Michael Mosley

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  • Birth Place: Iowa City, Iowa, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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Mon Feb 19 7:00am
ScrubsMy Own Private Practice Guy(Season 2, Episode 17) CMDY-E

A personal secret is revealed about Dr. Cox during hospital visitations by a cocky MD (Jay Mohr), who establishes a rapport with J.D. Jordan: Christa Miller Lawrence. Mr. Hilliard: Barry Kivel. Dr. Cox: John C. McGinley.

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Mon Feb 19 7:30am
ScrubsMy T.C.W.(Season 2, Episode 18) CMDY-E

J.D.'s romantic life has a new light (Amy Smart): a glow beside the flickering bulbs in the bickering relationships of fellow staffers. Nurse Paul: Rick Schroder. Jordan: Christa Miller Lawrence. Janitor: Neil Flynn.

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Mon Feb 19 8:00am
ScrubsMy Kingdom(Season 2, Episode 19) CMDY-E

A surgery stint stokes J.D., but alienates him from Turk; the Elliot-Nurse Paul affair seesaws; the Cox-Kelso enmity takes a peculiar turn. Nurse Paul: Rick Schroder. Crispin: George Miserlis. Elliot: Sarah Chalke. Ted: Sam Lloyd.

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Mon Feb 19 8:30am
ScrubsMy Interpretation(Season 2, Episode 20) CMDY-E

Troubling diagnoses fluster J.D., more deeply involved with a recent widow; baby-sitting has an impact on Cox; erotic dreams agitate Turk. Jamie: Amy Smart. Jordan: Christa Miller Lawrence. Cox: John C. McGinley.

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Tue Feb 20 3:00am
ScrubsMy Finale Part 1(Season 8, Episode 18) FUSE

Part 1 of 2. J.D. bids Sacred Heart farewell, but before he goes his agenda includes getting a hug from Dr. Cox and learning the Janitor's name.

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Tue Feb 20 3:30am
ScrubsMy Finale Part 2(Season 8, Episode 19) FUSE

In the conclusion of the eighth-season finale, J.D. bids Sacred Heart farewell, but before he goes his agenda includes getting a hug from Dr. Cox and learning the Janitor's name.

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Tue Feb 20 4:00am
ScrubsOur First Day of School(Season 9, Episode 1) FUSE

In the Season 9 premiere, J.D., Turk, Cox, Kelso and Denise take on a med-school teaching gig at Sacred Heart that finds them mentoring a new crop of students, whose first day of school is especially challenging. Kerry Bishe, Michael Mosley and Dave Franco (more…)

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Tue Feb 20 4:30am
ScrubsOur Drunk Friend(Season 9, Episode 2) FUSE

J.D., Turk and Kelso play matchmaker when they sense a spark between Denise and Drew. Elsewhere, Lucy learns more about becoming a doctor, but it's not an easy lesson to handle.

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Tue Feb 20 5:00am
ScrubsOur Role Models(Season 9, Episode 3) FUSE

J.D. and Drew learn the ropes of mentoring and realize students can often provide insight to teachers.

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Tue Feb 20 5:30am
ScrubsOur Histories(Season 9, Episode 4) FUSE

J.D. and Turk go to a party for med students and show up in costume. Elsewhere, Kelso says goodbye to Ted and Gooch.

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Tue Feb 20 7:00am
ScrubsMy Drama Queen(Season 2, Episode 21) CMDY-E

J.D.'s love runs hot and cold; Turk's romance with Carla takes a sudden turn toward the altar; Cox's mockery backfires. Fred Berry (“What's Happening!!”) plays himself in a cameo. Jamie: Amy Smart. Janitor: Neil Flynn.

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Tue Feb 20 7:30am
ScrubsMy Dream Job(Season 2, Episode 22) CMDY-E

In the Season 2 finale, a visit from J.D. and Turk's frat buddy (Ryan Reynolds), now successful and still partying, unsettles his pals. Meanwhile, Cox learns he's the father of Jordan's baby; and Kelso comes down hard on Elliot.

