Michael Cimarusti

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Jonathan Gold’s Los Angeles: The Ugly Bunch
03:53 — Michael Cimarusti. Providence. An arrangement of uni, abalone and geoduck: low-on-the-food-chain creatures whose use illustrates the importance of (more…)
And The Winner Is... from "Leaving It All On The Line"
00:48 — Gordon Ramsay has Ryan and Heather approach their respective doors.
Susan Feniger Judges Round 3 from "Leaving It All On The Line"
00:58 — Susan Feniger, chef/co-owner of Border Grill, judges Heather and Ryan's dishes.
The Dining Room Opens For Its Final Dinner Service from "Leaving It All On The Line"
00:58 — C.J. Wilson, Andrea Roth and Danny Trejo dine at Hell's Kitchen for its final dinner service.
Heather And Ryan Embark On Their Final Challenge from "Leaving It All On The Line"
00:55 — Heather and Ryan have one hour to create four dishes.
The Last Two Chefs Create Their Menu For The Final Dinner Service from "Leaving It All On The Line"
01:01 — Heather and Ryan create the final dinner menu with help from the sous-chefs.
Deleted Scene: Underwear Not Required
00:53 — Well Chef Duff, this scene is not in the DVD copy but will the internet suffice?
Gold 101: Providence
01:42 — Providence under chef Michael Cimarusti is named in Jonathan Gold's 101 list of restaurants.
Top 3: Leslie Gilliams
01:10 — Leslie started off at the bottom of the top 30, and now he's a part of the final top 3. He has proved that he's more than just a stay-at-home dad.
Meet Chef Michael Cimarusti
01:51 — Learn more about the owner and chef of Providence Restaurant in Los Angeles.
Exit Interview: Michael Cimarusti
02:22 — Heading to the judges' table, Michael felt it wasn't going to happen for him.
Female-led films dominate at the box office
03:16 — Movies like "Insurgent," "Cinderella," and "50 Shades of Grey," are the top three live-action movie openings this year. Notably they all have female l (more…)
White House isn't ruling out U.S. involvement in Yemen
02:32 — Yemen has become a major front in the battle between the main factions of Islam. Saudi Arabia has evacuated dozens of foreign and Saudi diplomats from (more…)
Deadline set for nuclear negotiations with Iran
02:30 — The deadline for agreeing on at least the outline of a nuclear deal is Tuesday. Hanging over the negotiations is a Middle East in disarray and an extr (more…)
Decorated Boston cop attacked during traffic stop
00:22 — Officer John Moynihan was wounded when a suspect in the vehicle opened fire on officers; he is currently in an induced coma. The Boston police officer (more…)
Exclusive look at plans to purchase new Air Force One aircraft
07:13 — The Air Force is in the market for a few very special planes. The current planes are getting old, and the Pentagon wants to buy new ones. The Air Forc (more…)
Top "Made In America" factories to tour while on vacation
03:40 — For many Americans, the label "Made In the USA" is a welcome sight. So, if you're looking for an unusual trip this spring, how about visiting some of (more…)
Bankrupt companies may sell your personal information
03:04 — RadioShack may try to sell off all of its customers' personal information to help pay off debt. Consumer and privacy advocates are outraged, and the p (more…)
New questions raised about Germanwings' co-pilot's motives
02:36 — The search for human remains and evidence continues at the crash site on a mountainside in the French Alps. All 150 people aboard Germanwings Flight 9 (more…)
Washington landslide forces evacuations
00:20 — Residents in central Washington state town of Des Moines have been evacuated from three homes because of a landslide. The homes in Des Moines are on t (more…)
Amanda Knox's murder conviction overturned
03:47 — Italy's highest court acquitted Amanda Knox's second murder conviction. Knox and her then boyfriend were accused of killing a fellow student in 2007. (more…)
Search continues for missing people after NYC building blast
00:18 — Special search dogs are being brought in to go through the rubble of three New York City apartment buildings that collapsed. Police are still looking (more…)
Patients of six-way kidney swap meet for the first time
04:35 — 12 patients made medical history in California earlier this year with a six-way kidney swap. Now, they've met one another for the first time. Carter E (more…)
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