Road to Redemption, Round 1: Cowan vs. Wong
07:49 — Chefs Wong and Cowan battle in the Road to Redemption, Round 1.
Celebrity Chef Michael Chiarello 'Embarrassed' Following Arrest on Suspicion of DUI and Drug Possession
00:54 — Chiarello was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and drug possession in Napa County on Wednesday.
Hope You Do Your Best Today
01:23 — But I want to beat you.
Celebrity Chef Michael Chiarello 'Embarrassed' Following Arrest for DUI and Drug Possession
00:53 — Chiarello was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and drug possession in Napa County on Wednesday.
Big Ass Red Beard
00:43 — Kevin's trademark red beard has become this pop phenomenon.
Home Video: Michael Chiarello
01:27 — What's Michael like in the kitchen?
YDIAW: How to Brine Your Holiday Turkey
03:04 — In this Thanksgiving edition of our You're Doing It All Wrong video series, chef and TV host Michael Chiarello extols the benefits of a brined turkey.
Meet Chef Michael Chiarello
02:24 — Learn more about the acclaimed Napa Valley chef/owner of Bottega Restaurant.
Michael Chiarello
02:03 — Michael shares what the beginning of the end would be for him.
Winner Interview: Michael Chiarello Again
02:06 — Michael's win even surprised himself!
Recap: Season Finale, Part.1
00:45 — For one chef, the train stops here while the others compete to be Top Chef.
Chef Michael Chiarello's Bottega Gran Fondo benefit
01:19 — Michael Chiarello’s Bottega Gran Fondo is the first of its kind destination cycling event where world-class culinary leaders share the stage with wo (more…)
Chef Michael Chiarello gets his hands dirty for new restaurant
00:47 — The award-winning chef and restaurateur shares the amount of work and detail that went into the opening of his new restaurant, Coqueta, on San Francis (more…)
Michael Chiarello's advice to aspiring chefs: "You have to love it"
01:01 — Chef Michael Chiarello doles out a few pieces of wisdom for young aspiring chefs, telling them "you have to have a relationship your food."
Supermarket Superstar: Cakes Trailer
00:30 — Supermarket Superstar" gives undiscovered food entrepreneurs their chance to shine among the big brands in the highly competitive food industry. A (more…)
Supermarket Superstar: Episode 5 Trailer
00:15 — Every contestant in this round believes that they have what it takes to conquer this weeks challenge.
Season 1: Supermarket Superstar: Season 1 Trailer
01:00 — Do you have what it takes to be the next Mrs. Fields, Orville Redenbacher or Chef Boyardee? Then you may be a Supermarket Superstar, Lifetime’s all-ne (more…)
Miniaturize Me
The final team of four chefs face a food group they typically avoid for this week s Quickfire: they have to re-create a junkfood classic (Season One, (more…)
Michael Chiarello
Season 6 Episode 13:
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