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Christopher Nolan to Begin Filming Third Batman in April

Michael Caine

Christopher Nolan will begin production on the next Batman movie in April.

That's the word from Michael Caine, who told DigitalSpy.com when shooting is scheduled to begin. Caine plays Bruce Wayne's ever faithful butler Alfred.

Is Robin Williams headed for the next Batman?

"I think they're going to do it in April," the two-time Oscar-winning actor said. "That's about as much as I know."

The third Batman film is set for... read more

The Dark Knight Shines Bright at World Premiere

Chin Han, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Christian Bale by Dimitrios Kambouris/ WireImage.com

Rolling out the red black carpet on Monday night, New York City truly became Gotham as the stars of this summer's most talked-about movie, The Dark Knight, stepped out at the film's world premiere. Nearly all in attendance were dressed in the same somber tones of the carpet (presumably as a tribute to the late Heath Ledger, whose portrayal of the Joker is the film's biggest buzz-drawer), but there was still plenty of excitement in the air. While Ledger was on the minds and tongues of many, the stars also chose to use the evening to celebrate the film, which has had those lucky enough to screen it early (myself included) gushing for the past couple of weeks.Michael Caine, who reprises his role as Bruce Wayne's loyal butler Alfred, said the film has an "extraordinary intelligence at work," referring to cowriter/director Christopher Nolan and his epic vision for the sequel to the franchise rebooting Batman Begins. "It's not like the usual cartoon or big blockbuster," Caine said. "All o... read more

Now You See It, Now You Don't: Bad Mojo in The Prestige

Send your movie questions to FlickChickThe Illusionist and The Prestige Two Hollywood movies about turn-ofthe-century magicians in one year howd that happen Not that its unusual for competing projects about the same or similar subject matters to go into development but rarely do both stay the course A star drops out financing dries up someone blinks and then theres only one film left This weeks DVD Tuesday pick is The Prestige which isnt to say The Illusionist is a bad movie in fact they make a great double bill But The Prestige has a bracing mean streak that warmed the cockles of my dark dark heart Impoverished cockney Alfred Borden Christian Bale and well-born American Robert Angier Hugh Jackman he uses a pseudonym so as not to embarrass his family once worked together under the tutelage of Harry Cutter Michael Caine a renowned ingeneur or a guy who devises and builds mechanical illusions Both are talented but in completely read more

In a recent column you ...

Question: In a recent column you answered a question about the classic Michael Caine/Laurence Olivier movie Sleuth, and it reminded me that I heard some time ago that they were remaking it with Caine in the Olivier role and a younger actor in Caine's old part. Is this true?

Answer: There's been talk for the better part of five years that Stephen Frears was going to direct a rem read more

Are ensemble casts ever ...

Question: Are ensemble casts ever recognized with an Oscar that's designed especially for a group of actors who worked really well together? Or does someone always have to be singled out as a lead or supporting player? Answer: Although the SAG Awards, which are given by the Screen Actors Guild, regularly honor ensembles, the Academy Awards only recognize individuals. But there have been instances in which all the actors with speaking roles are nominated. They include Sleuth (1972) — which, to be fair, has only two speaking roles, but both Michael Caine and Sir Laurence Olivier were nominated in the best-actor category — and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966). Virginia W read more

When I was about 15, I saw a ...

Question: When I was about 15, I saw a movie on AMC starring Michael Caine as a bad guy who murdered another man's mistress. I remember he dressed in a bunny suit and hid clues in the man's house about the murder (diamonds in a glass of water, shoes in the coal cellar). I'd like to get it so I can watch the entire movie, but I don't remember the title. Can you help me?

The movie is Sleuth (1972), with Michael Caine and Sir Laurence Olivier as two men playing a lethal game of cat and mouse. Though Caine's character is having an affair with Olivier's wife, nothing about either ma read more


Jessica Simpson is in talks to star opposite Dane Cook in Employee of the Month, a comedy in which the Dukes of Hazzard short-shorts model would play a discount-store cashier who makes the men act like, well, men.... Rock star David Bowie may join Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Michael Caine in Batman Begins director Christopher Nolan's adaptation of The Prestige, a novel about rival magicians working in early-20th-century London. read more

I was reading recently in ...

Question: I was reading recently in your column about Sleuth and got to wondering: Wasn't it remade with Michael Caine as the author and Christopher Reeve as the younger man? Answer: Although Deathtrap (1982) isn't a remake of Sleuth (1972), there are similarities, first and foremost that it's also an adaptation of a stage play (by Ira Levin rather than Anthony Shaffer) and it focuses on the cat-and-mouse head games between a successful older writer (Michael Caine, who played the young buck opposite read more

What is the smallest cast a ...

Question: What is the smallest cast a modern, mainstream, full-length feature film has ever had?

Answer: I can think of a handful of independent features that have only one cast member, but in terms of mainstream fiction films I would have to go with Sleuth (1972), which is a two-man show. It's a psychological thriller set in a 16th-century country mansion where wealthy author Andrew Wyke (Laurence Olivier), who writes diabolically clever mysteries, plays humiliating head games with the younger man (Michael Caine) who's having an affair with his wife.

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