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Mellody Hobson on retail "bloodbath," growing challenges
03:25 — In a new earnings report released Thursday, net sales for Macy's plunged 7.5 percent, while store sales at Kohl's declined 2.7 percent. Shares of Macy (more…)
Mellody Hobson on rising consumer debt
01:48 — According to the credit rating agency Equifax, credit card companies issued more than 10 million cards to subprime borrowers last year; that's up 25% (more…)
More companies pull ads from Fox News' flagship anchor
05:42 — A number of major advertisers don't want their commercials to air during Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor" after a number of sexual harassment claims ag (more…)
Will Cadillac's $1,500-a-month subscription plan work?
03:46 — General Motors is launching Book by Cadillac in hopes that a subscription-based model will work for luxury cars. CBS News financial contributor Mellod (more…)
AT&T first to combine cell phone, TV service
02:46 — The telecom giant is hitting speed dial after its big merger with DirecTV, releasing an unprecedented new plan to combine wireless phone service with (more…)
Google restructures with new company Alphabet
02:35 — Alphabet will oversee all of Google's individual businesses, and Google's core Internet operations will be separated from other ventures. Google CEO L (more…)
Can Volkswagen survive emissions scandal fallout?
02:58 — There’s new fallout from the emissions cheating scandal at Volkswagen. This year, the automaker overtook Toyota as the world's largest carmaker by s (more…)
Amazon expanding parental leave for employees
03:42 — Amazon is rolling out a more generous parental leave that includes up to 20 weeks of paid leave for mothers who give birth. Fathers are eligible for s (more…)
CVS curbside pickup could challenge Amazon
03:12 — The nation’s second-largest drugstore chain is launching what it hopes will be a convenient way to shop. CVS Express is already available in cities in (more…)
Will Target bathroom policy boycott impact retail giant?
02:19 — Nearly 850,000 people have signed a pledge to boycott Target stores over the company's bathroom policy. The retail giant publicly stated last week tha (more…)
Markets struggle after Brexit
01:16 — The stock markets have not gotten over Britain's decision to leave the European Union. The Dow dropped more than 200 points Monday, after dropping mor (more…)
Global impact of Britain's "gigantic divorce" from the EU
05:24 — The United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union has sent global financial markets into turmoil. CBS News financial contributor Mellody Hobson jo (more…)
What’s umbrella insurance and why do you need it?
01:50 — CBS News contributor Mellody Hobson explains how this coverage can protect parts of your life not covered by basic policies.
Mellody Hobson: Ralph Lauren was "emphatic" on not retiring
01:27 — CBS News financial contributor Mellody Hobson ran into Ralph Lauren after the announcement that he'd be stepping down as CEO of his eponymous label. H (more…)
Macy's to open discount spinoff inside stores
03:24 — While online retailers like Amazon enjoyed a record-breaking holiday season, some department stores including Macy's reported disappointing sales. The (more…)
Mellody Hobson on potential Yahoo sale, why company "lost its way"
03:05 — The world’s fifth most popular website is reportedly exploring a sale. That’s according to Bloomberg, which says Yahoo will start approaching potentia (more…)
Uber drivers may now ask for tips after lawsuit
03:34 — Uber is clarifying its tipping policy. The on-demand car service settled a class-action lawsuit by its drivers. An Uber email to customers explains th (more…)
How could Brexit impact global economy?
04:14 — The world is watching as voters in the U.K. decide whether Britain will leave the European Union. Recent polls show a neck-and-neck battle in the so-c (more…)
Who's cashing in on the "Pokemon Go" craze?
03:57 — Just over a week after its release, "Pokemon Go" has become one of the hottest mobile apps of all time. The video game sends players wandering around, (more…)
Behind Amazon's 30-hour workweek experiment
03:32 — Amazon is reportedly rolling out a pilot program for a 30-hour workweek. Only a handful of employees will participate at first, but the program could (more…)
China stock crisis impacts global markets
02:46 — Stocks in China are down again after Monday's freefall on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The one-day drop of more than 8 percent was the biggest since 2 (more…)
Stocks and oil prices plummet over China fears
02:13 — Stock markets around the world are tumbling because of bad news from China. The Shanghai Index fell 8.5 percent, and Japan's Nikkei lost more than 4 p (more…)
J.Crew launches affordable clothing line amid sales woes
03:08 — The clothing retail giant is launching J.Crew Mercantile featuring styles once only found at J.Crew Factory stores. The company laid off nearly 200 pe (more…)
Bargain battle: Walmart, Amazon play hardball with new sales
04:26 — As Amazon marks its 20th anniversary by offering exclusive sales Wednesday to its Prime users, Walmart hopes to upstage the online retail giant with a (more…)
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