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The Lucas Family

This week we're in Farmville, Virginia to meet the Lucas family: Michael, his wife Jean, and their two boys, Michael and Joe. Michael and Jean have been happily married for many years, and life has been going very well. Michael loves his country, and he enlisted in the National Guard. Then, lo and behold, he got the call and had to get up and go and leave his family behind. The story this week is really about all of those parents, husbands, wives and children who are left behind when their loved ones go to fight for our country. Regardless of what's going on, or where they're at in their lives, they get up and go to defend us. Jean stayed back with the two boys, and they stayed in a rental, and the rental was pretty rough, but they were making due because they knew one day they'd be in their dream house. She's pretty amazing herself; she never expected to be raising those two boys by herself, and when Michael left that was the reality. It's not easy raising two boys on your own. Mic... read more

The Hughes Family

This week we’re in Louisville, KY to meet the Hughes family. Patricia and Patrick John Hughes’s eldest son, Patrick Henry, was born blind and without the ability to fully straighten his arms and legs, leaving him unable to walk. Despite circumstances that seem overwhelming, Patrick Henry has exhibited extreme strength and a positive attitude in order to achieve his goals. Not only is Patrick Henry an amazing pianist, having played since he was 9 months old, but he also excels at the trumpet and singing. He’s even Part of the University of Louisville School of Music Marching and Pep Band To me this week is about the glass being half full. I think it’s how you look at things. The cards are dealt, but it’s how you look at them. Patrick Henry has never seen his disabilities, matter of fact, he thinks that you and I are the ones with the disability. Because we judge people. We see people for their color or their race or what have you. He doesn’t. He judges... read more

The Voisine Family

This week we're in Manchester, New Hampshire to meet the Voisine family — Ray, Casey, and their four boys. Now everything was going great for the family, they were living in their dream home, and life was really good. This is where we should say, "and they all lived happily ever after." Sadly we can't. When the rains started in mid May 2006, the Voisines thought they were immune to the predicted flooding. Their house wasn't in a flood zone. In fact, there was a four-lane highway between their neighborhood and the river. But as the waters began to rise, Casey Voisine started getting nervous. After four days of pouring, it was clear that the water that was rising outside their home was far more than a puddle. By midnight on Mothers Day, the water had made its way into the house, soaked the carpet and was rising to the level of the electrical outlets! Within a few days, the Governor had declared a state of emergency, FEMA had been dispatched and assessments were being made of the ... read more

The Yazzie Family

This week we're in Pinon, Arizona — actually the far northeast corner of Arizona on the Navajo reservation — and we're here to meet a very special Navajo family, the Yazzies. Mom Georgia and her kids: Geralene, Garrett, and Gwendolyn. Gwen has epilepsy and severe asthma and they were heating the house with coal. Coal is expensive, does not burn clean air and was basically wreaking havoc on Gwen's respiratory system. Being the great brother he is, Garrett began looking for a way to help his sister and he came up with something pretty amazing. When he was just 13 years old he had an idea to heat his family's home. He used 16 tin cans and an old radiator from a car to create a solar heating system to warm his family. Now this didn't go unnoticed, he received many awards and accolades but his dream didn't stop there, he contacted us to let us know that his family still needed help. The home, a trailer, was basically falling apart all around them. Garrett Yazzie has asked us ... read more

The Carter Family

This week we're in Billings, Montana, to meet the Carter family. Lon, Julie and their three daughters Jade, Sapphire and Lily. Montana's Big Sky country — brutal winters, hot summers, rattlesnakes and chicken coops. The Carter family actually lives in an old refurbished chicken coop — really a chicken coop — they've tried to make the best of their circumstances, but living in that chicken coop has not been easy. Lon's done everything he can to fix it up and make it as good as it's gonna get, but we can do a lot better. As bad as living in a chicken coop is, it's not the only hardship facing this family. Julie and her daughters all suffer from an extremely rare condition called Chiari Malformation. Chiari Malformation is a condition that has over 85 symptoms, making it very easy to misdiagnose. Many doctors claim patients are just depressed or have chronic fatigue syndrome, but this disease is real and afflicts more than 250,000 — most not knowing they have it. Ju... read more

