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Hell's Kitchen: Catch of the Day Trailer
00:20 — Special guest judge and fish-cooking expert chef Michael Cimarusti joins chef Ramsay, as the remaining contestants compete in a special challenge invo (more…)
Van Slows Down The Kitchen from "Catch of the Day"
01:59 — Gordon isn't happy with how slow Van is moving. Meanwhile, Nick is annoyed with Robyn.
Contestants Go Fishing For Ingredients from "Catch of the Day"
01:54 — The contestants toss giant fish to each other for ingredients for their next competition.
Barbie & Elise Argue In Front Of Customers from "Catch of the Day"
02:35 — Things get heated between Barbie and Elise as their customers watch on shocked.
Elise Goes Off On The House from "Catch of the Day"
02:02 — Elise has heated arguments with many of her fellow contestants through the night and into the next morning.
Jonathan Gold’s Los Angeles: The Ugly Bunch
03:53 — Michael Cimarusti. Providence. An arrangement of uni, abalone and geoduck: low-on-the-food-chain creatures whose use illustrates the importance of (more…)
And The Winner Is... from "Leaving It All On The Line"
00:48 — Gordon Ramsay has Ryan and Heather approach their respective doors.
Susan Feniger Judges Round 3 from "Leaving It All On The Line"
00:58 — Susan Feniger, chef/co-owner of Border Grill, judges Heather and Ryan's dishes.
The Dining Room Opens For Its Final Dinner Service from "Leaving It All On The Line"
00:58 — C.J. Wilson, Andrea Roth and Danny Trejo dine at Hell's Kitchen for its final dinner service.
Heather And Ryan Embark On Their Final Challenge from "Leaving It All On The Line"
00:55 — Heather and Ryan have one hour to create four dishes.
The Last Two Chefs Create Their Menu For The Final Dinner Service from "Leaving It All On The Line"
01:01 — Heather and Ryan create the final dinner menu with help from the sous-chefs.
Deleted Scene: Underwear Not Required
00:53 — Well Chef Duff, this scene is not in the DVD copy but will the internet suffice?
Gold 101: Providence
01:42 — Providence under chef Michael Cimarusti is named in Jonathan Gold's 101 list of restaurants.
Top 3: Leslie Gilliams
01:10 — Leslie started off at the bottom of the top 30, and now he's a part of the final top 3. He has proved that he's more than just a stay-at-home dad.
Meet Chef Michael Cimarusti
01:51 — Learn more about the owner and chef of Providence Restaurant in Los Angeles.
Exit Interview: Michael Cimarusti
02:22 — Heading to the judges' table, Michael felt it wasn't going to happen for him.
Hell's Kitchen: 12 Chefs Compete Trailer
00:30 — Contestants are given thirty minutes to shine.
Hell's Kitchen: 16 Chefs Compete Trailer
01:33 — A seafood battle finds the 16 cooks having to successfully match the heads and tails of some popular fish and then create dishes to impress guest judg (more…)
Masterchef: Top 3 Compete Trailer
01:03 — The Top 3 contestants (Elizabeth Cauvel, Leslie Gilliams and Courtney Lapresi) create dishes for a panel of judges from all 50 U.S. states. The winner (more…)
Trick in a Box
Knives are drawn and the display of extraordinary talent begins in the most ordinary of places a grocery store where the chefs are met with the clas (more…)
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