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We are traveling from ...

Question: We are traveling from Australia to Los Angeles next year as part of a larger holiday. Can you please advise the best place to try to meet the celebrities?

Answer: The psych ward at the UCLA Medical Center is where it's at these days. I'd start there.

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Your dance moves in this ...

Question: Your dance moves in this week's vodcast have hypnotized me to the point where I can't get up from my computer.

Answer: With that kind of mesmerizing talent on display, why on earth would you want to?

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Yay! The strike is over!

Katee Sackhoff; William Petersen; Sarah Wayne Callies

Question: Yay! The strike is over!

Answer: Woo-hoo! You know what this means, right? I no longer have to make up questions for this column! We can stop watching October Road!

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Now that the strike is over, ...

Question: Now that the strike is over, are the actors legally obligated to return to work to complete whatever's left of the 22 episodes? Or, after a certain point, are they off the hook for the season? I guess the question is, are they signed for a specific number of episodes during a certain period of time (i.e., Aug-April), or do they have to complete the episodes no matter what the timeframe — even if that means working through the summer?

Answer: That's a very complicated question. So complicated that I'm going to hand it off to a top TV talent agent to answer: "The basic answer is that yes, actors are obligated to return and finish a certain number of episodes," explains the tenpercenter, who asked not to be identified because his coworkers aren't aware he's an Aushole. " That said, there are all sorts of variables. One is that most actors' contracts define a 'season' with a beginning and end date. So, if studios ask the acto read more

What's the status of Amy ...

Question: What's the status of Amy Sherman Palladino's The Return of Jezebel James?

Answer: The status is Amy's gonna be pissed. Fox just kicked Jezebel out of its cushy post-Idol launch pad on March 12. Now, the sitcom will debut with back-to-back episodes on Friday, March 14.

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Why isn't the strike over ...

Masi Oka; Lauren Graham; Zach Braff;

Question: Why isn't the strike over yet?! What's taking so long?!

Answer: Listen here, Missy: The strike will be over when I say it's over — and not a moment before. And I say it'll be over shortly after this Saturday's big WGA meeting, during which the negotiating committee is expected to present the tentative deal to the membership. According to one of my moles, "If the membership seems supportive of the deal, the strike order could be lifted shortly — even though it could take several more weeks to formally ratify the agreement." To find out what this means for your favorite shows, keep reading. And have a handkerchief handy.

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How Do You Like Our Match Game '08 Panel of Stars?

As reported earlier today, the folks behind American Idol are reviving Match Game. I may be in the minority here, but my restrained response to this news was something akin to "Woo-hoo!" I loved that show — both in its heyday and in reruns on the Game Show Network — if only because it's the strangest anthropological documentation of 1970s comedy, sexual mores and substance abuse that you're ever going to find on network television. It was pretty subversive for a game show (see examples on YouTube), with more cigarette smoking, daytime drinking and winking sexism/sexual innuendo than your average episode of Mad Men.So we asked you who you'd put on the show's inaugural panel. Who are today's Richard Dawsons, Brett Sommerses, and Charles Nelson Reillys? And you responded in kind, with some very interesting suggestions. (Mario Cantone? Genius. Jimmy Fallon? Eh.) That said, here are my humble suggestions for the inaugural sextet. —1) Pamela Anderson: If anyone knows her wa... read more

If the strike ends in the ...

Question: If the strike ends in the next week or so, can the current TV season be salvaged?

Answer: Depends on the network and the show. A source at one of the Big 4 tells me that should the strike end by mid-February, one best-case scenario being bandied about has established series going back into production and working through June, making more episodes for this season and some for next. Then they'll take a summer break before starting regular production on next season. The reason for this is twofold: They don't want to bail out on this season, but they also don't want to go to the expense of putting shows back into production for just two or three episodes. One industry observer describes this as "a smart plan," while acknowledging that there's another variable in all this: the actors. "The trouble is, a lot of actors schedule hiatus movies, or just elaborate vacations. And if they ask them to work through certain dates, that read more

I hear that the strike is ...

Question: I hear that the strike is over! Is it true?

Answer: Nothing's official, but the buzz is that a tentative agreement has been reached, with an announcement coming as early as tomorrow. But it's hard to tell what's solid intel and what's just spin. To wit: In the past 24 hours, one source close to the negotiations insisted that talk of a resolution was way premature. "There's no deal," maintained my spy. "That's just misinformation put out by the AMPTP to pressure the WGA." But moments before I put this column to bed, I heard from another very plugged-in source that the deal is done. Short story shorter: There's cause for optimism, but not celebration. Yet.

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Ausiello Hits the Red Carpet

Jenna Fischer by Steve Granitz/WireImage.com

Hollywood was all abuzz last evening as actors near and far gathered for what has proven to be the biggest awards show of the year — the 2008 Screen Actors Guild Awards. Beloved TV Guide correspondent Michael Ausiello was right there on the red carpet for all the action, interviewing everyone and anyone worth mentioning. Personally, we were big fans of the Rainn Wilson interview where he breaks the news that costar Angela Kinsey is with child, but really, nothing beats his arts-and-crafts discussion with Jenna Fischer! Check out all the SAG 2008 videos now! Your take: Which Ausiello interview was your favorite? read more

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