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VIDEO: The Revel

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The Revel
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Length: 25:47
Aired: 6/4/1981

John-Boy goes to New York to pursue his writing career, and the Baldwin sisters plan a fancy dress ball -- but both plans go awry. watch

VIDEO: The Hostage

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The Hostage
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Length: 23:09:20
Aired: 5/28/1981

Mary Ellen interferes in the mountain tradition of promising young girls in marriage, and the frustrated groom retaliates by kidnapping Elizabeth. The Baldwins welcome their eccentric cousin Octavia. watch

VIDEO: The Lumberjack

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The Lumberjack
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Length: 23:46:10
Aired: 5/21/1981

Erin falls in love with a young lumberjack with a mysterious past. Ike and Jim-Bob hunt for uranium on Walton's Mountain. watch


The Waltons: Season 8
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Loggerheads Scene: I Made A Pie

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Year Title Description
2010 A Waltons Family Reunion TV Show Series, Appearing
2005 Loggerheads Movie, Actor - Sheridan
1998 The Alarmist Movie, Actor - Beth Hudler
1993 Dragon Movie, Actor - Vivian Emery
1989 Living Dolls TV Show Series, Actor - Trish Carlin

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Keck's Exclusives: Waltons Cast to Reunite in Los Angeles

I have a little confession to make. Growing up an only child in upstate New York, I often envied the busy, full house of TV's The Waltons, an Emmy-winning, Depression-era drama that ran on CBS from 1971-1981 and spawned several reunion movies, the last airing in 1997. read more

Scrubs Not to sound unpatriotic...

ScrubsNot to sound unpatriotic or anything, but I am soooo glad the Olympics are finally over — I've been in desperate need of a little lovin' from the good docs and nurses (and janitor) of Sacred Heart. This week's double dose of new episodes had its fair share of the wacky: Elliott's rollerblade shenanigans, J.D.'s emerald stud (eww!), a clever crow named Sanchez — and yet it's the sweeter, simpler moments that earn my out-loud chortles: Turk and Carla's backhand slap, Janitor's admission that he trims a sleeping J.D.'s bangs just to mess with him and Dr. Cox's callback to last month's "Dr. Acula" bit. But perhaps my very favorite throwaway line of the night comes from the always hilarious Christa Miller Lawrence, who, in an adorable "was-that-a-bust?" giggle take, threatens to call Janitor's mom for not playing nice with Perry. "My fwiend is mean to me!" Silly, I kno read more

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