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Vodcast: Zippy 90210 Interviews, Plus Nip/Tuck News

Matt here. Mike's on vacay still, but I know he'd want you to be talking about him — or at least his latest Ausiello Report vodcast, in which he chats up at the CW upfront a number of 90210 stars, including Kelly Taylor herelf, Jennie Garth. Nestled in the mix somewhere is a snippet of Nip/Tuck news. Check it out, discuss... whatever it is you all do over here. read more

I bought my son new sheets ...

Question: I bought my son new sheets and didn't wash them before I put them on his bed. They were blue and now he looks like a Smurf!

Answer: That's hysterical! In related news, child welfare will be stopping by later today to take custody of your son. 

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Are you aware that your ...

Question: Are you aware that your little charity doodle is currently fetching $100 on eBay?

Answer: I'll have to take your word for it. It's not like I'm checking it every five minutes to see what it's up to.

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Lost's Rebecca Mader Talks About Finale

During a recent interview with Tvguide.com's very own Michael Ausiello, Lost actress Rebecca Mader (the new British redhead who fell from the sky at the beginning of the season) gave us a little insight on what's to come with the show. As far as she knows, her character is still alive at the season's close, but the best is her reaction to the finale. "Ridiculous… absolutely bananas… a three hour extravaganza…. It's gonna be the best TV ever." read more

WATCH VIDEO: Kristi and Mark at Sexiest Stars Party

Last week, TV Guide threw the mother of all parties in Tinseltown in honor of all the pretty people who grace our television screens night after night. Even your favorite Dancing duo, Kristi and Mark, stopped by on by the red carpet to chat about what to expect on tonight's episode. And, we might add, Kristi is sporting quite the sexy low-cut dress to keep in theme with the evening. read more

I am trying to get a job as a ...

Question: I am trying to get a job as a writer for TV Guide. How did you get your foot in the door? Do you know of anyone that I could contact that isn't listed on the website? Answer: Funny you should ask that today of all days, Robert, because starting May 8, you can bid on the doodle I did to benefit NF, Inc., an organization that provides support to folks and families affected by neurofibromatosis. "What's that?" you ask. It's a genetic disorder that affects one in every 2,500 births. (Dallas' Pam Ewing had it, you may recall.) You can check out my drawing, along with everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to Scarlett Johansson's, at DoodleDayUSA.org. Thanks again for asking!OK, that's all the scoop for this week. You know the drill. Feedback goes read more

Bad Girls Tanisha Calls Spencer Pratt "D-Bag"

So what would possess a feisty young woman to move in to a house with six other 'badly behaving" girls? TV Guide's scoopster extraordinaire, Michael Ausiello, sat down with Bad Girls' hilarious Tanisha to find out everything from what her coined phrase "Pop-off" means, to her sentiments (which usually involved the term "D-Bag") on some other young stars in the limelight. read more

I saw you walking on 9th ...

Question: I saw you walking on 9th Avenue last Saturday around noon. Were you coming home from the gym or your weekly Smurf Anonymous Appreciation meeting? 

Answer: Both, actually. My weekly Smurf Anonymous Appreciation meeting is held at the gym. If you're interested in attending, the next one is this Sunday behind the recumbent bikes.

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TV Guide Talk Episode No. 139 Is Now Live!

I told you we wanted to get it just right, and I think it came out pretty darn swell. A sneak peek at TV Guide Talk No. 139's 58-plus minutes of goodness:• A special introduction.• An update on the podcast's future.• Lively discussion of the latest news headlines, including NCIS, Friday Night Lights, Runway's big move and Smallville.• Mike teases Angel one last time.• One last Matt-vs.-Matt Prison Break debate.• Does Maitland have the hottest voice? Discuss.• 30 Rock preview! (And it ain't all pretty.)• Many, many reader emails and blog postings.• Maitland lets slip with a most unexpected movie recommendation.And maybe... just maybe... a special visitor or two (or four, depending on what sort of blouse one of them was wearing).I say this in the 'cast, and need to say it again here: You guys are the best. The messages, the outpouring of sentiment... blew us all away. And now I'm getting misty-eyed, again. Oh, just go listen to/download/str... read more

I was wondering if it's ...

Question: I was wondering if it's possible to purchase the Oct. 5, 1968, issue of TV Guide. I'm awaiting your response.

Answer: Damn, I think I just sold my last one the other day. I'll double-check the warehouse tonight and let you know.

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