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An Extreme Ending for a Television Icon

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

For 199 episodes, Ty Pennington and his design team have led a television phenomenon that has helped deserving families in all 50 states. This Friday, January 13, at 8/7c, the 200th episode and series finale of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition airs on ABC.  To all who have ever cried or laughed watching an episode of this series over the last nine years, I hope you will set aside the two hours to watch what I believe is the most impressive feat of non-fiction television in a long while.  From my experience, no factual television series has attempted to accomplish so much, by so many, for such a good cause, in one single episode. 

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ABC Axes Extreme Makeover: Home Edition After Nine Seasons

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

ABC has canceled Extreme Makeover: Home Edition after nine years on the air and will wrap on Friday, Jan. 13, the network announced Thursday.

The series will end with its 200th episode, in which the team will build seven homes in seven days for families in Joplin, Mo., affected by the May 2011 tornado.

Ty Pennington jumps on board The Revolution for ABC daytime

Although the two-time Emmy winner for Outstanding Reality Program will no longer continue as a series, ABC plans to air four... read more

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Michael Moloney on the Dunning Family

Michael Moloney

This week we are in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for the Dunning family: Dale, her husband Ken and their son Brooks. There's not a family that I could think of that more exemplifies the spirit of Thanksgiving. Dale and Ken have been providing meals for thousands of people through the years, cooking food out of their own little kitchen, and going to a local church and serving the food there.   

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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Michael Moloney on The Gomez Family

This week we came together in South Jordan, Utah to help the Gomez family, a single mother Jessica and her children, Jonah and Ellie. Jonah is fighting two blood diseases, one of them being sickle cell, and for a seven-year-old boy it's really taxing and it wears him down.  He has to have oxygen all the time and he can't keep up with his friends.  So, it's important that he has a home where the air is clean, and that he has access to oxygen whenever he needs it. One day he will need a bone marrow transplant and it's really important that we find the match as soon as possible because you don't know when that day's going to come. read more

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Michael Moloney on the Prewitt–Brewer Family

This week we're in Middleburg, Fla. to meet the Prewitt-Brewer family that consists of Carrie Prewitt and the three girls, Ashley, Taylor and Gina. Carrie Prewitt has been at the same high school as a teacher and a coach for the last 25 years.  She is a mentor, she is an amazing coach and she's like a second mom to everyone she coaches there. Coach Prewitt first met Ashley when she coached her at the high school in volleyball and through that experience, she met her two younger sisters, Taylor and Gina. 

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Michael Moloney, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: Season Finale Preview

This week we meet our last family of the season to shoot our finale, and what an amazing and fitting story to close out another great year. We are in Indianapolis, Indiana to meet the McFarlands: Bernard and his three boys, Domonique, Curtis and Courtney.

Bernard McFarland is a pillar of this community, and he's an amazing father. He's raising his three boys on his own in a house that's ... read more

Michael Moloney, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: The Coopers

This week we're in Jamesville, North Carolina to meet the Cooper family. To say that Jeff Cooper is an American hero might be a bit of an understatement. He served in the US Army as a Combat Medic in "Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm." During that time, he earned two Army Commendation Medals, the Army Achievement medal, the Good Conduct Medal, the Overseas Service Ribbon, the Humanitarians Service Medal, the Southwest Asia Service Medal, the Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia), the Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait) Army Service Ribbon, a Combat Medical Badge, Expert Field Medical Badge Expert Rifle Badge and Expert Grenade Badge.

Like so many of his fellow soldiers who served in the first Gulf War, Jeff Cooper ... read more

Michael Moloney, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: Mary Ann Riojas

Born with no legs and only one fully developed arm, Mary Ann Riojas is no stranger to adversity. After graduating from high school, Mary Ann fell in love, got married and had four children. Soon after the birth of her fourth child, the marriage ended. She enrolled in college and for the first time in her life and she got her driver's license. With renewed independence, she earned her Associates Degree in business and immediately ... read more

Michael Moloney, Extreme Makeover: The Akers Family

So this season, we're all about celebrating heroes and this week were celebrating the Akers family in beautiful Holt, Michigan.

There's no shortage of heroes in the Akers' home. Greg and Ginger Akers have three children, Christian, Brooke, and Faith. Little Brooke and Faith suffer from SMA, spinal muscular atrophy. It's a horribly debilitating disease, and they can't walk. They're in chairs, and this house is working against them. Spinal muscular atrophy is the number one genetic killer of children under two years old. One in 40 people carry the gene and one out of 6,000 children are born with it. The fact that these two girls have SMA is bad enough, but Greg and his son Christian both have Crones disease, which is a gastrointestinal disease that can be devastatingly painful. Despite their conditions, this family wakes up every morning with a smile on their face, and they always put others first. To me, that's a true hero.

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The Akers Family

The Akers Family by Greg Zabilski/ABC, Michael Moloney by Bob D' Amico/ABC

So this season, we're all about celebrating heroes and this week were celebrating the Akers family in beautiful Holt, Michigan.
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