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The Santa Clause 2 - Official Trailer
01:13 — Scott Calvin has been Santa Claus for the past eight years, and his loyal elves consider him the best one ever. But Scott's got problems. His son Char (more…)
Apocalypse Rising
Stardate Unknown: Captain Sisko and his crew embark on a mission to expose Gowron as a Changeling who wants to engage a war between the Federation and (more…)
Hero Worship
The Enterprise makes way to a nearby Starbase that has recently lost contact with the Vico, a research vessel sent to explore the Interior of a Black (more…)
Invasive Procedures
An unjoined Trill stages a takeover of the station. Holding the crew hostage, he removes the Dax symbiont from Jadzia to implant into himself.
O'Brien returns from an away mission to discover that he has been locked out of every security system on the station, and that everyone has turned aga (more…)
Sons of Mogh
Stardate: 49556.2 When Kurn, Worf's brother, comes to Deep Space Nine, he asks Worf to kill him as his family has been dishonored by Worf's actions, a (more…)
Far Beyond the Stars
04:24 — Sisko has visions of himself and his crew as writers for a science fiction paper in 1950's Earth.
His Way
11:51 — Odo uses Bashir's holosuite character of Vic Fontaine to bring himself and Kira closer together.
The Schizoid Man
A brilliant but terminally ill scientist seeks eternal life by transferring his mind into Data's body.
Tow Truck Lady
02:40 — Jon and Ponch start to suspect that one of the force's regular tow truck operators is involved with an auto theft ring.
Off Road
Jon and Ponch take off for the desert to compete in an off-road race. Also in the race, but for different reasons, are two men looking for syndicate g (more…)
Ice Cream Man
A former Highway Patrol officer convicted and sentenced to prison for grand theft has a chance to regain the respect of his son and his former CHiPs a (more…)
Thomas Riker poses as his twin William in order to steal the U.S.S. Defiant and hand it over to the Maquis, of which he is a member.
Little Green Men
01:58 — Stardate: 49201.3 While on their way to Starfleet Academy on Earth, Quark, Rom and Nog are thrown back in time and crash land in the small town of Ros (more…)
The Class Blows the Whistle
Adding to the stress of having Duncan around every day doing construction on her home, Nicole panics at the thought of her former and current lo (more…)
The Masterpiece Society
Picard's efforts to save a genetically engineered society from a natural disaster threaten to destroy it.
If Wishes Were Horses
It's harder to decide what's more incredible: little Molly O'Brien's storybook Rumpelstiltskin coming to life, or Jadzia Dax as a sex kitten. Toss in (more…)
The Die Is Cast
Garak must decide whether or not to kill Odo to please his mentor, Enabran Tain, on the eve of a joint Romulan-Cardassian attack on the Dominion.
Future Imperfect
After an Away Team Mission goes awry, Riker awakens in Sickbay to find that sixteen years have passed and he is about to negotiate a treaty with the R (more…)
Cause and Effect
12:40 — Trapped in a time warp that forces the crew to endlessly repeat the same experiences, the Enterprise is doomed to destruction.
Rainy Day
The CHP officers are assigned to cars and investigate a moving casino.
The Wacko World of Sports
Bjorn Bunny thwarts Max's rigged tennis tournament in "Tennis the Menace." Dizzy and Furrball try to fool Arnold in "Bleacher Bummer," and the Vanderb (more…)
The Ascent
Stardate Unknown: Odo and Quark are stranded when they crash on a planet with no communications or replicators.
07:02 — Nog and Jake are rescued by the U.S.S. Valiant when their ship is attacked by the Dominion while on their way to Ferenginar.
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