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Michael Bloomberg's commencement address at the University of Michigan
24:23 — Businessman and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg delivered the commencement address for the University of Michigan's class of 2016.
Bloomberg calls on Obama, Romney to get specific on gun control
01:39 — NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg called for specifics on President Obama and Mitt Romney's positions on gun control in response to Friday's mass shooting a (more…)
Bloomberg won't run, Sharapova fails drug test: #CBSN10 trending stories
00:30 — Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg rules against a presidential run, Maria Sharapova admits she failed a drug test and more are among today' (more…)
Michael Bloomberg: I'm not running for president
04:11 — Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg announced he won't be running for president, saying "he couldn't win." CBS News senior political editor Steve (more…)
Bloomberg Decides Against Third Party Run
08:01 — Rachel Maddow reports that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided not to run as a third party candidate for president because he bel (more…)
Bloomberg On 2016: Risk I Will Not Take
03:57 — Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced he will not be entering the 2016 presidential race. Bloomberg advisor Howard Wolfson joins Steve (more…)
Are New Candidates the Answer to GOP Chaos?
06:44 — Michael Medved, conservative radio talk show host, talks with Rachel Maddow about conservative objections to Donald Trump's candidacy and how a possib (more…)
What Is in Store for Christie and Bloomberg?
02:44 — MSNBC's Chris Jansing talks with MSNBC Senior Editor Beth Fouhy about the future of the Chris Christie campaign and the potential for a Michael Bloomb (more…)
Bloomberg Confirms Consideration of 2016 Run
00:48 — Rachel Maddow reports that former New York City mayor and billionaire businessman, Michael Bloomberg, has confirmed that he is considering a run for t (more…)
Trump: It Takes Guts to Run for President
10:47 — Donald Trump discusses Tuesday's NH primary, why he wants former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg to jump in the race, why he's under budget and what he an (more…)
Michael Bloomberg considering 2016 presidential bid
00:52 — Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg told the Financial Times he's considering entering the 2016 presidential race. CBSN's Contessa Brewer rep (more…)
Michael Bloomberg asked about possible presidential bid
02:48 — Michael Bloomberg has been pushed to join the presidential race by starting to explore a third-party run. CBS News Senior Political Editor Steve Chagg (more…)
Trump On Bloomberg: I Hope He Runs
01:56 — Donald Trump weighs in on reports that former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg will consider jumping into the 2016 race.
Michael Bloomberg: How a Third-party Run Could Shake up the Campaign Trail
02:55 — Aides for Michael Bloomberg are drawing up plans for the former New York mayor to make a possible third-party run for the White House, adding yet anot (more…)
Will Michael Bloomberg run for president?
03:22 — Sources have revealed that former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg may run for president as an independent. CBS News senior political editor Steve Chaggari (more…)
Countdown to Iowa caucuses, Bloomberg flirts with presidential run: #CBSN10 Trending Stories
00:31 — Race heats up with one week until Iowa caucuses, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg weighs 2016 presidential bid, and more of the stories you're click (more…)
Michael Bloomberg eyes presidential run
01:33 — Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is flirting with a presidential run. John Dickerson, anchor of "Face The Nation" and CBS News political d (more…)
Will 2016 See a Battle of the Billionaires?
05:06 — MSNBC's Steve Kornacki and Ari Melber breaks down the likelihood of a 3rd party run from multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg, and his chances against (more…)
Is Bloomberg Playing the Waiting Game?
03:54 — NBC News' Katy Tur discusses the similarities and stark differences between GOP front-runner Donald Trump and Bloomberg's multi-millionaire CEO, Micha (more…)
Will Bloomberg Appeal to Trump Supporters?
03:26 — New York Magazine editor Gabriel Sherman, discusses interviewing a hundred GOP primary voters, and details how Michael Bloomberg could chip away at Do (more…)
Will Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Enter Race?
07:17 — Thomas Roberts and more discuss the implications of former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg possibly running for president in the 2016 race.
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