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Pilot Season: Tara's Brie Larson to Co-Star in CBS' Nick Stoller Comedy

Brie Larson

United States of Tara star Brie Larson has landed the female lead in CBS' Nick Stoller pilot, Deadline reports.

In the comedy loosely based on executive producer Stoller's real-life experiences, a... read more

Pilot Season: Adam Campbell Cast in Nick Stoller's CBS Pilot

Adam Campbell

Harper's Island alum Adam Campbell has joined the ensemble cast of Nick Stoller's untitled CBS pilot, Deadline reports.

The comedy will star Michael Angarano as Jake, a commitment-phobe who breaks up with his girlfriend but must still work alongside her. Campbell and newcomer Amanda Lund will play co-workers.

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Haywire's Michael Angarano Lands Lead in CBS Comedy Pilot

Michael Angarano

Michael Angarano will star in a CBS comedy pilot from The Muppets' writer/producer Nick Stoller, TV Guide.com has confirmed.
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I was wondering, how long ...

Question: I was wondering, how long have you been doing AA? And could we pretty please have some 24 scoop? I'll buy an AA T-shirt!

Answer: Did you see my little Ausiello Report scoop on Will & Grace's Michael Angarano joining the show on a recurring basis? Funny thing is, it wasn't much of a scoop since, as someone just pointed out to me, Angarano made the announcement on his official website earlier this week. But I'm going to take credit for it since, let's face it kids, no one reads michaelangarano.net. And in response to your first que read more

Will & Grace Star Clocks in at 24!

And the rapid repopulation of 24 continues... Fox is confirming that Michael Angarano — aka Jack's long-lost son on Will & Grace — is joining 24 on a recurring basis. For those keeping track, that brings the number of new 24 characters to, well, a lot. In totally unrelated news, CSI fans, listen up: Got a burning question for William Petersen (Gil Grissom) and Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle)? Well, post them below ASAP! I'm told your question — if posed intelligently and without profanity — stands a good chance of getting answered in an upcoming issue of TV Guide! Just keep it smart and clean. You can do this, people! read more

Any news on what the cast of ...

Question: Any news on what the cast of Everwood is up to now that the show is over? If I can no longer watch them on one of the best shows on TV, I'd like to follow their careers.

Answer: Compiling a list like that seems really tedious and time-consuming. In other words, it's the perfect job for TV Guide's summer intern, Northwestern senior Laura Moore! Here's what she found out:

Emily VanCamp: According to her publicist, "Emily's moving to Los Angeles for the first time since she started acting. Her experience on the show was an incredible journey and, though she’s very sad to leave her Everwood family, she is excited about the opportunities ahead and is ready for a new challenge." Last summer, Em shot the coming-of-age indie film Black Irish, starring Will & Grace's read more

Here's the Thing About Gina Gershon....

Gina Gershon

What is it about Gina Gershon? I mean she just oozes sensuality... edginess... all kinds of things that can be wicked in excess. Even the press notes for her new film, One Last Thing (in theaters now), peg the actress as possessing "uncommon presence" — a boast that stymies even Gershon.

"I have no idea what that means. Like, I'm an alien or something?" she laughs as TVGuide.com points out her "uncommon" classification. Or, she suggests while motioning to an imaginary appendage, "It's my 'tail' that makes me different?"

Working to take an introspective look at herself, Gershon later cops to filling "uncommon" roles. "Listen, I definitely read more

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