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Michael J. Fox
The Good Wife - The First Case
04:25 — Jason uses some unconventional tactics to end the harassment of a client.
The Good Wife - Investigating Alicia
01:24 — Jason doesn't take kindly to Eli's intrusive tactics.
The Good Wife - Party Time
01:10 — Cary takes Lucca out to celebrate following the close of a case.
Michael J. Fox Told Julianna Margulies Not to Get Too Excited for Her Hollywood Star
01:52 — Julianna Margulies got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and shares the advice Michael J. Fox gave her when he presented it.
Michael J. Fox Expresses His Shock at Williams' Parkinson's Diagnosis
Michael J. Fox shares that he, along with most of the public, was shocked to learn about his friend Robin Williams suffering from early stages of Park (more…)
Michael J. Fox's New TV Wife: 'I'm Kissing Alex P. Keaton'!
Betsy Brandt joins HuffPost Live to talk about kissing her new TV husband Michael J. Fox.
Ryan Reynolds Talks Friendship With Michael J. Fox
Who knew they were pals? Ryan Reynolds has some nice words about his friend, and Parkinson's research foundation teammate, Michael J. Fox.
'Back to the Future' Cast Reflect on Trilogy's Success
Michael J Fox says being a part of the 'Back to the Future' trilogy is both humbling and a privilege.
2012 Emmys: Michael J. Fox
The 'Good Wife' and 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' actor chats about making his return to primetime TV.
Betsy Brandt LIVE
Actress Betsy Brandt joins us to discuss her role on the critically-acclaimed series 'Breaking Bad,' her new role on 'The Michael J. Fox Show' and mor (more…)
Toyota Ad Goes 'Back to the Future'
Toyota Motor Corp. has released a teaser ad for its Mirai hydrogen-powered cars featuring the two main actors from the Back to the Future series, Mich (more…)
MJ Fox Vs. Taylor Swift
Full Segment: Michael J. Fox told the website Vulture that he wouldn't approve of Taylor Swift dating his son Sam, given that 'she writes songs wit (more…)
Jamie Foxx's Daughter Named Miss Golden Globe
Jamie Foxx's daughter is going to the Golden Globe Awards. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced on Tuesday that Foxx's daughter, Corinne (more…)
MJ Fox Doesn't Want His Son To Date Taylor Swift
Michael J. Fox told the website Vulture that he wouldn't approve of Taylor Swift dating his son Sam, given that 'she writes songs with everybody she g (more…)
The Good Wife - Mini Tacos Together
03:24 — While sharing a drink and discussing a work issue with Jason, Alicia offers to prepare a makeshift diner for the two of them...However, Peter unexpect (more…)
The Good Wife - Making Noise
03:40 — Despite a previous agreement regarding their marriage, Alicia seduces Peter into a sexy afternoon tryst.
The Good Wife - Mrs. Florrick?
01:05 — After having been threatened into voting with Landau, Alicia displays resistance.
Blue In The Face
02:00 — A series of improvisational situations strung together to form a pastiche of Brooklyn's diverse ethnicity, offbeat humor, and essential humanity.
'Back to the Future' Re-Release Scores $1.7 Million at Domestic Box Office
Back to the Future fans needed roads on Wednesday to head to movie theaters showing the Robert Zemeckis sci-fi trilogy about Dr. Emmett Brown (Christo (more…)
Real Self-Lacing Shoes
Only Michael J. Fox has a real-life pair of the shoes first seen in Back To The Future Part II. Another pair is in New York City.when even the most d (more…)
'Back to the Future' Star Christopher Lloyd Arrives to TODAY in DeLorean
Wednesday, Oct. 21, is the day Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) time-traveled to in the 1989 film € Back to the Fu (more…)
Christopher Lloyd Turns 77 Today
Happy birthday, Christopher Lloyd! The iconic character actor is celebrating his 77th birthday today. Lloyd was best known for his role as Reverend Ji (more…)
Marty McFly, Doc Brown Go 'Back to the Future' with Jimmy Kimmel
Stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd capped € Back to the Future Day € Wednesday by showing up as their iconic characters on € (more…)
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