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The Creeping Creatures
A long time ago there was a town called GATORBURG, where gators flowed wild and free and people got rich. Now it's a ghost town. Gators are all dried (more…)
The Siren's Song
Velma is feeling like a fifth wheel. Fred has Daphne, and Shaggy has Scooby. Who does she have? So, when a mysterious "Mer-woman" named Amy contacts V (more…)
Attack of the Headless Horror
Fred's favorite adventurer, Rick Spartan, has come to town to take over the school's biology class. But Rick is not alone. He is being haunted by The (more…)
All Fear the Freak
The mystery comes to a close as the gang finally gets to the bottom of what happened to the original Mystery Incorporated and why they disappeared. Th (more…)
Shrieking Madness
With Mystery Inc. broken up, the gang decides to check out life after High School and spend a weekend at DARROW COLLEGE. But things don't go as planne (more…)
Mystery Solver's Club State Finals
The Mystery Inc. gang has been invited to compete in the annual TEEN MYSTERY SOLVER'S CONVENTION. A weekend affair where mystery solving teams from ar (more…)
Where Walks Aphrodite
Love has come to Crystal Cove. Love in the form of an evil woman by the name of APHRODITE. Although she appears beautiful to those under her spell, in (more…)
Night Fright
Shaggy and Scooby win a dinner date with their hero, Vincent Van Ghoul. What they don't realize is that they are unwitting participants in Van Ghoul's (more…)
Secret of the Ghost Rig
A mysterious GHOST TRUCKER is terrorizing Crystal Cove. Add to that all the doorknobs have begun to disappear from around town, someone has hidden a p (more…)
In Fear of the Phantom
Velma's favorite band THE HEX GIRLS is in town, and the gang has a front row seat. Unfortunately, so does an evil specter named THE PHANTOM who wants (more…)
When the Cicada Calls
Bugs are taking over Crystal Cove and attacking some of its most prominent citizens. With Mystery Inc. back together as a team, they begin to investig (more…)
The Wild Brood
A rowdy ORC BIKER GANG has decided to roll through Crystal Cove and no one is very happy about it. Especially Fred, who freaks out when Daphne gets a (more…)
The Dragon's Secret
After an exchange student named MAI LEE shows up in town to stay with Velma, strange Kung Fu wizards begin attacking the town trying to get her. Turns (more…)
The Menace of Manticore
After the Mayor purchases a haunted temple off the Internet, Crystal Cove's only theme park - Creepy Spooky Terror Land - is besieged by a Manticore, (more…)
Battle of the Humungonauts
A pair of brutal GARGANTUAS begin breaking apart the town, which sadly mirrors the fractured relationship of MYSTERY INC. See, while searching for Sha (more…)
Dead Justice
There's a new lawman in town, and his name is Dead Justice! An undead cowboy sheriff who once patrolled the streets of Crystal Cove, Justice has now r (more…)
Pawn of Shadows
Close to finally unraveling what happened to the original Mystery Incorporated kids, the gang finds "The Obliteratrix" standing in their way. Now, up (more…)
Beware the Beast from Below
Crystal Cove may be the MOST HAUNTED TOWN IN THE WORLD, but that doesn't stop Scooby and the gang from trying to prove that most of its most famous to (more…)
The Song of Mystery
A hideous creature named QUE HORRIFICO is turning the children of Crystal Cove in to monsters. The adults in the town are in shock, reacting in the on (more…)
Escape from Mystery Manor
While investigating the disappearance of the original Mystery Inc. gang that disappeared, the gang discovers that they were last seen going in to the (more…)
Revenge of the Man Crab
While hosting a volleyball tournament for TRICKELL'S TRIQUID diet moisture, a smooth drinking beverage that's just like water except not so fatty, Cry (more…)
The Grasp of the Gnome
The ROYAL KNIGHTS FAIRE has come to Crystal Cove and the whole gang is in attendance. Unfortunately, so is a SCARY GNOME who has begun attacking and p (more…)
Howl of the Fright Hound
After a horrible, mechanized BEAST begins attacking the town, all fingers begin pointing at Scooby. Before the gang can clear his name, the Sheriff ha (more…)
The Secret Serum
There's a vampire loose in the town, terrorizing the residents and stealing an odd assortment of loot. When the gang does some sniffing around, they d (more…)
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