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Kevin Bacon Returns to the Road With Bacon Brothers Band
03:24 — The Bacon Brothers Band comprises Golden Globe-winning actor Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael Bacon, an accomplished musician and composer.
This Emotional Life
This 3-part series opens a window into real lives, exploring ways to improve our social relationships, cope with emotional issues, and become more pos (more…)
Vr Troopers Trailer
03:27 — With the help of Professor Horatio Hart, three average teenagers enter Virtual Reality to stop a rich evil genius using it to do evil deeds. From the (more…)
The Man Who Walked Between The Towers - Official Trailer
01:08 — One of the most exciting and memorable stories in the history of the World Trade Towers is that of Philippe Petit, a French man who walked a tightrope (more…)
Losing Chase - Official Trailer
01:18 — After a long absense, a woman returns home to spend the summer with her family on Martha's Vineyard. While her husband seems unable to cope with her e (more…)
Kevin & Michael Bacon LIVE
Actor Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael, the sibling duo behind The Bacon Brothers, are here to discuss their new album '36 Cents,' their upcoming p (more…)
Michael & Kevin Bacon LIVE
The incredibly talented sibling duo Kevin and Michael Bacon join us live to talk about performing as 'The Bacon Brothers,' life in the entertainment i (more…)
Michael and Kevin Bacon: We've Learned to Embrace Our Name
07:11 — Kevin and Michael Bacon talk about doing a musical tour together as The Bacon Brothers, and joke about growing up with their last name.
The Economics of Labor
01:19 — Douglas A. Blackmon talks about the reasons behind convict labor practices of the day.
The Evolution of the Chain Gang
Author Douglas A. Blackmon explains how chain gangs evolved from the convict leasing system.
Plessy v. Ferguson
Historian Risa Goluboff explains how Plessy v. Ferguson opened the door to legal segregation.
Reflections on Sharecropping
02:18 — During a StoryCorps interview, U.W. Clemons talked about his grandparents and parents and their lives of sharecropping following the Civil War.
The Rise and Fall of Reconstruction
Historian Risa Goluboff talks about the rise and fall of Reconstruction.
Great Migration Factors
Historian Pete Daniel talks about the factors leading to both black and white dissatisfaction in the South that led to the Great Migration.
The Ruling of Judge Jones
Author Douglas A. Blackmon tells the ruling of Judge Jones and the panic it caused.
The Creation of the NAACP
01:50 — Historian Risa Goluboff explains the creation of the NAACP and its importance at this time in history.
The Significance of the Ku Klux Klan
01:39 — Historian Mary Ellen Curtin explains the significance of the Klan and what this period of Klanism resulted in.
Why Forced Labor?
Douglas A. Blackmon and historian Khalil Muhammad explain the Southern economy following the Civil War and its foundation for forced labor.
The Bricks We Stand On
17:55 — In this 20 minute extra, Douglas A. Blackmon takes us to Atlanta for a look to explore the history of the city and learn about how the project evolved (more…)
Moments of absolute absorption
00:41 — Writer Adam Gopnik finds happiness in being 'vigilantly absorbed in some activity.'
When Chevy Met Jayni
01:44 — Actor Chevy Chase and his wife Jayni share their story of how they met and fell in love.
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