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The TV Guide Talk Podcast Is Signing Off

Almost three years ago, Michael Ausiello, Dan Manu, Lauren Ruotolo and Maitland McDonagh huddled in a cramped office and for the next 35 minutes recorded the very first TV Guide Talk podcast.Now, nearly 140 episodes later, the current crew will be saying, "Goodbye" for a final time.Please tune in the evening of Tuesday, April 8, to help Mike, Maitland and I — and who knows, maybe a special call-in or two — reflect on podcast days gone by. As those of you who check my Facebook updates with scary regularity may have surmised, we originally planned to record the final podcast this Friday morning, but Mike, Maitland and I decided that to sign off without some soliciting final thoughts from our loyal listeners simply would not be right. We all need proper closure. So to that end, please drop us a line at podcast@tvguide.com. The e-mail I read, the name I mangle, just may be yours.Until then.... read more

Congrats on making the cover ...

Question: Congrats on making the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly!

Answer: Thanks, but I'm a little peeved. I specifically asked them not to airbrush my brows, but, as you can see, they ignored my request.  

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You won the sum of 750,000 ...

Question: You won the sum of 750,000 euros from our monthly promotion. You are hereby advised to get back to us to claim your prize.

Answer: Oh, Pablo. Dear, sweet Pablo. I can't accept your generous bribery unless you tell me the show on which you want scoop in exchange.

OK, that's a wrap. Head over to the Ask Ausiello Discussion Thread to ream me rave about this week's column. And, of course, e-mail questions, hot scoops, Keri Russell sightings to ask_ausiello@tvguide.com.

Hey, I just thought of a great idea: How 'bout we do this again next Wednesday?! — Additional reporting by Ben Katner and Mickey O'Connor

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Dancing's Kristi and Mark at Paley Festival

Your favorite Dancing machines were out in full force last week, answering fan and press questions about the ridiculous amount of success this show has been experiencing. Frontrunners Kristi Yamaguchi and her partner Mark Ballas stopped by to answer everything from thoughts on claims that Kristi has an unfair advantage, to how truly uncomfortable she is when it comes time to showing off her latin flava! Your take: Do you think Kristi does in fact have an unfair advantage being a graceful figure skater? read more

On the Red Carpet with Buffy!

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Seth Green by Kevin Parry/WireImage.com

TVGuide.com’s scoopster extraordinaire, Michael Ausiello, has been living it up at this year’s Paley Festival—and you’ll never guess who he bumped into during his red carpet adventures. The one, the only, Buffy! And by Sarah Michelle Gellar’s side was none other that Willow’s ex-werewolf boytoy, Oz (Seth Green). See what the two had to say! Watch it now! | More online videos read more

These asterisk quizzes of ...

Question: These asterisk quizzes of yours are nothing short of an insulting kick to the nether regions. If I had the ability to teleport jumbo amounts of elephant droppings to a point about eight feet over your head and let them go, I would!

Answer: I suppose I had that coming. 

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You recently posted about one ...

Question: You recently posted about one of the Walkers finding themselves at the "center of an intervention, of sorts." Any more hints as to whom this tidbit concerns?

Answer: Let's just say that Justin, Sarah, Kitty, Kevin and Balthazar Getty find out about Nora's plans to pack up and move away with Isaac, and they're a wee bit worried.

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More Dollhouse scoopage, ...

Question: More Dollhouse scoopage, please!

Answer: Interested in reading the just-released, official show description? No? Too bad, 'cause here it is: "A group of people, known as 'Actives' (or 'Dolls'), have had their personalities wiped clean so they can be imprinted with any number of new personas and hired out for particular jobs, crimes, fantasies and occasional good deeds. When not imprinted, the Actives live, childlike and unremembering, in a hidden facility nicknamed 'The Dollhouse.' Although the Actives are ostensibly volunteers, the operation is highly illegal, and under constant threat from a determined federal agent on one end and an insane rogue Active on the other. The story hinges around a greater and more subtle threat: Echo, a female Active, begins, in her mind-wiped state, to become self-aware."

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OMG! You are so evil! How ...

Question: OMG! You are so evil! How could you post that Blind Item about a flatlining show on the verge of coming back from the dead and not tell us which show it actually is?! Spill!

Answer: OK, just make sure you're reading this on an empty stomach. Or at least near an open toilet. The name of the low-rated, little-loved show that's thisclose to being picked up for another season is… According to Jim! Actually, forget the "thisclose" part; I'm told the decision has already been made. I think one rival network exec put it best when, upon learning of this stunning development yesterday, told me, "If this was caused by the strike, then we definitely lost too much." Adds TV Guide's Matt Roush: "Too funny. Too sad. And too true." Chimes in TV Guide's Bruce Fretts: "The terrorists won." Fires b read more

There is something terribly ...

Question: There is something terribly wrong with your "Bubble Show" poll over at Ausiello Central.

Answer: Simmer yourself. It's been fixed. The polls are back open.

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