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Thanks to a Showtime free ...

Question: Thanks to a Showtime free preview weekend from my satellite provider, I was finally able to catch an episode of Dexter, the Season 2 opener. All I can say is: Really? I get the strength of the lead performance, and, being a former Buffy-ite, loved seeing Julie Benz doing something new. But I found the whole thing very inconsistent. The sets looked so fake and tacky, and some of the acting (Debra, Vince and especially Sgt. Doakes) seemed very amateur at times. All of this distracted from what I can see were some great story beats. Pulling up out of the sea crevasse to reveal the dozens and dozens of Dexter's dumping bags was pretty cool. I guess I'm surprised the series as a whole is getting as much acclaim given some of these production miscues. I felt the same way about Bionic Woman, which had the opposite problem: It looked great but felt awfully hollow. I thought most of the lead performances, especially Michelle Ryan's, felt more than a tad off. But Dexter gets the ... read more

"It's Alive"

FinallyWhat the Season 2 opener of Dexter lacked in vigilante crimes it made up for in the sheer amount of evidence found from Dexters previous exploits Dexter has been off his game for 38 days 16 hours and some minutes after having killed his brother the infamous Ice Truck Killer Fortunately for us it made for some exciting heart-pounding fear Or was it an adrenaline rushIn the new season Doakes has a personal vendetta against Dexter and has made it his priority to follow Dexters every move Dexs answer to try to shake him off his trail was to bowl Seems he was trying to bore him to death And when Doakes finally takes a night off it looks like Dexter may have won that battle When he failed to commit to killing the blind voodoo priest I was rather worried for him and Little Chino too Dexters loss of confidence was devastating and I was rooting for him to pull it together when he had Chino on his table but to no avail Not even the chickens read more

Peter Krause Is Over Under and Ready for Dirty Sexy Fun

Peter Krause, Dirty Sexy Money

Peter Krause is ready to get dirty. Not dirt as in a funeral plot, but as in scandals of the rich and famous. On ABC's Dirty Sexy Money, premiering tonight at 10 pm/ET, the Six Feet Under and Sports Night alum plays Nick George, a high-powered legal eagle who, begrudgingly, inherits his suspiciously passed-on father's role as consigliere to the Darlings of New York City. Headed up by Donald Sutherland and Jill Clayburgh, the ultra-affluent clan is littered by all manner of bad-seed offspring (and parents), giving Nick plenty to manage, spin-control and nip in the bud. Krause shared a sneak peek at the good 'n' dirty 'n' sexy times ahead. TVGuide.com: This is a r read more

I religiously read your ...

Question: I religiously read your column and love every show you positively review. So earlier in the summer my husband and I checked out Brotherhood on Showtime On Demand. Wow! We watched the whole first season within a couple of days and were so depressed there weren't more than 11 episodes. I know I will make Sopranos fans mad by saying this, but I really believe this is a better show. The two shows seem very similar, but I really care about all the characters in this show, unlike on The Sopranos, where I found a lot of the characters too harsh. Even though Jason Isaacs plays the bad brother involved with organized crime, I can't help but feel that for every bad thing he does, it is ultimately for some greater good, and I'm rooting for him. I'm currently watching one of my other favorite Showtime series, Weeds, and I've noticed that they're really promoting Dexter, but I really haven't seen anything about Brotherhood. I also love Dexter and know that both shows premiere Sept. 30, ... read more

Dexter's Sept. 30 Return: The Wait Is Killing Me

Only 10 shopping days left until the return of Dexter Morgan. So, dust off your vigilante boots and set your DVRs/TiVos to record. There are a lot of bad people out there who need to get what's coming to them. And we all know just the guy to handle them, don't we?In the meantime, be sure to get your "scare on" watching these Dexter vids. read more

Out of all of the Emmy snubs ...

Question: Out of all of the Emmy snubs this year, to me the most egregious were of Showtime's groundbreaking, genre-bending Dexter and Michael C. Hall, the brilliant actor who brings the disturbed title character to life. Not only was it the best performance of this TV season, but I can't picture anyone else conveying Dexter's subtle emotional arc while remaining true to both his monsterish and darkly comedic tendencies. When you stop to think that this is the man who played David Fisher on Six Feet Under, the accomplishment of his transformation here is even more stunning. Do you think the Emmys will ever appreciate this vastly underrated actor? Answer: He was nominated for a 2002 Emmy during the run of Six Feet Under, so at least he's on the radar. But yes, this was one of the more shocking oversights. The most common explanation I heard from people, including a few Showtime execs, was that this macabre show is just too "out there" for the Academy membership, many of whom are of an ... read more

NBC, Dexter and Sopranos Kill at TCA Awards

A little palate cleanser after digesting last week's Emmy nods. The Television Critics Association Awards, handed out on Saturday, were all but dominated by NBC, which saw Heroes take home outstanding program-of-the-year honors and Friday Night Lights named outstanding new program. Furthermore, The Office won for best comedy and 30 Rock's Alec Baldwin earned kudos for individual achievement in comedy. In the dramatic realm, The Sopranos was named best in show, while Michael C. Hall was singled out for his work on Dexter.For much more on the awards, see Matt Roush's TCA Awards: Correcting the Emmys. read more

Emmy Nominations: The Snubs! The Strange-but-true!

Connie Britton and Kyler Chandler in Friday Night Lights by Virginia Sherwood/NBC Photo

There's no doubt about it: Looking at this year's Emmy nominations, voters really dropped the ball with Friday Night Lights, most inexcusably leaving the acclaimed newbie out of the drama-series race and robbing Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton of acting bids. "It’s incredibly rare for first-year shows to get nominated," NBC Universal Media Studios president Katherine Pope tells Variety. "I feel confident we'll get a best-drama nomination next year." Other oversights getting repeat mention across the biz are Lost (MIA from the drama race for a second straight year, yet this time unforgivably) and Michael C. Hall (whose Dexter apparently slays everyone but stodgy Academy members). That said, here are some Emmy nod "curiosities" I have culled from assorted trade-mag recaps and blogs. Enjoy:• As NBCU's Pope alluded to above, last year no new program earned a spot in the comedy- or drama-series contests. One rule tweak later, we have Heroes, 30 Rock and Ugly Betty.• Ameri... read more

Dexter's Move West

Michael C. Hall by Peter Iovino/Showtime

There will be plenty of changes on and off screen when Dexter returns to Showtime. The second season will kick off one month after Dexter catches his half brother, the Ice Truck Killer, trying to murder his adopted sister Debra moments after proposing marriage.“His world is pretty rocked,” says Michael C. Hall, who plays the serial killer who kills serial killers. “He encounters a person he never anticipated encountering, someone who sees him for who he is, who accepts him as such. And he really has no choice but to do him in. When we meet Dexter at the top of Season 2, he’s still reeling from that.”Production will also move permanently from Miami to Los Angeles. “We shot two weeks in Miami last season for five episodes,” says executive producer Daniel Cerone. “Basically, it was a bigger hassle than it was worth. We didn’t have the money to truly shoot in Miami and there was the hurricane problem. So, this season, we’re shooting in S... read more

Is Ellen Pompeo leaving ...

Ellen Pompeo

Question: Is Ellen Pompeo leaving Grey's Anatomy?

Answer: Yes. And Hugh Laurie is leaving House. And Jason Lee is leaving My Name Is Earl. And America Ferrera is leaving Ugly Betty. And Michael C. Hall is leaving Dexter. And… see where I'm going with this?

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