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Dresden in Sci Fi's Circular File

Paul Blackthorne in The Dresden Files by Steve Wilkie/Sci Fi Channel Photo

After months of fielding questions from fans desperate to know if Sci Fi was ever going to make a decision on the fate of its clever private-eye/fantasy hybrid The Dresden Files, it's official: The show isn't returning for a second season.A shame, but hardly a surprise, given the reticence to discuss the matter every time I brought it up to Sci Fi or NBC Universal Cable execs during the recent TCA press tour. In their world, it's all about "running the numbers" (in other words: looking at the ratings and budgets, etc.) and to them, Dresden just didn't seem to measure up.This confirmation came my way the same morning that there are reports in the trades that Paul Blackthorne, Dresden's very appealing star, has joined the cast of ABC's Big Shots in a recurring role as what's being described as the show's "fifth CEO... a sophisticated, iconic tycoon that the [other] four (Dylan McDermott, Michael Vartan, Christopher Titus, Joshua Malina) aspire to be."At least he's landed on his feet. ... read more

ABC at TCA: Lost in Translation

Peter Krause by Bob D'Amico/ABC

Get lost, ABC. That was the hostile undercurrent behind much of the questioning for ABC's entertainment president Stephen McPherson Wednesday morning. We critics can be a surly group, especially this late in the TCA press tour. (ABC has the bad luck to be up to bat on the final two days of the three-week hype-a-thon.) But give us something legitimate to gripe about — in this case, the decision by Lost's producers to skip the TCA and instead address the game-changing events behind Lost's cliff-hanger at the Comic-Con fan convention in San Diego on Thursday — and you'd better watch out.One reporter even put it this way: “Are we not important enough for you?” At first, McPherson tried to shrug it off with a joke, saying that he has hired Don Imus — fired earlier this year from his radio and TV gigs for a racial slur — to join the show. (This was the closest he or anyone else came to addressing the Isaiah Washington/Grey’s Anatomy debacle during his of... read more

Pilot Talk: Alias Cutie Goes from APO to CEO

• Michael Vartan has been tapped to topline an untitled ABC drama pilot about four friends who are either high-powered CEOs or CEOs-to-be, says the Hollywood Reporter.• Gabrielle Union, last seen on The Night Stalker, will play a model-turned-recording artist and fiancée of a star wide receiver in ABC's adaptation of the U.K.'s Footballer$ Wives.• Sleeper Cell's Melissa Sagemiller is a married lawyer drawn to Damian Lewis' falsely imprisoned cop in the NBC pilot Life.• Spike Lee is on board to direct NBC's pilot about the mayor of New York City, says Reuters. read more

You are such a tease, ...

Question: You are such a tease, Ausiello! What show was Michael Vartan going to join (Ausiello Report 10/27)?!

Answer: One of the producers on this show worked with Vartan on his last TV gig.

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Random Scoop/Gripes: Alias, Oprah, Betty and More!

Here's my mini week-in-review, with a few pieces of prattle mixed in...* It almost happened. Michael Vartan was thisclose to returning to TV. According to a fresh batch of intel from one of my APO moles, Vartan was in talks to join the cast of one my five current favorite shows. But sadly, the deal fell through. * Just weeks after Oprah revealed that she had never heard of a little thing called the Kinsey Scale (WTF?), Gayle's BFF confessed on yesterday's Oprah that she wasn't aware that an HIV-positive person could be re-infected with a different strain of the virus (double WTF?). I seriously hope this whole dumb act is just her attempt to appear more relatable to the average viewer. * In related news, The View needs to put Elisabeth Hasselbeck out of her freakin' misery. I have to shield my eyes from the TV whenever she opens her mouth — especially when the topic turns to politics. It's not her stance on the issues that I have a problem with (OK, maybe that's part of it), it'... read more

Will Michael Vartan be in any ...

Question: Will Michael Vartan be in any more Alias episodes?

Answer: He'll be in four more, including the finale.

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This interminable waiting ...

Question: This interminable waiting game that ABC is playing regarding the fate of Alias is not to be had! What can we, the fans, do about it? Anything?

Answer: ABC confirmed late Tuesday that Alias is returning in just seven short weeks on Wednesdays at 8 pm. There are eight episodes remaining — reduced from 13. Here's how they're being scheduled:

  • April 19, 8-10 pm/ET: Two-hour episode. Syd's baby is born and Vaughn's fate is revealed. Michael Vartan, Lena Olin and Greg Grunberg return.
  • April 26, 8-9 pm: The 100th episode. Bradley Cooper returns.
  • May 3, 8-9 pm: Currently in production. Devlin returns.
  • May 10, 8-9 pm: TBD
  • May 17, 8-9 pm: TBD
  • May 24, 8-10 pm: Two-hour finale.

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Michael Vartan is supposedly ...

Question: Michael Vartan is supposedly signed to do four more episodes of Alias. Will it be as a ghost?

Answer: OK, major-ass prattle here: According to Pinkner, Vartan is actually returning for five, possibly six, episodes, beginning with the second one back this spring (that's Episode 99, for those keeping track at home). And I'll let Jeff address the second part of your question: "As we've said from the beginning, the rumors of Vaughn's death were nothing more than rumors. In this world, don't take anything at face value. We'll know by the end of the 99th episode exactly where he is and if he's alive or not."

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Please tell me that when ...

Question: Please tell me that when Michael Vartan returns to Alias, it won't be a dream or anything but it's for real!

Answer: Sorry, sworn to secrecy. This much I can say: He'll probably be doing four more episodes this season.

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Alias Jack cut off Desantis' ear...

AliasJack cut off Desantis' ear and then let Renee Reinne kill him! That's the kind of fatherly and grandfatherly protection you definitely want to have if you are eight-months pregnant. The look on Jack's face when he saw the nursery that his ex had carefully crafted was just priceless. I think when he finds out that Syd's mom is the one who took his daughter and had her tortured in a supposedly "safe for baby" procedure that hacked into her memory, things are going to get really ugly. I'd love a showdown between Mama and Papa Bristow — the chemistry between Lena Olin and Victor Garber is insanely intense and fabulous. Here's hoping that plays out well. Gotta love that Syd was able to fight through the pain and confusion to give her captors false info about Horizo read more

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