Michael Hall



October 29, 2006 Love American Style or Is That Any Way to Treat a Lady

Episode 5 which will go down in cable history as Dexters finest show to date This is the one where Debra Morgan grows some cahones Dexter Morgan gets back to business and the world is right again This is the one where I got it the humor the style the madness or rather lack thereof Dexter is rarely angry and certainly never seems insane Youve got to be a little nuts to live a double life especially the kind that Dexter lives But Dexter seems to enjoy it and now I do too Sgt Doakes is the one riding Debras hindquarters now Hes always been kind of nasty to Dexter but now hes taking it out on everyone else including the painfully pasty Deb I was yelling at the TV for her to let him have it Why she lets all her superiors walk all over her I cannot understand So when she finally tells him to frak off thanks BSG I was really proud of her and thought perhaps she can fill the shoes of an interesting character Of course when Mr Tu read more

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