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November 30, 2006: Tell Me No Secrets

Though I enjoyed Abbys transport-team heroics last week it was good to get back to the usual excitement of the ER with an episode directed by Laura Innes I was glad to see that she took the opportunity of the directors chair to give her alter ego Kerry Weaver a little romantic action However not everyone was feeling the love tonight Lukas problems with Curtis Ames continued when Luka thought he spotted him outside of his apartment building Though I can imagine most men in that situation would react with similar zeal in protecting their family it does seem that the tragic circumstances of Lukas history would explain his heightened reaction to a perceived threat When he went to see Ames at his work site his threat to kill him if Ames comes near his family was certainly believable No one does passionate resolute anger quite like Goran Visnjic However considering Abbys reaction at the end of the episode when Luka came clean with her it does read more

CW Gives Mars (Almost) Full Season! Plus: Scrubs Scoop!

The Veronica Mars news we've been waiting for is here — and it's mostly good. Rob Thomas confirms that the CW has ordered seven more episodes, bringing the total number of Mars hours this season to 20. Sure, it's not the full, 22-episode pickup we were all hoping for, but I say we take what we can get and run with it. Now, you're probably wondering, "What does this limited pickup mean for the final two mystery arcs this season!?" Well, Rob's trying to figure that out as we speak. But obviously they'll be shorter than he had originally intended.While I have your undivided attention, let me take this moment to confide to you that I shot a role on Scrubs yesterday! I have so much to tell you in this Wednesday's Ask Ausiello, but this little piece of prattle simply can't wait until then: I saw a rough cut of the musical episode. And J.D. and Turk have a duet. And it's a love song. And it's the funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. read more

Huge Scoop: Rob Lowe Joins Brothers & Sisters!

You ready for the biggest piece of TV casting all season?Former West Winger Rob Lowe is joining the cast of ABC's sublime family drama Brothers & Sisters as a love interest for Calista Flockhart. And get this: He's playing another politician — a Republican senator who Flockhart's Kitty meets when he appears as a guest on her show, "Red, White & Blue." Brothers & Sisters cocreator Jon Robin Baitz tells me the part was "tailor-made" for Lowe. "It’s funny and smart and charming. It had to happen.”Lowe's first day on the set is Friday, and he debuts on Nov. 19. Told y'all it was big! read more

Random Scoop/Gripes: Alias, Oprah, Betty and More!

Here's my mini week-in-review, with a few pieces of prattle mixed in...* It almost happened. Michael Vartan was thisclose to returning to TV. According to a fresh batch of intel from one of my APO moles, Vartan was in talks to join the cast of one my five current favorite shows. But sadly, the deal fell through. * Just weeks after Oprah revealed that she had never heard of a little thing called the Kinsey Scale (WTF?), Gayle's BFF confessed on yesterday's Oprah that she wasn't aware that an HIV-positive person could be re-infected with a different strain of the virus (double WTF?). I seriously hope this whole dumb act is just her attempt to appear more relatable to the average viewer. * In related news, The View needs to put Elisabeth Hasselbeck out of her freakin' misery. I have to shield my eyes from the TV whenever she opens her mouth — especially when the topic turns to politics. It's not her stance on the issues that I have a problem with (OK, maybe that's part of it), it'... read more

Scoop! CSI Finds Grissom's "Replacement"

As I reported in this week's Ask Ausiello, CSI has tapped Tony winner Liev Schreiber to fill the temporary void left by William Petersen. Schreiber will play a seasoned CSI who joins the veteran team at the Las Vegas Crime Lab. He'll debut in Episode 12, slated to air in January.In other casting prattle, Desperate Housewives has found a new plaything for Eva Longoria. Sources confirm that Mark Deklin, most recently seen as Dr. Shaw on Fox's Justice, is joining the cast for at least three episodes as a love interest for Gabrielle. He first shows up on Nov. 26. read more

Gilmore Girls Exclusive: Lorelai and Chris E***e!

I strung you along for months. I teased you with impossible-to-solve asterisk quizzes. I accidentally ruined the surprise during a video interview with Lauren Graham and then attempted an elaborate cover-up that historians would later dub "Whispergate" (more on that in this week's Ask Ausiello). But that's all behind us now. It's time to come clean. No more secrets. For all you spoilerphobes, that's your cue to head to the nearest exit, because things are about to get extra-scoopy. As you may've pieced together from last week's Ask Ausiello, Lorelai and Christopher will — pause for dramatic effect — spontaneously tie the knot (read: elope) during a romantic trip to Paris on Gilmore Girls next month. Nov. 14 to be exact. OK, breathe. Splash some cold water on your face. Grab the back of someone's hand and slap yourself with it. But by all means, pull yourself together long enough to read my exclusive interview with Gilmore show-runner David Rosenthal. Not only does he conf... read more

Exclusive: Kip Pardue Checks Into ER

It's official: Kip Pardue has been cast as the new resident nurse and love interest to Linda Cardellini's Sam on ER, sources confirm. He's slated to debut on Nov. 30. For those playing at home, the "acting titan" clue I dropped was a nod to Pardue's role in Remember the Titans. Congrats to all the winners!Bonus points go to anyone who can correctly ID the Buffy alum who was originally in talks to play the part. If you ask nicely, maybe I'll give you a clue in this week's Ask Ausiello. Aren't these games fun? read more

ER Casting Update: Buffy Grad Drops Out

It appears Linda Cardellini won't be playing doctor with that Buffy alum after all.The Whedonverse vet vying for the role of the new resident nurse and love interest to Cardellini's Sam on ER is no longer in the running, per a source close to the negotiations. An offer is now out to a certain acting [cough] titan who shall remain nameless until the deal is signed. The waiting is always the hardest part. read more

Grey's Big Gay Twist

This explains his blue 'do at the Tonys.T.R. Knight confirmed to People this afternoon that rumors about his sexual orientation have not been greatly exaggerated. "I guess there have been a few questions about my sexuality, and I'd like to quiet any unnecessary rumors that may be out there," he said in a statement. "While I prefer to keep my personal life private, I hope the fact that I'm gay isn't the most interesting part of me." One has to wonder whether his coming out was prompted by unconfirmed (and hopefully false) tabloid reports that one of the actors involved in last week's on-set kerfuffle called Knight an ugly six-letter word. Whatever the reason, I applaud Knight for setting the record (sigh) straight at a time when his career is taking off. If I were in his shoes, I don't know if I could be that brave. read more

Scoop! Friday Moves to Monday!

Studio 60 is getting sacked by Friday Night Lights. At least temporarily. Sources confirm that NBC is handing Studio 60's Monday/10 pm time-slot over to FNL on Oct. 30 for what I'm told is a one-night experiment. But, let's face it, if FNL performs better than Studio 60 — and that bar has been set pretty darn low — we may be looking at the birth of a Monday night football franchise on NBC.All told, this is a great vote of confidence for FNL and an ominous bit of foreshadowing for Aaron Sorkin's struggling drama.Thoughts? read more

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