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Impact of AT&T-Time Warner merger
03:20 — AT&T, the nation's second-largest wireless carrier, announced a $85 billion merger with Time Warner on Saturday. The deal would give AT&T control of T (more…)
Source says Warren Buffett was "very annoyed" by Trump
04:38 — In Sunday's debate, Donald Trump said billionaire investor Warren Buffett used the same deduction practice that could have helped the nominee legally (more…)
Behind Amazon's 30-hour workweek experiment
03:32 — Amazon is reportedly rolling out a pilot program for a 30-hour workweek. Only a handful of employees will participate at first, but the program could (more…)
Amazon tries out a 30-hour work week for some employees
04:10 — Amazon is testing a new work schedule for a handful of employees, allowing them to work only 30 hours per week. CBS News contributor Mellody Hobson ex (more…)
Ryan Lochte loses sponsorships after Rio robbery lie
05:01 — Speedo and Ralph Lauren have dropped their sponsorship of 32-year-old Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte. CBS News financial contributor Mellody Hobson (more…)
Who's cashing in on the "Pokemon Go" craze?
03:57 — Just over a week after its release, "Pokemon Go" has become one of the hottest mobile apps of all time. The video game sends players wandering around, (more…)
CVS curbside pickup could challenge Amazon
03:12 — The nation’s second-largest drugstore chain is launching what it hopes will be a convenient way to shop. CVS Express is already available in cities in (more…)
J.Crew launches affordable clothing line amid sales woes
03:08 — The clothing retail giant is launching J.Crew Mercantile featuring styles once only found at J.Crew Factory stores. The company laid off nearly 200 pe (more…)
Bargain battle: Walmart, Amazon play hardball with new sales
04:26 — As Amazon marks its 20th anniversary by offering exclusive sales Wednesday to its Prime users, Walmart hopes to upstage the online retail giant with a (more…)
Why fast food chains are offering combo deals in 2016
02:49 — A new trend in fast food is heating up competition. Burger King is the latest chain to serve up a combo meal with their "five for $4" deal. McDonald’s (more…)
Stocks soar on Fed's bond-buying scale back
02:31 — As the Federal Reserve announced it would taper its bond buying stimulus program, stock prices reacted with a surge. CBS News contributor and analyst (more…)
Report: Car loans stretch out up to five years
01:40 — A new report released Friday finds that the average car loan runs upwards of 67 months. Mellody Hobson joins the CBS Evening News with more.
Crude oil price drop leads to worst day for stocks in months
02:39 — The stock market has lost three days in a row as oil prices continue to fall. The average price of crude is now at a five-year low. CBS News financial (more…)
Amazon offering big sales on second annual "Prime Day"
03:50 — Online retailer Amazon is offering big sales in its second annual "Prime Day." CBS News financial contributor Mellody Hobson joins CBSN with more on s (more…)
WH pushes banks to give more home loans
01:46 — The Obama administration wants banks to give home loans to more people, if if they have weak credit. CBS News contributor and analyst Mellody Hobson s (more…)
Home Depot investigates possible data breach
02:53 — After last year's breach of Target's credit card data, an even bigger leak could have hit Home Depot. The company is investigating whether customers' (more…)
Big-box retailers work to reclaim shoppers
02:24 — Mega stores like Walmart and Target are trying to re-energize sales after losing customers to online rivals like Amazon. CBS News financial contributo (more…)
What you need to know about liability insurance
01:28 — Auto and homeowners insurance often have liability coverage built in, but it's usually not enough. CBS contributor Mellody Hobson explains what you ne (more…)
Will Burger King's hot dog plan cut the mustard?
03:55 — Burger King will soon be the biggest restaurant chain selling hot dogs in the U.S. Starting a week from Tuesday, the classic grilled dog will sell for (more…)
Dollar stores thriving during major retail slump
03:46 — For many brick-and-mortar retailers, this year has been what one analyst called "a bloodbath." Major stores, including Target, Macy's and Kohl's, all (more…)
AT&T first to combine cell phone, TV service
02:46 — The telecom giant is hitting speed dial after its big merger with DirecTV, releasing an unprecedented new plan to combine wireless phone service with (more…)
What’s umbrella insurance and why do you need it?
01:50 — CBS News contributor Mellody Hobson explains how this coverage can protect parts of your life not covered by basic policies.
Macy's to open discount spinoff inside stores
03:24 — While online retailers like Amazon enjoyed a record-breaking holiday season, some department stores including Macy's reported disappointing sales. The (more…)
GM's Mary Barra becomes first female CEO of major car company
02:42 — GM promoted Mary Barra to CEO Tuesday. CBS News contributor and analyst Mellody Hobson joins the "CBS This Morning" co-hosts to discuss Barra breaking (more…)
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