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Code Black - The Son Rises (Water Cooler Clip)
02:14 — When the lead actor of the musical "The Lion King" tour arrives at Angels Memorial with a throat infection, Leanne gives him a diagnosis that puts bot (more…)
Code Black - All Hands On Deck
01:36 — Leanne and Mario work to save a victim of a home invasion, while Neal and Cole work to save a man who was impaled by a rocket.
Code Black - Survivors
03:00 — A family is brought into Angels Memorial after being saved from a home invasion.
Code Black - Cardiac Support (Preview)
00:20 — Leanne is rattled at the thought of losing Jesse as he fights for his life after suffering a massive heart attack. Also, Mario asks the residents to c (more…)
Code Black - Penny For Your Thoughts?
01:27 — Mama gives Angus some advice.
Code Black - Welcomes the Cast of The Lion King
02:25 — When the lead actor of the musical "The Lion King" tour arrives at Angels Memorial with a throat infection, Leanne gives him a diagnosis that puts bot (more…)
North Country Inside The DVD
Go on location with the cast as they talk about the dramas portrayal of a Minnesota mining town and what it was like working on the film.
Code Black - Exploring Dr. Neal Hudson
01:30 — Go behind the scenes with Code Black’s Raza Jaffrey and learn what exactly makes Dr. Neal Hudson tick. Code Black, Wednesdays 10/9c. Only CBS
Code Black - Boat Accident
02:11 — The Trauma One team receives a woman and a young boy who were involved in a boat accident.
Code Black - Rapid Fire With Harry Ford And Benjamin Hollingsworth
06:28 — Watch Code Black stars Harry Ford And Benjamin Hollingsworth dish about the show, on-set antics, and their personal lives.
Code Black - Tell Me A Story
03:03 — Mario connects with a patient.
Code Black - Lover's Quarrel
01:35 — Malaya and Carla have an argument.
Code Black - Packed House
01:50 — The Trauma One team is pushed to their limit after a car crashes into a street fair.
Code Black - Breakfast For Two
00:59 — Christa joins Neal for breakfast after a long shift.
Code Black - It's All My Fault
02:07 — Angus tries to save a woman after she attempts to commit suicide.
Code Black - Too Late
02:51 — The Trauma One team struggles to save a young man's life.
Code Black - Let Him Die!
03:23 — Tensions are high when the man that attacked two police officers is brought to Angels Memorial.
Code Black - Red On Blue
02:44 — The Trauma One team receives a pair of police officers that were ambushed by a gang member.
Code Black - MacGyver It
02:02 — The Trauma One team is forced to improvise when a patient begins bleeding to death.
Code Black - It's Not Contagious!
02:16 — Dr. Hudson discovers the cause of all of his patient's respiratory problems.
Code Black - Possible Contagion
01:50 — After a group of patients, all from the same hotel, are brought to Angels Memorial, the Trauma One team fears they may be dealing with an infectious d (more…)
Code Black - Missing Person
04:01 — The team discovers one of their patients was kidnapped two years prior to her admission to the hospital.
Code Black - Mom Did Good Today
03:38 — Christa put her past behind her and saves a young boy's life.
Code Black - Pulse: Dr. Rorish's Expectations
02:12 — In this edition of "The Pulse of Code Black," Executive Producers Michael Seitzman and Ryan McGarry take us inside Code Black's Episode 4 ("Sometimes (more…)
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