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JPMorgan Chase CEO to invest millions in education
02:09 — JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is vowing to spend $20 million to improve career education in American schools. Dimon outlined his education funding p (more…)
Bloomberg and Dimon's advice for improving American schools
02:07 — JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg are speaking out with their views on education. CBSN's Elaine Quijano (more…)
New Yorkers cast ballots in NYC mayoral primary
00:53 — New Yorkers headed to the polls on Tuesday to vote for a candidate to succeed Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a primary election that saw more than 5,000 o (more…)
Bloomberg: Stop-and-frisk ruling a "dangerous decision"
00:43 — New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is furious over a federal judge's ruling that the city's Stop and Frisk policy illegally targeted minorities. Ju (more…)
NYC Mayor Bloomberg to appeal stop-and-frisk ruling
01:52 — A federal judge ruled Monday that the NYPD's tactic violated New Yorkers' constitutional rights. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the program has prevente (more…)
Vice President Joe Biden Steals Baby’s Pacifier
00:38 — The vice president swipes a pacifier from former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s grandson, Jasper, who looks a little confused.
RPT: Bloomberg Considering WH Run
01:51 — Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is reportedly considering a Presidential run. NBC's Kristen Welker reports.
Mike Bloomberg 2016?
04:12 — The MTP panel looks at comments by Michael Bloomberg and whether or not he could mount a run in 2016.
Extended Judging of April Johnston, Episode 12
02:22 — Watch bonus footage of runway judging of April Johnston from "Project Runway" Season 8, Episode 12. She got one of the lowest scores in the challenge (more…)
What Is in Store for Christie and Bloomberg?
02:44 — MSNBC's Chris Jansing talks with MSNBC Senior Editor Beth Fouhy about the future of the Chris Christie campaign and the potential for a Michael Bloomb (more…)
September 11th: Where Were You?
05:03 — Notable New Yorkers including former mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg and newsman Dan Rather remember where they were on September 11th.
Trump: 'I Would Love to See Michael Bloomberg Run' for President
00:31 — Donald Trump explains why he would love to see Michael Bloomberg enter the 2016 presidential race.
Clinton Strategist On Possible Bloomberg Run
09:46 — Democrats and Republicans were blindsided this weekend by the New York Times report that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is seriously con (more…)
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Seriously Considers 2016 Run
02:28 — Multiple sources tell NBC News former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is seriously considering throwing his hat into the ring as an independent fed u (more…)
Clinton Unfazed by Possible Bloomberg Presidential Run
00:26 — Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton brushed off the idea of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg running for President.
Chuck Todd On How Difficult It Would Be for Bloomberg to Mount a Campaign
02:53 — “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd joins TODAY to talk about Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg considering launching a third-party bid for th (more…)
If Bloomberg Runs, What Are His Chances?
06:30 — The Morning Joe panel breaks down former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's odds of gaining the presidency if he chooses to jump into the 2016 race.
Trump On Bloomberg: I Hope He Runs
01:56 — Donald Trump weighs in on reports that former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg will consider jumping into the 2016 race.
We Also Would've Accepted: Playboy Mansion, Michael Bloomberg
03:42 — Seth introduces Late Night's brand new game show, which accepts fun alternate answers to trivia questions.
Bernie Sanders Reacts to Possible Michael Bloomberg Run
00:16 — Sen. Bernie Sanders tells Chuck Todd that the Americans don't want the nation to "move toward an oligarchy where billionaires control the political pr (more…)
2016 Candidates Weigh in On Bloomberg Buzz As Iowa Looms
02:47 — With the Iowa Caucuses one week from today, the candidates are making a final push in the Hawkeye State, and there’s growing buzz over someone who isn (more…)
Will Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Enter Race?
07:17 — Thomas Roberts and more discuss the implications of former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg possibly running for president in the 2016 race.
Will 2016 See a Battle of the Billionaires?
05:06 — MSNBC's Steve Kornacki and Ari Melber breaks down the likelihood of a 3rd party run from multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg, and his chances against (more…)
Is Bloomberg Playing the Waiting Game?
03:54 — NBC News' Katy Tur discusses the similarities and stark differences between GOP front-runner Donald Trump and Bloomberg's multi-millionaire CEO, Micha (more…)
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