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How does being beautiful — or deformed — make others treat you differently? That was the central theme in tonight's episode, and it brought out some unexpected twists and revealing moments for House, as well as the POTW.Kenny is on his way to Princeton-Plainsboro for surgery to correct the major congenital facial deformity that keeps him from being "just another face in the crowd." The catch is that the entire experience is being filmed (and bank-rolled) by a documentary crew. Everything's set to go in the OR and Chase is about to perform the surgery when the kid has a heart attack, followed by a host of other symptoms that seem to jeopardize his facial surgery.Meanwhile, Dr. Terzi (Michael Michele) has shown up for "class" with the rest of the Wannabes, who immediately start trying to figure out whether she's guaranteed one of their coveted spots. House, who clearly has the hots for her, can't stand the fact that he's sort of hired her, and has a little heart to heart wit... read more

Let's Talk House! House Wants to Play Doctor

House will have to deal with having a camera (and his Wannabes) in his face. Peter Jacobson and Hugh Laurie by Greg Gayne/Fox

After last week's visit to the CIA, House is back at Princeton-Plainsboro, and while he no longer has Generic Guy on the team (thanks to his complete freak-out and borderline illegal behavior), there is one new face around: Dr. Samira Terzi (Michael Michele). House already tried luring her into bed with his crude yet oddly charming banter; how is he going to handle her as one of the team hopefuls? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, the POTW is being followed by a documentary crew, which should spice things up a bit. See you after the episode! read more

Exclusive: ER Doc to Make a House Call

Michael Michelle by Lester Cohen/WireImage.com

One thing you can say for Princeton Plainsboro: Understaffing is not an issue. Although House's hospital already has hired five new doctors to make the rounds this season, former ER M.D. Michael Michele has just been tapped to scrub in as well.Now, before you go getting your stethoscope in a knot about your favorites being left to simmer on the back burner, you need to know that the knockout isn't coming in as a series regular. Well, at this point, anyway. What happens is, Doc Crankypants meets the CIA medicine woman when he's called to the agency to care for a patient. She wows him with her bedside manner, and wham, bam, thank-you-ma'am, he invites her to come work for him at PP.So what do you think, people? Is Michele just what the doctor ordered? -- Additional reporting by Ben Katner read more

Pilot Talk: Will & Grace Boyfriend Is NYC's Mayor

The latest pilot developments, this time per Reuters:• Emmy winner Bobby Cannavale (Will & Grace) has landed the lead in M.O.N.Y., NBC's drama about a socially conscious public advocate who suddenly finds himself New York City's interim mayor.• Rebecca Mader (last seen on Fox's Justice) has been cast as Jane's top associate at the covert ops agency in ABC's Mr. & Mrs. Smith.• Rachelle Lefevre (What About Brian's Heather) has landed the female lead in Life on Mars, David E. Kelley's ABC drama about a detective who gets transported back in time to 1972.• Malcolm's dad, Bryan Cranston, will star as a high-school chemistry teacher who, when diagnosed with terminal cancer, uses his mad skills to open a meth lab and thus provide for his family's future, in AMC's Breaking Bad.• ER alum Michael Michele is the lead character's friend and a no-nonsense detective in ABC's Judy's Got a Gun, about a rookie female detective.• Dania Ramirez (aka X-Men 3's Call... read more

Eriq La Salle Law & Orders Up an ER Reunion

Eriq La Salle (far right) with SVU's Michael Michele, Blair Underwood and Mariska Hargitay

When Eriq La Salle invited his one­time ER love interest Michael Michele to a reunion, it was an irresistible offer. Their former producer on the medical show, Neal Baer, now heads up another hit, NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET), and he had asked La Salle to direct the Jan. 9 episode, called "Burned." They both wanted Michele to star. "Michael never had the opportunity to do a role like this, so I knew that would make her very excited and committed," La Salle says. The dark and twisty episode — La Salle affectionately calls it "The War of read more


Robert Forster (Jackie Brown) and Michael Michele (ER) will play Wichita, Kan., detectives in a CBS TV-movie about serial killer Dennis Rader, aka BTK, who was arrested in February and faces up to 175 years in prison for his 31-year killing spree. Gregg Henry, who I totally remember as the creepy friend in Body Double, will portray Rader. read more

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