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Mercy Killing: The O.J. Special

I can’t remember the last time I was so glad when something DIDN’T air. I’d been holding off commenting on the atrocity known as O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here’s How It Happened, truly believing this was so beyond contempt, so outrageously inappropriate, that wiser heads would eventually prevail and keep it from polluting airwaves or bookstores.Which is exactly what came to pass. So now we have an answer to the age-old question: Is there a limit to what the networks will do to generate ratings during a sweeps month? Apparently so, when there’s a big enough outcry.Hard to imagine a more intense media furor than the one set off last Tuesday, when Fox announced it would air a two-part prime-time interview next Monday and Wednesday with Simpson (ironically, occupying time periods that once belonged to a series titled Justice) that coincided with the publication of a book (also now scrapped). Sometimes a media circus (think Michael Jackson) ensures a huge tune-i... read more

Music Notes: Jacko Gyps His Fans

At Wednesday's World Music Awards ceremony in London, Michael Jackson delivered his first public performance since his acquittal on child-molestation charges, yet fell well short of expectations, singing but a few lines of "We Are the World." Cutting the song short, Jacko offered a few platitudes, tossed his jacket into the crowd, and then exited stage left.... Houston, we have a money problem. Whitney's Parsippany, New Jersey, manse is slated to be sold at a Jan. 4, 2007, sheriff's sale because she is more than $1 million in debt, reports the town's Daily Record. The diva's rep, though, insists it is not a foreclosure. read more

Musical Notes: Will.i.am, Jack.o and K-Fed

At the invitation of Michael Jackson, the Black Eyed Peas' Will.i.am recently entered the recording studio with the King of Pop to collaborate on some new tracks for Jacko's upcoming album, Access Hollywood has learned.... Shrugging off the assorted slams aimed at his debut CD, Playing with Fire, Kevin Federline tells the New York Daily News, "People are going to hate it, until they love it." Pfft. That didn't work when my mom said it about broccoli, and it ain't working now. read more

Short Cuts: Jacko, a Charmed Child and More!

Since his child-molestation trial, Michael Jackson has been as rarely seen as his sister Janet's overgarments, but he'll appear at the World Music Awards next month to receive a Diamond Award, which is not a prize dreamt up by his pal, Elizabeth Taylor, but a recognition of artists who have sold more than 100 million albums.... Charmed enchantress Holly Marie Combs and husband David Donoho, a onetime Charmed key grip, welcomed into the world their second child, Riley Edward, on Thursday, People hears.... Although the final game of this year's World Series won the night for Fox in both total viewers and the 18-49 demo, the five-night Series' 10.1 overall rating/17 share marked the lowest numbers ever for the fall classic.Monday's Today's News column was written by Ben Katner. read more

Your Veronica Mars Questions Answered!

Kristen Bell and Enrico Colantoni, Veronica Mars

With the much-anticipated season finale of UPN's Veronica Mars  upon us (tonight at 9 pm/ET), many fans are still trying to recover from the shocking not-guilty verdict delivered at Aaron Echolls' trial in last week's episode. Meanwhile other readers are already looking ahead to a potential third season. In his latest exclusive Q&A, Mars creator Rob Thomas provides plenty of insight about recent happenings and answers TVGuide.com readers' burning questions about Veronica's future. Question: First, I trust you. Second, please tell me the whole STD thing will make sense after seeing the finale. I'm torn between whether Duncan slept with Kendall or Aaron paid the doctor.... Do tell! — Holli read more

My Name Is Earl No wonder Walt...

My Name Is EarlNo wonder Walt has Internet access! He's been living with a rich family and dealing with a whole new set of father issues. OK, had to get that out of the way. It's pretty amazing how Earl's efforts to cross young Albee, as we're now calling Lost's Malcolm David Kelley, off his list very nearly remained free of any Michael Jackson-esque innuendos until the very end, when Randy put Albee's Underoos on his face, thinking it was a superhero mask. I don't blame Albee for being afraid of the dark ever since Earl inadvertently proved the existence of the Bogeyman. I've never found a strange man under my bed and I'm still afraid of the dark. You just knew something was up with his parents when no one noticed that there was some white guy sw read more


At last, Michael Jackson has come up with a scheme to make some green: Now that he doesn't have to worry about his prison record, he's going to make a new record-record. According to the New York Post, Sirius Satellite Radio DJ Whoo Kid is going around saying that the dethroned king of pop has inked a deal with Bahrain's Prince Abdullah Hamad Al Khalifa to make a new album. Now, I've always heard that label bigwigs like Tommy Mottola were tough, so if Jacko's comeback doesn't fly and his boss is an actual monarch, will he be, like, beheaded? read more

I've heard that Oscar winners ...

Question: I've heard that Oscar winners sometimes sell their statuettes and that there's supposedly something wrong with that. What's the story, and just for the record, what is an Oscar worth?

Answer: The only Oscar winner who actually sold his own statuette was Harold Russell, who traded his best-supporting-actor statuette from The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) for $50,000 in 1992. Russell, a nonactor, played a World War II veteran who comes home a double amputee, as Russell himself had done in real life. And he actually won two Oscars for the same performance, so even after selling his acting award, he had a special Oscar "bringing aid and comfort to disabled veterans" for his mantle.

But generally when an Oscar is up for sale, it's by heirs of the person who actually won the award, and the problem read more

American Idol Kellie Pickler ("pick...

American IdolKellie Pickler ("pick Pickler!") belted out Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone" like a champ, but her hard-luck backstory got the lion's share of attention. You've probably noticed that as soon as a contestant has his or her story told, he/she is pretty much guaranteed to move on to Hollywood. And when your father is in prison and your mother abandoned you at age 2, you are definitely making it to the next round. Kendra Winston's tale of growing up in orphanages and becoming a young mother was equally poignant, and call me a sucker, but I hope the woman Simon called a "young Whitney Houston" goes very far in this competition. I would have been annoyed if anyone other than Paris got so dramatic after read more

Smallville Even though the hype...

SmallvilleEven though the hype factor spiked to something like 25 on a scale of 1 to 10 regarding Smallville's 100th episode (you know, the one where someone close to Clark will die!), I really tried to be good and stay spoiler-free. But, of course, that didn't stop my inquiring mind from speculating. And I felt in my gut that the doomed one was going to be either Lana or Jonathan. And when Lana died, I just knew it was too easy. That first half of the show seemed like the recent Lexmas dream: It was all very fleeting and just not real. So when Clark begged his bioDad to let Lana live, I knew Mr. Kent was in trouble. After I finally accepted the inevitable — that Jonathan was gonna die — I became a tad bit weepy. Not so much for the character, but for the actor. John Schneider read more

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