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Brutus Gunn Joins The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as Brutus

Brutus Gunn has joined the cast of The Hunger Game: Catching Fire, Lionsgate announced Wednesday.

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Criminal Minds' Meta Golding Joins Cast of Catching Fire

Meta Golding

Meta Golding from Criminal Minds has joined the growing cast of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Golding will play Enobaria, a former tribute from District 2 who competes in a special all-star edition of The Hunger Games that occurs in the highly-anticipated sequel.

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April 10, 2007: Airborne

Tonight House and Cuddy are trapped on an 18-hour flight when a mysterious illness breaks out and passengers start up-chucking their dinner and breaking out in curiously artistic rashes. Even Cuddy succumbs and if her worst fears are correct it's bacterial meningitis and they'll all be dead by the time the plane lands. Thank goodness there's a board certified infectious disease specialist on the plane who can save the day or at least declare that there's nothing really wrong. And that was my problem with tonight's eagerly anticipated episode. Conversion sickness or mass hysteria as House explained sparked by the onset of the bends from one scuba-diving passenger (who apparently spoke no known language). To sum up: There was no airborne virus as the episode's title would have us believe. No need to turn back as Cuddy would have the pilot do and no real need for House to do anything more than toss off some snarky one-liners. Aside from those, I was wildly disappointed. Luckily the B... read more

Day Break: Your Insider's Guide to ABC's Slick New Thriller

Taye Diggs, Day Break

Decisions... consequences. Decisions... consequences. Such is the mantra of the master villain dogging Taye Diggs in ABC's Day Break (premiering tonight at 9 pm/ET, with a two-hour episode). The serialized thriller has a nifty edge: Diggs' Detective Brett Hopper is forced to relive the same disastrous framed-for-murder/lady love-in-peril day over and over (and over...), until he can somehow "get it right." No easy feat, as Hopper comes to discover that it will be nearly impossible to crack the conspiracy which ensnares him and save the life of his honey, Rita (Eight Below's Moon Bloodgood). Just when he thinks he has solved one sticky wicket — say, eluding capture by crooked fellow cops — he realizes th read more


Rachel Dratch has joined Saturday Night Live cast mate Tina Fey's NBC comedy pilot about an SNL-type show.... Eddie Kaye Thomas (American Pie) will star in the Fox comedy Till Death.... Kim Raver (24) has been added to ABC's drama about nine strangers held hostage during a bank robbery.... Kelli Williams (The Practice) is back doing the lawyer thing on ABC's Women in Law.... Jeffrey Donovan is one of the Enemies in ABC's drama about two childhood friends who grow up to be a lawman and a mobster.... Meta Golding (JAG) is the sister of Taye Diggs' framed cop in ABC's Day Break.... Currie Graham (Lynette's boss on Desperate Housewives) has joined the CBS drama Edison. read more

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