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I've missed Kitchen Confidential....

I've missed Kitchen Confidential. I know it isn't really groundbreaking TV, and I know its goose is pretty much cooked, but it is just plain funny. Reuniting Alias pretty boys Bradley Cooper and Michael Vartan was a genius idea on this too-many-cooks-in-the-kitchen episode. The writers even tossed in a little aside where Cooper (as his character Jack) says they are so close it is like they've worked together before. Clever. And there was a nice lesson learned — in a feud like this one, it is always the innocent ones who get hurt. Poor Jim in that ice chest, after his friends had previously banished him to the "idiot hole." But at least the dopey newbie who makes Woody on Cheers look worldly got the line of the night: "Can you help me get read more

Today's column was written by Matt Webb Mitovich.


Michael Vartan

As teased weeks ago by Ask Ausiello, Alias star Michael Vartan has joined the cast of Rogue, a bigger-budget follow-up to the Aussie thriller Wolf Creek, Moviehole.net has officially confirmed. Backed by prolific producers Harvey and Bob Weinstein, Rogue concerns an American journalist who encounters a man-eating crocodile in the Outback. (And no, not the steakhouse.) read more

All this talk about Michael ...

Question: All this talk about Michael Vartan and Greg Grunberg's exits from Alias, what's the story behind Mia Maestro leaving?

Answer: The story is that she's returning on Nov. 17. Here's a tease ABC put out about the ep: "When the group claiming to have a cure for Nadia continues to play mind games with him, Sloane struggles for control."

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Tell us more about Michael ...

Question: Tell us more about Michael Vartan's new movie in Australia.

Answer: There's nothing definitive, but my Down Under peeps at moviehole.net are speculating that the film in question may be Greg McLean's Wolf Creek follow-up, Rogue. If that's true, he'd be playing an American journalist who encounters a man-eating crocodile while in the Australian Outback. (Enter your own Jerri Manthey kicker here.)

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OK, I admit, I was one of ...

Question: OK, I admit, I was one of those people beating up on you, sending you a harsh e-mail after the season premiere of Alias. However, you have fully redeemed yourself with your latest tidbit about the Michael Vartan saga! Don't stop there, though — any news on the negotiations to bring him back to the show?

Answer: Were you the one who banished me to a life of eternal damnation? All my hate mail tends to blur together. Anyway, yes, there is a major — major — development on the Vartan/Vaughn front: The deal officially closed late last week and Vartan returned to work on the Alias set yesterday. Please don't ask me who he's playing or how long his return engagement will last, because that I can't tell read more

Today's column was written by Matt Webb Mitovich.


Michael Vartan

It's the news Alias fans have been waiting for. As reported exclusively in today's Ask Ausiello, Michael Vartan has sealed a deal to return to ABC's spy drama. For more on his big comeback — plus breaking casting news, er, poop on ER, Charmed, The Shield, Everwood, NCIS, House and Gilmore Girls — read today's fresh AA. (There, Mike, was that plug shameless enough for you?) read more

You've answered a lot of ...

Question: You've answered a lot of questions about Vaughn and Alias but not this one: Did Michael Vartan elect to leave, or was he fired?

Answer: Well, as you might expect, it's complicated. Here's what I've been told from a reliable source close to the situation. Shortly after Vartan and J.Ga's big split, Vartan allegedly made it known that he wouldn't be terribly upset if Vaughn were to get whacked while on assignment. TPTB, in turn, made it known that Vartan had a contract to honor and, well, he better suck it up and be a professional. Cut to 2005: Producers, looking for a way to revitalize the show and give Sydney a personal mission in Alias' final season, finally granted Vartan his wish. There was just one problem: Vartan was once again loving his job and didn't want to go. But the writing was already on the wall read more


Michael Vartan's much-buzzed-about Alias comeback has allegedly hit a snag. As reported in today's Ask Ausiello, the actor has landed a movie in Australia which could derail plans for Vaughn (or his ghost?) to return before year's end. For the full story, as well as scoop on practically every show except Still Standing, read today's AA! read more

For months you have been ...

Question: For months you have been stringing us along saying that Michael Vartan was still going to be on the show! What gives?

Answer: Listen, just because Vartan is no longer a series regular doesn't mean J.J. was lying when he said the dude will still be part of the show. Case in point: (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT) There's an 82 percent chance Vartan will be back next month for an episode or two — although whether or not he'll be playing Vaughn remains an open question. And, if all goes according to plan, you'll see him again in May. Now, would someone please give me a hug 'cause I'm feeling attacked.

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Michael Vartan

Alias spy-hottie Michael Vartan — whose Vaughn character appeared to bite it on last night's season premiere — is reuniting with former costar Bradley Cooper for an upcoming episode of Fox's Kitchen Confidential. According to Fox, Vartan will play Michaux, er, Michel, a womanizing French chef and rival to Cooper's Jack. Meanwhile, if you're feeling blue about Vaughn's apparent demise, take a deep breath and repeat after me: "No one ever dies on Alias. No one ever dies on Alias. No one ever dies on Alias." For further reassurance, click here. read more

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