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Tue Feb 20 8:00am
ScrubsMy American Girl(Season 3, Episode 1) CMDY-E

A difficult case rallies the residents behind J.D.; mishaps plague Elliot, who has a calamitous run-in with an old beau (Scott Foley); and the feud between Kelso and Cox continues to fester. Laddy: Sean Whalen.

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Tue Feb 20 8:30am
ScrubsMy Journey(Season 3, Episode 2) CMDY-E

Hospital duty conflicts with Elliot's new romance with an old beau (Scott Foley), who's really more attached to the sea creatures he trains; the bond between J.D. and Turk faces a stern test as the latter finally sets a wedding day.

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Tue Feb 20 9:00am
ScrubsMy White Whale(Season 3, Episode 3) CMDY-E

Christopher Meloni (“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”) plays a pediatrician who defies Cox. Elsewhere, new interns test the patience of the residents, especially J.D. and Elliot, who has separate issues with her buttinsky boyfriend.

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Tue Feb 20 9:30am
ScrubsMy Lucky Night(Season 3, Episode 4) CMDY-E

The residency directorship appeals to Cox, but Kelso's a hurdle; tensions surface between Elliot and Sean, who learns of her fling with J.D.; a surgical procedure partners Carla with Turk, who's not anxious to work side by side with his fiancee.

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Tue Feb 20 10:00am
ScrubsMy Brother, Where Art Thou?(Season 3, Episode 5) CMDY-E

Tom Cavanagh (“Ed”) returns as J.D.'s brother, a scamp who awakens troubling memories; Elliot and Carla moonlight at a pet clinic, where they incur the wrath of Kelso, seeking care for his adored pooch.

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Wed Feb 21 4:00am
ScrubsOur Mysteries(Season 9, Episode 5) FUSE

As J.D.'s teaching job at Sacred Heart comes to an end, he finds he still hungers for approval. Elsewhere, Lucy braces herself before performing a procedure on a real person, and Denise and Drew make things official.

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Wed Feb 21 4:30am
ScrubsOur New Girl-Bro(Season 9, Episode 6) FUSE

Turk begins the hunt for a new best friend. Elsewhere, Elliot advises Lucy, who's feeling overworked and tired.

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Wed Feb 21 5:00am
ScrubsOur White Coats(Season 9, Episode 7) FUSE

The med students examine their motivations for becoming doctors before receiving their white coats. Elsewhere, Elliot helps Denise with her love life.

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Wed Feb 21 5:30am
ScrubsOur Couples(Season 9, Episode 8) FUSE

Lucy notices that the hospital is teeming with couples.

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Wed Feb 21 7:00am
ScrubsMy Advice to You(Season 3, Episode 6) CMDY-E

Carla's brother (Freddy Rodriguez of “Six Feet Under”) rankles Turk; a scattered yet beguiling hospital visitor (Tara Reid) intrigues J.D., whose loyalty to Cox is tested in an issue involving the critically ill that embattles Cox with Kelso.

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Wed Feb 21 7:30am
ScrubsMy Fifteen Seconds(Season 3, Episode 7) CMDY-E

The diagnosis of a jovial patient (Nicole Sullivan) stymies J.D., whose lover (Tara Reid) learns of his affair with Cox's ex; an elderly woman's care creates tension between Elliot and Carla; Kelso's temporary hearing loss amuses staffers.

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Wed Feb 21 8:00am
ScrubsMy Friend the Doctor(Season 3, Episode 8) CMDY-E

OR success buoys Turk's ego; the attention of a sympathetic patient (Bernie Kopell) cheers Elliot, who doubts her ability as a doctor; a back injury gives Cox a lesson in mortality. Danni: Tara Reid. Jordan: Christa Miller Lawrence.

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  • Birth Place: Iowa City, Iowa, United States
  • Profession: Actor