The Byers Family

We're in Corvallis, Oregon, about two hours south of Portland, and we're here to build a family and a new healthy home for a little girl fighting cancer.The Byers family is a young, vibrant family that is full of love, a family like any other. Mom, Dad, two boys (Chris and Joe), and 7-year-old daughter, Janessa. The problem is cancer. Janessa, affectionately known as Boey, was first diagnosed with pediatric cancer in January of 2006. Instead of being a victim, Boey decided she wanted to help others find the strength and inspiration to beat cancer. With a mission to raise awareness and funding for pediatric cancer, she posted daily affirmations on her website and in blogs. She became a "Cancer Warrior" and the youngest person to ever get a bill presented in Congress! This is a kid who cares enough about others that she's gonna stand up and fight the fight.Cancer is an evil, ugly disease. It tears families and people apart mentally and physically. But the Byers are not letting this ge... read more

May 13, 2007: Jacobo Family

This week we're back in Kansas City, Missouri, to meet the Jacobo family: Jesus and Michelle, their four biological children, their five nieces and nephews whom they've taken in, as well as Grandpa Ray, who is Michelle's father. That makes 12 people living in one house. One very tiny house. Our builder, Kevin Green Homes, and his team know what the heck they're doing. This was not an easy build. This house was on a grade and they had to dig into the lot, drop a basement in, and build 5,400 square feet on three floors. They did the quickest, most efficient quality build you could ever ask for, and they did it in awesome time. Kevin Green is one of a kind. He's an awesome guy. We've worked with him in the past. He truly builds from his heart, loves what he does and loves the people who work with him — he calls them his angels. I think we were all his angels this week. We were all here for the right reason and I think Kevin, most of all, supported that. He knew that those kids ne... read more

April 29, 2007 Episode: The Collins Family

This week we're in Murfreesboro, Arkansas to meet the Collins family, Kim and Denis and their six children. Now Kim and Dennis, they're an awesome, loving family. They have two biological children and then they took in five children because of something really tragic that happened three years ago: Kim's cousin, Artie, and her husband were in a horrific car crash, leaving their five children orphaned. The Collins took those kids in. The moment that Kim called Dennis and told him of this news, he said: go get those kids. There was never a doubt that those children would live with them. I think that's the coolest thing. That's really what we're celebrating here this week: people opening their hearts and doing what's right — what you hope and wish that your next of kin would do for you and your children. The Collins family has been living in this house for the last 17 years, and when it was just the four people living there, it worked out great. Now you have eight people living in ... read more

Lucky '07: Stars Share Their New Year's Resolutions

Vanessa Marcil, Matt Dallas and Rob Lowe

As the old year gives way to the new, TV Guide resolved to get the scoop on some celebrities' New Year's resolutions — and here is what we found out. Rob Lowe, Brothers & Sisters"I always make one resolution, and I haven't come up with it yet [as of early December]. Last year's was to be more aware of how I speak to people, whether it's my kids, my wife or coworkers. It's always a self-betterment thing, something that I can do to change myself in a good way, and that I will actually be able to do on a long-term basis." Jack Coleman, Heroes"I'm going to work on being more disciplined, because now there are a lot more demands on my time. And on getting everything done t read more

December 10, 2006 Episode: The Ripatti Family

Day 1: Door KnockToday was a very special day for me. I have traveled the country for almost four years meeting amazing people with incredible stories. Today was no different. What was different was that the Ripatti-Pearce family hails from a place I have called home for the last 15 years — Redondo Beach, California. Kristina and her husband, Tim, are both police officers in the LAPD; they share a common love for helping their community and "beating the bad guys at their own game." They also shared a love for the outdoors, surfing, fishing, running and working out. A year and a half ago they welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Jordan, into the world. They were a family with everything going for them and a bright future. But just four short months ago everything changed. While on patrol one night, Kristina and her partner chased a suspect who turned and shot her three times, paralyzing her from the chest down. Meeting these people and seeing everything they have been through ... read more

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