Michael Symon

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Michael D. Symon
  • Birth Place: Cleveland, Ohio, United States
  • Profession: TV host, Chef, Author, Restaurateur
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How to Make Bone Broth Lentil Soup
05:03 — "The Chew" co-host Michael Symon has learned what you put in your body has a big effect on how you feel. His Bone Broth Lentil Soup has tons of anti-i (more…)
JoAnna Garcia Swisher Makes Chilaquiles With Michael Symon
02:53 — Actress JoAnna Garcia Swisher from ABC's "Kevin (Probably) Saves the World" is re-making an old favorite in the kitchen with Michael Symon. Together t (more…)
Michael Symon and Mike Golic Make a Fall Harvest Hungarian Goulash
02:42 — Mike Golic (ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike" and Golic and Wingo) helps Michael Symon make Fall Harvest Hungarian Goulash.
How to Make Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Curried Yogurt and Scallions
02:51 — Sweet Potatoes are one of the "in" vegetables this fall. They have tons of nutrients and are delicious when baked. "The Chew" co-hosts Michael Symon s (more…)
Gabrielle Union Got Stalked by a Terminator Bully Trying to Kick Her Ass
07:48 — Gabrielle Union shares a stalker story from her collection of essays We're Going to Need More Wine before Jimmy and Chef Michael Symon surprises her w (more…)
Michael Symon and Carla Hall Make Ratatouille Tarte Tatin
02:11 — Michael Symon and Carla Hall make a Ratatouille Tarte Tatin. This recipe inspired by the Disney film "Ratatouille" is a cross between a tomato tarte t (more…)
Actress Yvette Nicole Brown and Michael Symon Make Corned Beef Sandwich Bread Pudding
02:32 — Actress Yvette Nicole Brown (ABC's "The Mayor") visits "The Chew." Fun fact, she has been on the show more times than any other guest on "The Chew." S (more…)
How to Make Jalapeno Popper Dip Recipe
03:03 — Michael Symon and "The Chew" co-hosts take Jalapeno Poppers and turn them into a brand new crowd-pleasing snack, inspired by Mexico using Hidden Valle (more…)
How to Make Chicago-Style Polish Sausage Recipe
02:28 — Michael Symon makes a Chicago-Style Polish Sausage in honor of two huge fans of "The Chew" that are from Chicago, Tisa and Dana.
How to Make Cranberry Almond Oat Breakfast Bread
03:26 — Michael Symon feels magical moments can happen with simple things including making a breakfast that will fill you up for the day. He waves his magic w (more…)
Michael Symon Shows How to Make a Dish in a Pinch: Orecchiette with Pork Sausage and Broccoli Rabe
01:10 — Even if you are in a rush you can still cook up a delicious meal. Michael Symon shows you how to make a dish in a pinch with his quick Orecchiette wit (more…)
An All-Star Transformation
02:29 — Go behind the scenes with the talented chef mentors of the new series All-Star Academy.
How to Make Cranberry Rice Stuffed Butternut Squash
05:08 — “The Chew” co-host Michael Symon shows us how to use an autumn staple, butternut squash, to make a delicious fall dish. Watch as he demonstrates how t (more…)
Michael Symon Makes Cedar Plank Fluke with Broccoli Stem Slaw
04:52 — Michael Symon has a recipe for success when it comes to dinner with friends - keep it simple! It doesn't get simpler than preparing one delicious dish (more…)
Weeknight Vegetable Pot Pies
04:57 — "The Chew" co-host Michael Symon is giving viewers the game plan for a delicious meal the next time they hit the grocery store!
How to Make Sweet Potato Avocado Toast
02:56 — "The Chew" co-hosts Clinton Kelly, Michael Symon and Carla Hall clash together two major food trends and turn them into one in Clash of the Trends.
“Ghosted” Star Craig Robinson and Michael Symon Make Roasted Carrot and Farro Salad
03:20 — Actor and Comedian Craig Robinson ("Ghosted") recently started eating vegan and asks "The Chew" co-hosts to help him prepare a delicious vegan meal.
Michael Symon Makes a Cauliflower Omelet on "The Chew"
04:36 — An omelet is one of the very first things you learn how to make in culinary school. Michael Symon thought he'd cooked omelets every way possible until (more…)
Michael Symon Has Two Dishes Perfect for Game Day: Arroz Con Pollo and Jambalaya
04:40 — “The Chew” co-host Michael Symon is excited about this weekend’s NFL lineup. He has created two dishes inspired by the teams, both are guaranteed to m (more…)
Jennifer Esposito Makes Butternut Squash Bread on “The Chew”
04:25 — Actress and cookbook author Jennifer Esposito ("The Affair") talks about her latest cookbook, "Jennifer's Way Kitchen." She bakes a delicious loaf of (more…)
How to Make Sloppy Joes
04:48 — "The Chew" co-host Michael Symon is whipping up one of America’s Most Wanted Meals, Sloppy Joes!
Be Your Best Week: Michael Symon Visits Hattie Carthan Community Garden
04:23 — Be Your Best Week: Michael Symon Visits Hattie Carthan Community Garden
Michael Symon Makes a Frittata Using Ingredients From the Hattie Carthan Community Garden
03:00 — Michael Symon makes a Fresh Veggie Frittata using ingredients from the Hattie Carthan Community Garden in Brooklyn.
Michael Symon Shows Viewers How to Make Chicken Scallopini with Red Wine Mushroom Sauce on “The Chew”
04:53 — Michael is giving viewers two fixes for the price of one. He shows how to cook a perfectly tender boneless chicken with wine!
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  • Birth Name: Michael D. Symon
  • Birth Place: Cleveland, Ohio, United States
  • Profession: TV host, Chef, Author, Restaurateur