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John Goodman Signs On as Community's New Dean

John Goodman

John Goodman will join the cast of Community for a multi-episode arc in Season 3, TVGuide.com has learned.

Goodman, who's currently appearing as the villain on Damages, will play Vice Dean Laybourne, the head of Greendale's air conditioning repair school. He will appear in six episodes... read more

A Community Love Fest Hits Comic-Con

Danny Pudi and Gillian Jacobs

"Can I get a 'pop pop'?" TV Guide Magazine's L.A. Bureau Chief Michael Schneider, who moderated the Community panel, asked a crowd of 2,000 fans before the cast hit the stage at Comic-Con. The audience channeled their inner Magnitude and obliged enthusiastically, setting the tone of fan love for the rest of the hour-long session. The entire cast — minus Alison Brie, who was unavailable due to a filming conflict — ran on stage to deafening cheers, with the loudest being reserved for Donald Glover and Joel McHale. But the surprise cast member of the hour was Annie's Boobs, Greendale's resident monkey, who delivered the Community Season 2 DVD to creator Dan Harmon. "I don't know what she's doing, but I think she's pooping," said Harmon after the skit.... read more

Community Taps The Wire's Michael K. Williams to Teach Biology

Michael K. Williams

Omar Little is coming to Greendale. The Wire's Michael K. Williams has been tapped to recur on Community's third season as the study group's new biology professor.

Community Season 3 spoilers: Annie's rival, Jeff's father and Chang's... rise to power?

Williams, who is best known for playing The Wire's Omar, the stick-up boy with a strong moral code, will appear in at least three episodes... read more

Cheers: The Wire's Latest Shocker

Michael K. Williams in The Wire by Nicole Rivellli/HBO

Cheers to The Wire for aptly dispatching Omar (the Emmy-worthy Michael K. Williams) with a bang. The seemingly indestructible stick-up artist was suddenly gunned down by a child assassin during an otherwise mundane scene at a grocery store. It’s the kind of stunning dramatic moment that made HBO’s sprawling urban tableau TV's finest drama during its soon-to-conclude five-season run. May Omar — and The Wire — rest in peace.• Read and react to Bruce's opinions on Oscars host Jon Stewart, Saturday Night Live's return and more!• Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board.• We may feature your Cheer or Jeer on TVGuide.com or in TV Guide magazine! read more

I'm a little disappointed ...

Question: I'm a little disappointed that you didn't make a bigger deal of the travesty of Emmy ignoring The Wire for yet another year. I suppose you're beginning to feel like you're banging your head against a wall with this topic. Do you think one of the problems with a show like The Wire is that it takes a commitment from the viewer in order to understand the brilliance of its intricate story and nuanced performances? Is it because the subject matter is just a little too hard to swallow for an industry that persistently lauds a show like Boston Legal, which turns real-life issues into farce? How can you not recognize an actor that brings to life a character like Omar (Michael K. Williams), who makes your skin crawl one minute and the next seems like the only one on the streets with any dignity? Why can Emmy give comparable shows like The Sopranos, The Shield and Rescue Me the accolades they deserve, but not The Wire? I guess we avid TV fans should know better than to put much stock ... read more

I'm so excited for The Wire ...

Question: I'm so excited for The Wire to start, I can barely stand it. I'd cancel my own wedding if it conflicted. Any scoop?

Answer: The first four episodes are better than ever (or so TV Guide's Bruce Fretts tells me). Here's some scoop: Dominic West's Jimmy (who is still working as a beat cop) has settled down and is living with Beadie (Amy Ryan) and her two kids. Prez (Jim True-Frost) takes a job teaching at a rough inner-city middle school. Herc (Domenick Lombardozzi) is working as a driver for the mayor and walks in on Hizzoner in a very compromising (and very explicitly depicted) position. And Michael K. Williams (Omar) goes full-frontal in the opening minutes of Episode 3. BTW, if you have yet to jump on The Wire, now's the time. Per Fretts, the new season — beginning Sept. 10 — read more

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