Michael Moore

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Michael Francis Moore
  • Birth Place: Davison, Michigan, United States
  • Profession: Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Actor
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Michael Moore: Can These Words Bring Down a Sitting President?
08:43 — Filmmaker and activist Michael Moore talks to Lawrence O'Donnell about Trumpcare and Moore's latest act of resistance "The Terms of My Surrender," tak (more…)
Michael Moore: Mocking Trump Doesn't Help
03:49 — Part 1 of Chris Hayes' interview with the documentary filmmaker to mark 100 days of President Trump.
Moore: Time to Fight for Medicare for All
10:01 — Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore argues that in the wake of the failure of the GOP's plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, Democrats should start f (more…)
Michael Moore On Tightening Polls
06:24 — Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore joins Chris Hayes to share his theory about the ups and downs in the polls.
Obama Tells Men: 'look Inside Yourself'
03:28 — Are men being sexist when it comes to scrutinizing Hillary Clinton? Chris Hayes and Michael Moore discuss.
Michael C. Hall Looks A Lot Like "Dexter"
01:11 — That's just Michael C. Hall's face, you guys, he can't help it.
Michael Moore under fire for calling Trump supporters "legal terrorists"
00:24 — Filmmaker Michael Moore is taking some heat for calling Trump supporters "legal terrorists" during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.
Nope, Nothing Threatening About Ads That Can See You
05:39 — Stephen's favorite breakfast cereal has crossed the line.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead Did a Sex Scene w/ Michael Moore
02:05 — Mary Elizabeth Winstead talks about recreating a sex scene from Eyes Wide Shut for the TV show, BrainDead.
Michael Moore speaks at Women's March on Washington
16:21 — Thousands of protesters marched in Washington, calling on Trump to protect rights. Filmmaker Michael Moore ripped up the front page of President Trump (more…)
Samantha Power Explains The Whole World
07:42 — U.S. Ambassador To The United Nations Samantha Power helps Stephen plan his Christmas vacation.
Walk Like A Putin
02:25 — Stephen wants to help President Obama stand up to Vladimir Putin by teaching him some tough guy walks.
And Now A Message From David Bowie
00:19 — David Bowie has embodied his most challenging role to date.
Michael Moore's New Movie Is Neither Liberal Nor Conservative
08:41 — In his new film, "Where To Invade Next," Michael Moore takes a more positive look at the world.
Moore On Navy Seal: His Death Came Over Dinner
07:28 — Michael Moore discusses Trump's aggressive agenda outlined in hist first address to Congress.
Michael Moore Explains How to Stop Donald Trump
11:17 — Activist and Academy Award winning filmmaker Michael Moore joins Chris Hayes to talk about his ten point plan on how to stop Donald Trump.
Michael Moore On Resisting Trump
01:30 — Filmmaker Michael Moore joined Joy Reid on his speech at the Women’s March, urging everyone to call their members of Congress on Monday to resist the (more…)
Michael Moore: ‘The Old Guard of the Democratic Party Has to Go’
01:06 — Filmmaker Michael Moore tells crowds at the Women’s March on Washington that “we have to take over the Democratic Party.” He stresses the need for new (more…)
Michael Moore: 'Do Not Despair, Do Not Give up'
03:01 — On the eve and day of Donald Trump's inauguration, activist and documentarian Michael Moore mobilizes protestors and says, "We are the majority."
Michael Moore: 'Resist, Stand up, Fight Back'
07:53 — We won't be able to stop a lot of what the Trump administration will do, filmmaker Michael Moore tells Chris Hayes, but, 'in the end, we should be abl (more…)
Michael Moore: '100 Days of Resistance' to Trump Starts Now
04:41 — Filmmaker Michael Moore is urging Trump's critics to spend Trump's first 100 days resisting his policies. Moore talks about the protest he's organizin (more…)
Donahue: Michael Moore, Rev. Al Sharpton and Barbra Streisand
06:17 — MSNBC host Phil Donahue interviews Michael Moore, Rev. Al Sharpton and Barbra Streisand about the recent midterm elections and his show's low ratings.
Michael Moore: Trump Is 'Godfather' of Fake News
09:58 — Michael Moore weighs in on Donald Trump’s role in the rise of fake news and several other subjects that came up at the president-elect’s first news co (more…)
Michael Moore On Trump's Vengeful Attacks
06:26 — Trump tweeted about investigating NBC News for its reporting on the Russia hacking intel briefing, is this a sign to come once he gets the full power (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Michael Francis Moore
  • Birth Place: Davison, Michigan, United States
  • Profession: Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Actor

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