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Review: Thursday TV in the Silly Season

George Lopez

With new summer programming like what's on display tonight, it's enough to make you miss reruns. (Well, hello, CBS! We can always count on you to do things the traditional way — at least until Big Brother returns next month.)

You could do worse than re-watching Leonard's date with Penny on The Big Bang Theory, or Person of Interest's Reese protecting Astro from last season's The X Factor or Cho's first meeting with Samaire Armstrong on The Mentalist. You could do far worse.

You could, for example, watch your brain cells atrophy by tuning into Fox's hardly-fit-for-cable combo of goofy new meat-market dating shows. (The Dating Game's Jim Lange, I miss you.) In Take Me Out (8/7c), which might as well be called Date Or No Date, it's the guy on display, trying to charm a "flirty 30" bevy of bimbos before they turn out the light on their podium, signaling their disinterest. read more

What to Expect From NBC's Saving Hope Besides Ghosts

Michael Shanks

Tornoto's Hope-Zion Hospital is haunted, but not by a vengeful spirit.

On NBC's new medical drama Saving Hope, which premieres Thursday at 9/8c, Chief of Surgery Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks) falls into a coma and finds himself in an out-of-body experience, roaming the hallways as a ghost. Fellow surgeon and fiancee Alex Reid (Smallville's Erica Durance) is torn between her emotional attachment and her objectivity as a doctor who is still very much needed by the other patients coming into the hospital daily.

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NBC Picks Up Erica Durance Medical Drama for Summer

Erica Durance

NBC has picked up the Canadian medical drama Saving Hope in what will be Erica Durance's first series role since Smallville.

Saving Hope, from Rookie Blue producers Ilana Frank and David Wellington, follows surgeon Alex Reid (Durance) whose personal and professional life is turned upside down when he... read more

Critic's Guide to Weekend TV: Hell on Wheels, Fringe, Homeland, and More!

Anson Mount

Describing Hell on Wheels as "Revenge in the mud" makes it sound a lot more enjoyable than it is. AMC's sprawling but heavy-handed attempt to revive and redefine the Western (a newly hot TV-development trend) is solemn business indeed, with precious little wit or originality. (It premieres Sunday at 10/9c.)
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Smallville First Look: Carter Hall Returns!


Forget the Great Pyramids. The real sight to see in Egypt is TV Guide Magazine's exclusive photo of Smallville's Lois Lane (Erica Durance) hanging with Carter Hall (Michael Shanks)!

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Aquaman Returns to Smallville

Alan Ritchson

Clark Kent will have even more backup in Smallville's final season as Justice League member Aquaman is returning for November sweeps.

Alan Ritchson, who last appeared in Season 8, is set to reprise the role of Aquaman (aka Arthur "AC" Curry) in Episode 9, TVGuide.com has confirmed.

Smallville Exclusive: General Lane, Lucy Lane to return

The final season of ...
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9 Super Spoilers From Smallville's Day at Comic-Con

Tom Welling

Smallville  opened the final day of Comic-Con with a super-sized bang. The cast and producers of the CW series dished out more spoilers than we can wrap our heads around. From Allison Mack's exit and the introduction of the super-suit (which is actually the very suit from Superman Returns), to new villains and resurrections, TVGuide.com has all the scoop ... read more

Supernatural Episode Recap: "99 Problems"

Sam and Dean run into a small town where the citizens know how to fight demons and a "prophet" has a close personal connection with angels. Or does she? After Cas and Dean's faith takes a vacation, they vent their frustrations out in very different ways. And by the end of the hour, Dean follows his heart in a very surprising way.

"99 Problems" starts out with Dean and Sam being chased in the Impala which is just an awesome way to start out any episode. Sam and Dean seem slightly injured. The car is forced to stop and when the brothers try to get away, demons grab them. The brothers are fortunately saved by some people wielding a fire hose full of holy water. This rescue takes Sam and Dean by complete surprise. They're used to having to explain demons to people, but this time around they're having the villainous supernatural beings explained to them. These townsfolk take Sam and Dean back to their church where everybody's got a gun. Even the preacher is in on the hunting business. Sam and Dean learn their reputation precedes them when a young woman tells them she talks to angels. She knows almost everything about the siblings. Dean guesses she's a prophet.

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Smallville Casting Exclusive: Odessa Rae Joins as DC Villain

Odessa Rae

Smallville is adding yet another DC villain. Odessa Rae has been cast as the Silver Banshee, TVGuide.com has learned exclusively.  

Annette O'Toole returning to Smallville

Rae (Leverage) will first appear as... read more

Michael Shanks on His Return Trip to Atlantis

Michael Shanks by Mike Ruiz/SCI FI

Since Stargate SG-1 closed its portal Michael Shanks has popped up on such non sci-fi shows as 24 and Burn Notice On Sept 26 he steps back into his sorely missed role of whimsical archaeologist Daniel Jackson to guest on Stargate Atlantis which ends its five-year run in January to be resurrected in TV movieDVD form Ileane RudoplhTV Guide Is this two-parter your first time guesting on Atlantis Michael Shanks Ive never actually been on Atlantis since the pilot but I always bugged the guys about it My character spent seven years on the show looking for the lost city of Atlantis and they even made a gag about the fact that he was dying to go but wasnt allowed toTV Guide Why is Daniel thereShanks He comes to find a secret lab that contains important technology Then a batch of unexpected villains shows up Lets just say Daniel has a history with them TV Guide He has to work with the annoying Dr Rodney McKay David Hewlett Producer Joe Mallozzi compar read more

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