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2008 Teen Choice Awards
Hollyscoop.com hit the 2008 Teen Choice Awards blue carpet and backstage where we caught up with Lil Mama, Chris Brown, Selena Gomez, Chad Michael Mur (more…)
'Buyer and Cellar' Star Names His Replacement
Michael Urie, star of the play 'Buyer and Cellar,' announces his replacement when he leaves the show in March. (Feb. 20)
The Good Wife - Scheming
04:37 — In the midst of Alicia's work on a complex court case, Alicia and the judge can't help but feel that Eli is up to something.
The Good Wife - The Back Door
02:45 — After Peter announces his candidacy, Alicia receives a call that puts her back on the NSA's list.
How The Broadway Community Has Rallied Around Shelter Dogs
Saturday marks the 15th Annual 'Broadway Barks' event, co-hosted by Bernadette Peters. She and Michael Urie sit down with Abby and talk about how you (more…)
Gloria Hates Haley's Boss
00:57 — Gloria holds her tongue while Haley's yells at her.
Gloria Gets Haley's Job Back
02:13 — Gloria threatens Gavin Sinclair (Michael Urie).
Claire Tries to Bribe Luke's Principal
01:38 — Claire wants Luke to win a school award.
Claire Wins Luke the "Bonerface" Award
01:25 — Luke blames Manny and a fight breaks out.
Baby Joe Destroys Mitch and Cam's Home
01:54 — Mitch and Cam can't keep up with the baby.
Phil Gets the Princess Castle Destroyed
02:13 — Phil orders a Ms. Pac-Man machine & misreads Jay's cues.
Mitch and Cam Love Babysitting Joe
01:09 — Babysitting Joe makes Mitch and Cam want to adopt again.
Phil Gives Jay the Ultimate BBQ Grill
00:53 — It's Jay's birthday, and Phil (Ty Burrell) unveils his gift: the Flame XL, a high-tech outdoor grill with an electric rotisserie. Phil loves it but Ja (more…)
Haley Fights for a Job
01:18 — Haley meets with fashion designer Gavin Sinclair.
Cam Spies On Mitchell in Court
00:55 — Cam secretly watches what his husband does at work.
Gloria Catches Luke & Manny in the Ice Bath
00:36 — Gloria teaches the boys never to drink again.
Alex Gets Dumped
01:30 — Phil and Claire don't believe Alex's boyfriend exists.
Is Haley Dating Andy?
01:16 — Andy the manny (guest star Adam DeVine) shows up at the Dunphys' doorstep to visit Haley (Sarah Hyland). Claire (Julie Bowen) suspects that Haley must (more…)
Coach Cam's News Interview
01:37 — Cam puts the spotlight on Mitchell during his interview.
Gloria Scares Luke & Manny Straight
00:42 — The boys have second thoughts about drinking tequila.
Claire Worries About Haley and Andy
01:19 — Phil is concerned that Alex has been studying too hard and not getting any sleep, but Claire is more concerned about Haley, who's been spending a lot (more…)
The Grill Goes Crazy On Jay and Phil
01:17 — Phil discovers why Jay won't laugh with him about it.
Mitchell Is Cam's Connie Britton
01:15 — Cam is interviewed by the local news.
Phil Repays Jay, Sneaks in a Hug
00:55 — Phil pays Jay back for their house.
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