll Slow
Hodiak (David Duchovny) faces off with a murdering cop, the Black Panthers, his former partner/now boss and his new partner in this scene from Aquariu (more…)
The Summer of Love, Part 2: Sweet Sadie
In Part 2 of the exclusive digital prequel to NBC's Aquarius, Charlie charms another young woman with his music, his sympathetic ear... and his halluc (more…)
Hodiak Sells the Last Shred of His Soul
Hodiak trades his hard work on the Manson case - and his integrity - to buy Walt's freedom.
The Summer of Love, Part 3: Charlie vs. Martin
In Part 3 of the exclusive digital prequel to NBC's Aquarius, Charlie takes care of a pesky neighbor, who he believes to be an impediment to his growi (more…)
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